Monday, December 11, 2017

Coward Cop Murders Innocent Father of Two Begging For His Life

Philip Mitchell Brailsford

Daniel Shaver and family.  

Shaver had invited a man and woman up to his room for drinks and was showing the man an air rifle he sometimes used in his pest control business. Cops were responding to a call saying that someone there was pointing a gun out a window. Oh my God, fear for your life. Nothing illeagel had taken place, but this pussy cop was itching  for a kill. He testified during trial proceedings that he was just doing what he was trained to do. He relishes his position as he preformed his job with alacrity. 

"The judge did not allow jurors to hear about an etching on the dust cover of the rifle Brailsford used to shoot Shaver, which said  "You're fucked," because he felt it was prejudicial."  Brailsford told investigators he had felt threatened by the man. Shaver sobbed as he begged police not to shoot and was ordered to crawl toward officers. Brailsford barked orders at Shaver interspersed with threats to shoot him if he doesn't perform contortions that a gymnast could not do. This  psychopathic pig went into this event just begging to shoot someone and got his wish. Brailsford fired his AR-15 five times, killing Shaver instantly. An investigator noted he did not see anything that would have prevented officers from simply handcuffing Shaver as he was on the floor. But this pig just wanted to feel superior and made him crawl. 

As JD has pointed out; WE ARE LIVING UNDER AN EFIO: ENEMY-FORCE-IN-OCCUPATION,... and specifically,... a Zionist-jew-communist occupation, and such,... they NEVER punish one of their agents unless it is hugely inconvenient to not do so.

It stops only when the men in this country decide to step and start,.. well,.. acting like men again,... by charging, arresting, putting on trial, convicting and hanging the estimated 4.5 million communist agents masquerading as a "gov't in this country.


Sunday, December 10, 2017