Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Israel Is Now In Total Control of America

“We are ready to commit to the defense of Israel and anytime we get involved in a kinetic fight there is always the risk that there will be casualties. But we accept that, as in every conflict we train for and enter, there is always that possibility,”
If the government took a pole of the troops and asked, Will you fight and die for Israel? How many would say yes I'll die for Israel? My guess is not very many, the ones that would agree to die for the international terrorist organization known as Israel are Zionist Jews, are completely brainwashed or among the stupid masses. All wars the United States are in, are now 100% on behalf of Israel. And as if you needed any more proof the traitor, Lt. Gen. Richard Clark, comes right out and tells the world, we'll send our boys off to death for Israel anytime. Not only that he will hand over command of our troops to the Israel Defense Force.

I am fed up with all the wars and our out of control government, that is taking our rights away as we speak. To the US troops if you are stupid enough to go to war for Israel, I hope you get your head blown off because you will have deserved it. The military has been purged of anyone that would go against Israel. Israel is now in control of America.

Israel is  and always has been a fraud, created by that international communist ADVISORY body, called the United Nations, which was based on a fraud called the British Proclamation (1922), which was in response to another fraud called , "The Balfour Declaration" (11/2/1917). In 1948, the zionist-jews under the leadership of the global terrorist criminal, Ben Gurion, invaded Palestine.  The Palestinian people have been systematically eradicated ever since, to the point that the zionist terrorists now occupy ~ 95% of what was once called Palestine, and have eliminated an estimated 85% of the Palestinian peoples from their own lands.


Monday, March 19, 2018


JD is busy right now, in the process of moving into a new house, so I will try to keep the ball rolling on this blog. JD will be back soon with new articles and videos. 

After the so called massacre of 17 students and adults at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL students wasted no time in calling for action. The students demanded action from Congress and the president to stop mass killings by gun. The national school walkout has been designed by the government to take your guns. They will go to any length to reach their goal. Do you think the government would allow a walkout if students were protesting abortions? 
The United States of America has already been overthrown, we gave up our freedom in the last century buy letting bankers, financers and in particular the Rothschild's set up a private bank and tax the American people. The same people are running the show to this day. All the people in the Federal government have been absorbed into this web of deceit. It is obvious their first goal is to get the guns out of the peoples hands, and to do that, they set up these psy-op's where people may or may not have been killed. The United States government sets up these mass killings (psy-ops) on the American people in order to pass more gun legislation. You notice they can't dis-arm us all at once so their insidious plan is to keep doing these psy-ops and gradually create more gun laws. Unless the people of this country get rid of the psychopaths in power, you are going to wake up one day and finally figure out you have no rights left at all, and that includes your right to even live. The government does not give a shit about children, if it was for the children there would be no abortions. 

The United States of America is going to shit fast now, so people better wake up because your life is getting ready to drastically change. The agenda of our masters is fully known, and they do not intend for us to keep our firearms. What our masters want are obedient slaves. Work and pay your tribute and they might let you keep your life. Our masters have already told us what they intend to do, in fact it's written in stone, see Georgia Guide stones. If you are foolish enough to think nothings going to happen, it's all bullshit, then all I can say is enjoy your slavery.

President Chump, and his hair piece, will not save this country, President Chump is a big part of this gun grab. Chump will ban bump stocks, expand background checks and wants to take guns before any crime is even committed. If Chump was pro 2nd Article and IF we had a Constitutional Republic in force, than there would be no need to address this because the gov't is FORBIDDEN from infringing on our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS,... as enumerated in The Bill Of Rights. The 2nd Article of The Bill Of Rights, specifically states that we Americans can own and/or carry weapons without infringement,.. which means we do NOT need gov't permission of any form, that includes background checks. If your an American,.. YOU ARE PERMITTED TO OWN ANY FIREARM AS YOU SEE FIT, AND IF YOU WISH TO CARRY THEM ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME,.. THAT IS ALSO YOUR RIGHT WHICH THE GOV'T HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO SAY OVER.

Otherwise just admit, you are a slave, and they can come to your home knock down your door, take whatever they want, and even kill you if they want. In fact it's already happening! It's not foreign troops or the UN coming to take your guns, it's the cops, and these treasonous dirt bags will take orders to bust down your door and make you squirm. I personally am fed up and mad as hell. We have been lied to all our lives by this government. A government that fights immoral and wasteful wars. This is not a government "by the people", this is a government "by and for corporations, bankers, elite poltitions and is dedicated to serving their interest alone. Our government has been bought up by wealthy Zionist Jews who care more about Israel and fighting Israel's wars then helping homeless veterans. 911 was an inside job with Israel and MOSSAD bringing down those buildings, not some guy in a cave on the other side of the world. And now we fight wars for Israel and we put Israel first. Israel, a country that should not even exist. Do you still think voting is going to make a difference? If you vote what you are saying is I believe in my government, they have my best interest at heart. That's what people believed throughout history. And history has taught us that once a people have lost it's ability to defend themselves, they give up any and all rights, including the right to live.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

AANnnnnddddd.... Hillary Clinton Is Still NOT In Jail!!!

2nd Town-Hall Presidential Debate Which Aired On October 10, 2016:
Clinton: "... it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the laws in our country...."
"Presumptive" Presidential Candidate Trump: "... because you'd be in jail."

My Fellow Americans:
WHOA!!!!,.. It has been well over a year since Donald Duck got into the Snow White House,... and according to my records,...
How can any one person, with as many publicly stated, and verified crimes as Hillary Clinton still not,... Not!,... NOT!!! be in jail yet??!!!!
Where did the train fall off the tracks on this issue????
OH-yeahhhhhhh,... that's right,...

Lets, see,... hmmm.... doing a quick check of my list of the most notorious traitors, criminals and mass murdering psychopaths in this country that have not served a single day in jail for their crimes,... ( and have not even had their library cards suspended yet!), we have:
Hillary Clinton - Crimes dating back to the Nixon Administration, and beyond.

Bill Clinton - Crimes dating back to his cocaine running days as governor of Arkansas, and beyond.

George W. Bush (9/11)

George H. Bush (9/11)

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush (9/11)

Dick Cheney* (9/11)

Donald Rumsfeld* (PNAC - 9/11)

Colin Powell (9/11)

Dov S. Zakheim* (PNAC - 9/11)

Condelezza Rice* (9/11)

John Ashcroft* (9/11)

Brent Scowcroft* (9/11)

Paul Wolfowitz* (PNAC - 9/11)

Richard Perle* (PNAC)

James Woolsey* (PNAC)

Elliot Abrams* (PNAC)

Robert Zoellick* (PNAC) 

John Bolton* (PNAC)

Elliot Abrams* (PNAC)
Note: Although all the individuals listed above have committed numerous types of crimes and Acts Of Treason (as if that wasn't enough to hang them!) the names with the asterisks are directly related to aiding and abetting the 9/11 attacks, and to the mass murder committed that day.
Question: There are MANY names that could easily be added to this list, but the real lesson here is, if these household names, who have ALREADY been proven to have helped execute 9/11, and/or committed a multitude of other heinous crimes are not in jail yet, what chance would lesser known individuals have of being prosecuted?
Answer: None,.. they are wholly protected by the communist agents (zionist-jew operatives) that infiltrated every level of this EFIO (Enemy-force-In-Occupation) for the specific purpose of protecting their agents as they corrupt this Republic until they subverted it to the point where they can openly display, and announce to the world that the Republic Of The United States is now officially the USSSUS - United Soviet Socialist State of the United States, a remake of the old USSR, which is nothing more than a subsidiary of zionism, the chief political and financial ideology of the NWO.


Do you get it yet?.....

So,... can anyone tell me WHY Hillary is NOT in jail yet if they disagree with me??

Bueller?,... Bueller?,... Bueller?,....

.... guess not. 

JD - US Marine Fighting The Greatest Threat To This Country - Our Own Ignorance And Sloth!