Thursday, August 17, 2017

North Korea And Charlottesville - Both Zionist-Jew-Communist Bovine Excrement Theater!!!

You are a complete jack-ass if you buy any of this contrived distraction-theater,.. bar none.

My Fellow Americans:

North Korea pussy's down, and Charlottesville spins up.

It's garbage people..... pure garbage, contrived, planned, funded and organized by the very same people who loot countries and whole economies, while seeking to destroy the last vestiges of decency in this country, as well as every other country,... by what you could call the international robber-barons, aka - zionist-jew-communists, international banksters, corporate mafia, the elite, 1%'s, NWO, illuminati, etc.

If you buy ANY of this theater,... you are an idiot of elephantine proportions,.. bar none.

What we are witnessing here, is zionist-jew-communist theater par excellance!! You know,... Distraction-Theater.

The latest script???

Lets see,.... Korea pussy's down, and Charlottesville spins up.

Korea just announced that it does not have any balls after all!!, and given the comments it has made in deciding to NOT launch missiles toward Guam,... it seems they may have read my tactical analysis of what an exchange of nuclear missiles might look like.

I wrote about that just a few articles back, so you only need to go back three and four articles to review it.

Nuclear Exchange Analysis Summary:

US,... loses one city, empties out the missile payload of a single Ohio Class submarine,... and once again demonstrates it's willingness to follow the orders of the zionist-jew-communists (Deep-State) that run this country, and use nuclear weapons once again.

North Korea,... a smoldering nuclear wasteland where even the roaches did NOT survive, nor even so much as a blade of grass, or any suggestion that anything living ever resided there.

The latest comments zionist owned media outlets like the BBC (Bull-By-Communists) is posting is: "North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reviewed plans to fire missiles towards the US Pacific territory of Guam but will hold off, state media said"

The real story is,... Kim Jong Un needed to go clean his draws out when he crapped himself in fear.

Going On....

Next Bit Of Zionism Destroying The World:

Charlottesville - Virginia: The "Race Wars"

Yes, I know the scripted story is about "White Supremacy" vs Antifa & Black Lives Matter, etc, etc, etc.

So what is really going on here?...

Oh yeah,.. Zionist-Jew-Communists Game Plan #2 - Start Race Wars....

Yes people,.. they are back to trying to start race wars, while at the same time, succeeding in getting the real history of the Civil War distorted and removed from this country,.. hence the "taking down of statues" occurring.

Please don't fall for any of this contrived garbage, and remember that Civil War was NOT about slavery,... it was about the fact the zionist (jew) controlled US Gov't broke its contract with the people of this country, especially the Southern States, and so they merely exercised their Right to withdraw from the agreement called The US Constitution and determine their own destiny,.. but the London bankers (Rothschilds predominantly) would have no such display of independence.

Remember: The European sovereigns and the banks that controlled them saw the former colonies as a political and financial threat to their very existence, so it was decided it was time to destroy America with a little civil war.

Enter stage left,... agitators  just like you see right now, stirring up passions (this is how they always get a crowd to move in a direction the zionist-jews wish...) to incite people to direct confrontation,... you know,.. violence.

The difference here, it has been established multiple times, in multiple media outlets, that scumbags, like George Soros, are in fact the ones who are largely funding and coordinating these events. (You can be sure the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations have a funding role here also...)

One of the latest disclosures that Charlottesville was a complete set-up, is that the ACLU had announced that police in Charlottesville were ORDERED to Stand-Down,.... and let the violence and destruction occur.

Now I had seen similar articles in "Investmentwatch", but when I tried to bring them up this morning,... it seems Investmentwatch had removed those articles with no explanation as to why. (Yes,.. that is called censorship and news manipulation... typical of deep-state elements).

One outlet where this news story is still standing (for the moment..) is in "thefreethoughtproject" under the article title of, "Confirmed: Police Told To Stand Down In Charlottesville - Did Nothing AsWar Broke Out"

Well,.. you would think that alone would  be grounds for an investigation on par with the Trump-Russian Collusion effort, don't you think?

Don't worry,.. it won't happen,.. just like arresting all these traitors that we call, "Gov't Officials" will NEVER happen, Lynch, Meuller, Comey, Bill Clinton, HILLARY CLINTON!,... etc.

Whatever happened to Hillary's email scandal?,.. or the murders she ordered? or Benghazi?, or giving the Russians our uranium?,.. or little things like that?

That's right people,.... figure it out, it's a one piece puzzle,.. we have no gov't,... just an EFIO, Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,... a zionist-jew-communist occupation to be precise,... and they will NEVER,. EVER arrest their operatives called gov't officials or deep state leaders, except for the occasional sacrificial lamb to appease the masses.

It is time to fight in this country,... but NOT for the bullcrap, contrived, zionist-jew-communist script,....

It's time to fight to expose, arrest, prosecute and hang these scumbags that keep playing the American people, and think we are to stupid to figure it out.

Well,.. we're not stupid, and we have figured it out, all we need is more people to share this knowledge, and when the critical mass is achieved,... anger will do the rest.

Spread the word,... keep learning, and keep exposing these parasites a little more each day,... and we will win,... it will be bloody,... but we will win!

JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Hog of the Day

Nothing wrong with shooting…as long as the right people get shot.

Beijing Says US Destroyer Violated China's Sovereignty & Security

US Response: Hey China!,... Go F Yourself,... You Pussies!!

My Fellow Americans:

First off,... China is not the big, bad military threat they are portrayed to be,.... we,.. the US,.. built China's military in every sense of the word,... just like we had built the old Soviet Empire to the "big, bad threat" it was portrayed in the zionist-jew media from WW2 until 1989 when the bankster-jews collapsed the Soviet economy.

Secondly,... China is a bunch of shit-talking cowardly monkeys that would amount to little more than an aggressive training exercise,.. yes,.. people will end up dead, but even in small, state-side training ops, people die sometimes.

In this case, a few  thousand Americans,... and for arguments sake, lets bump it up and make it a cool million Americans may end up dead,... but that would be against the backdrop of a billion dead Chinese. (....Clean up in aisle 2,.. we have dead Chinese all over the place!...)

Not bad odds,.... I accept!

And lastly, although many other points could be made here,... the most important fact to remember is,... THIS IS ALL CONTRIVED BY THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISTS LIKE BROWN'S, HARRIMEN'S, CARNEGIE'S, MELLON'S, WARBURG'S, ROCKEFELLER'S,.... and of course,.. THE ROTHSCHILDS!

Yes, that's right people,.... we,.. the USA BUILT China to be the threat replacement for the Soviet Union, we gave them the money, guidance*, technology, industry, and military secrets needed to stop being a 15th century country of farmer peasants, and march into the 21st century as the latest zionist-jew little bitch evil empire!

*Guidance: When I say "guidance", I am referring to the political, legal and financial instructions it took to get China out of the bronze-age mentality it has existed in  for the last several centuries,.. but also,... we LITERALLY gave China the "Guidance Systems" it needed for it's ICBM's in the 1990's, by that treacherous and zionist slime,.. Bill Clinton.

Remember who "opened" China?

OHhhhh!!!,.. that's right,... Rockefeller's little cunt homo,... Henry Kissinger,... the quintessential fag communist himself!

Of course, it was when China was "admitted" to that little international communist collective, the World Trade Organization (WTO) on December 11, 2001 that they really began the wholesale transfer of our industrial base to the tune of 15 factories per DAY, every day,..  moved OUT of the US to China,.. year, after year, after year!!! All by a design that Kissinger had a hand in.

Now if your not sure about Kissinger's little homo-communist past as a Rockefeller suck-boy,... you may wish to read:

- "Kissinger - The Secret Side Of The Secretary Of State" by Gary Allen

- "Henry Kissinger - Soviet Agent" by Frank A. Capell 

And if your not sure about why I say we BUILT China, just the way we built the old Soviet Union,... then you may wish to read:

- "The Best Enemy Money Can Buy" by Anthony C. Sutton

And if your not sure about the zionist-jews control all these events,... then you may wish to read:

- "The Synagogue Of Satan" by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

- "Pawns In The Game" by William Guy Carr

Ok,.. there is enough reading right there to throw the average dumb-ass American into a cognitive-dissonant, epileptic-fit, that will leave them curled on the floor in the fetal position foaming at the mouth as they continually murmur to themselves,... "that can't be true,... that can't be true,... that can't be true... that can't b true..."

Now back to the headline:

"Beijing Says US Destroyer Violated China's Sovereignty & Security"

OO!,.. boo-hoooo China!....

America did a Baaaaad thing!

I bet we hurt your feelings too, you little zionist-jew created commie slime!

What was the incident?

Hmmm,... seems we sailed one of our destroyers, the USS John S. McInsane within a 12 mile range of Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands,.. you know,.. the South China Sea Islands that have been in and out of the zionist-jew news on and off for the last 3 years or so.

Oooooo goes the crowd...

Now remember,.. zionist-jew created China (Communist China) thinks they own the ocean around that part of the world now,... typical of communists to think that way,... isn't it.

China, on more than one occasion has declared their little artificial island is theirs, and as such, it has Chinese land rights, including a 12 mile exclusion zone that no ships are suppose to pass within without "Chinese Authorization"

Yeah China,... here is my authorization (... holding up the middle finger...)

We have now done so on several occasions, and always with the same cowardly Chinese response,... some milly-mouthed statement about how angry China is,.... but never more than that,.. you know why?,... because China is country of pussies,.. in fact,... what we should do, is put up a big fence around all of China,... and make it the worlds biggest brothel since it full of nothing but pussies.

In the latest incident, this the best China could do is: China is very displeased with this and will bring up the issue with the US side,” - Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang

Wow,... now, does that leave you shaking in your boots or what!!??

I got so scared when I read that,... I instantly crapped myself!

Hey China!,.. here's a thought you soon-to-be American brothel,.... why not actually do something?

After all,... if it was my job to make China look like they have a set of balls after all,... I would have blockaded the area with several of my naval vessels, fired warning shots, and lastly,... taken an American ship or two out after multiple warnings were ignored!

But you won't do that, will you China?,.. of course not,.. your a country of zionist shill pussies and piss your pants the moment acting like real men is required.

Now I know some people reading this are going,.. "My God!,.. your talking about harming American military men and women??!!!,....

No,.. I'm talking about exposing this zionist charade for what it is people.

If there was any legitimacy to this so called issue, then it would be best to confront it NOW,.. before China's military got any stronger...

But it's not real people,.. this is all theater, designed to create the illusion of another cold war frame-work rapidly developing, thereby needing the US to invest $trillions more into weapon systems that don't work, work marginally, and will never be used in any real contest since this is all contrived.

We may see a little skirmish now and them to facilitate the zionist (NWO, Illuminatti, etc) illusion, but little more than that I would think,... unless the Rothschild's and the handful of other illuminati families begin to feel the heat, in which case they might actually initiate a global war,.. just to draw attention away from themselves.

Just some food for thought.

JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny