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Monday, October 16, 2017

CIA's Next Move - Blow-Up Russian Pipe Lines??

Russian 5th Column Elements Have Set California On Fire, Destroying BILLIONS Of Dollars Of Wine-Industry Assets & Revenues - How Does The CIA Respond To This??

My Fellow Americans:

Ok,.. so I am writing in a vacuum here, as the CIA has not yet responded to the latest strike against US zionist interests, which in this case was the successful execution of incinerating California wine country to the loss of billions of dollars $$$$$.

In my previous post I closed the article out asking how would the CIA respond to the latest Russian IA (Intelligence Agencies - aka: Deep-State) hit against the US's Deep-State controlled wine industry???

Note: If you want to see who this attack was directed against, look who really runs the wine industry, especially the California portion of the production side.

I kind of made the joke that the CIA would be "... burning the midnight oil..." as they figure out what, and how to execute their response.

I was not really making much of a joke, as I realized that the tit-for-tat exchanges between the various deep-state elements was now more pronounced, more visceral, and just plain more violent and destructive,... but also,... just plain obvious as to who is engaged in these exchanges.

There is always a trade of hits between high level control groups, so we cannot make a clear line of demarcation as to what was the initial progenitor, as it was probably decades and decades ago, small, related to one or a few individuals, and had repercussions that were not discussed publicly, or at least for not more than a few sentences in some local rags we call newspapers.

Given that proviso, we will just jump into the sequence of events mid-stream, when the magnitude of the strikes by the CIA and the counter-strikes by the FSB (Russia's KGB 2.0), have taken on a bigger magnitude that  simply can't be ignored by the Mass-Whore-Media anymore, nor do they bother to spew out some ridiculous cover story of these events that even the averaged dumbed-down American bobble-head would accept without question.

Ok,.. recap: So a few weeks ago,

Precursors: Well,.. the background activities have been going on since time-immemorial, but in the context of the CIA and other deep-state elements, we can at least say, that did not formerly start until the late 1940's, with the creation of the CIA, although there were forerunners to all of this (such as secret societies), which had different names, but were doing the same kind of state-craft that is occurring now. Same game, different players with different names and different technology at their disposal.

Recent activities include direct Russian intervention in stopping the balkinization of Syria, circa 2012 or so, and of course the mass extermination of the CIA's merc's, aka - Al Queda, Al Nusra, FSA, Klodashians (remember that short lived name?), ISIS, IS, IS Tekfiri's, The International Terrorists Formerly Known As ISIS, a few others, and of course currently... Daesh.

So lets jump the time line a little and come up to current events.

Last Year & This Year: Numerous Ambassadors and various diplomats on both the Russian and American side come up dead under,... "suspicious circumstances". I don't even remember what the final tally was by time they started running out them, but I think it was around a dozen plus were dead before both sides moved onto different tactics.

Russia: In mid-September 2017, Putin warned the US,.. through the international media (and I'm sure through private "back-channels"), that they would no longer tolerate any attacks against Russian ground troops in Syria.

US Response: A couple of days later, the CIA Merc's in Syria (Currently operating under the franchise trade name of "Daesh") kill a high ranking Russian General (Valery Asapov - 9/24/17) (who was also a high ranking officer in the Syrian army) in the suburbs of Deir Ezzor via ISIS mortar attack.

Russian Response: 9/27/17 - The Russian network of covert operatives in Ukraine,... blow up the largest CIA Munitions Dump in Kalynivka (~ 120 miles SW of Kiev & which may have been the largest munitions dump in all of Ukraine actually), as it was reported that nearly 400 MILLION pounds of explosives went up! (.... Good days work FSB Operatives!)

US Response: The CIA's operatives in Russia (in and around Moscow), then park several explosives laden cars in the parking garage to the Sindika Market (just NW of Moscow) which quickly turn 600,000 feet (over 32 acres) of buildings and surroundings into a raging inferno.

Result: Well over half a million square feet of commercial and private property destroyed, 3,000+ people evacuated, 6+ BILLION Rubles of damage and destruction (~ 100 Million in FRN's - mistakenly called US Dollars.)

Hey, CIA Stringers (Operatives),... not bad for a day's work!

Russia: Ok,... now it seems that Russia pulls all the stops, and decides to,.. "fight fire with fire!" sorry about the poorly timed joke there,.... just couldn't resist.

Anyway,... the evolution in this Deep-State horse race is, Russia has it operatives (which are spread out ALL OVER the US like fleas on a dog, issued the "execute" command, and light California on fire, targeting the incredibly lucrative wine industry of the Santa Rosa area.

The fires were targeted in the Sonoma/Napa Valley region, quickly spreading across huge swaths of some of California's premier wine country.

Results: Latest Tallies Are - Over 40 people dead, 175 still missing, 5,000+ homes and commercial buildings destroyed, 100,000+ evacuated, nearly a quarter MILLION acres of wine country and surrounding areas on fire (over 334 square miles total), 10,000+ firefighters brought in, and BILLIONS of dollars in total damage and lost revenue to be felt for decades.

Hey Putin,... not bad for a days work.

Now comes the rub,.. how does the CIA respond to this escalation of retaliatory tit-for-tat, that has exceed all the previous norms of state-craft machinations???

Well,.. this brings us full circle to the title of this piece, doesn't it?

When you consider the scale, and cost of what was unleashed on California, how would you respond in kind,... go burn down the Ural Mountains?,.... set the Crimea on fire?, Cyber Attack?, Power Grid? Ruble Devaluation?,... you see the problem, right?

The CIA is going to want magnitude, effect and long term losses, but they will not want an overtly obvious evidence chain leading back to Langley.

Well,... lets define some of the criteria that the CIA's Response-In-Kind should ideally contain:

- Size: It's going to have to be a monster event.

- Destruction: This is going to require the loss of substantial infrastructure and or other assets and property values.

- Access: It will need to be done in a manner where controlled access is not an issue, or the possibility of  discover during the preparation phase is minimal.

- Impact: This coming event should be felt by virtually every person in the region it takes place in, in addition to having a ripple effect across the country's entire economy.

Residuals: No easily identifiable "tells" or traces of the perpetrators.

Deniability: As a fail-safe, it should always be fully deniable by the agency, or any of it's subsidiaries (operatives).

Well, this leaves small, innocuous events off the table. A simple car or truck bomb, like the one that just leveled part of Mogadishu - Somalia, is simply not big enough, nor does it impact key Russian interests.

Now I do think this latest Somalia (Mogadishu) bombing was a CIA event, but to what ends??? This was a CLASSIC CIA Truck Bomb, which for Mogadishu, may have been the largest one of it's kind to date, but still is nowhere near meeting the other criteria loosely outlined above.

The only rational I could see for this at this time, is it took out some Russian Operatives that were staying in the hotel that was near the epi-center of the blast,.. but even that does not rise to the level of one-up-manship that is now a part of any response.

So, it most likely will not be electronic in nature either,....  as that also just lacks the showmanship of good old fashion large scale destruction.

It probably will not be a series of "small" events in rapid succession, as that too, lacks that premium quality of Barnum & Bailey show quality.

It probably will not be something along the lines of currency devaluation, as the CIA has already used that tact, and the impact is minor at best.

Now,... this requires pazazz!, sparkle!, twinkle! scale!,... and shear audacity in execution!...

One of the few possibilities left that can meet these demands, is interrupting Russia energy flows networks, as this can be devastating, long term, embarrassing for Russia (because then it appears they cannot secure their own infra-structure), and it can be set up, coordinated and executed across broad geographic regions to occur simultaneously, thereby overwhelming their capacity to respond in a timely manner.

Well,.. that  leaves only a couple of candidates, both basically the same, except for the secondary effects, which is,... primary Gas and Oil Pipelines (hereafter abbreviated GOP).

Russia has THOUSADS upon Thousands of miles of GOP, spread out all over the Russian empire, most of which is impossible to provide any real level of surveillance or security for.

It is a major part of Russia's economic base, it is highly vulnerable, with just a little covert-ops discipline, it is easily accessed for long periods of time without fear of discovery during the prep phase, it has substantial value for both the infra-structure and products that move through it, it can be compromised in dozens of locations simultaneously, there is a large clean up expense involved if it's oil that is leaked out by the millions of gallons, and of course, it can always be blamed on any number local militant factions when public accusations are leveled.

In short, if the CIA is looking for a large scale, Tit-for-Tat return volley, GOP is not the only way to go, but it is one of the best candidates, and can be exercised almost immediately.

So,.. my prediction is: Russian Oil and/or Gas interests may suffer a sudden, but unfortunate chain of losses that defy explanation in the Mass-whore-Press, but will be labeled "suspicious" at best, and it leaves the Kremlin the one burning the midnight oil now.

Just a guess on my part,... or do they sit down for a drink at the Continental Hotel, and agree to a truce??? (Apologies to John Wick....)

What is your guess?

Feel free to post it in the comments section, as anyone's guess at this point, is equally open to possibility.

JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blow-Back On Blow-Back! - Russia Kills CIA Mercs - So CIA Kills Russian General - Russia Then Blows Up CIA Ukrainian Base - CIA Then Blows Up Russian Market Place - Russia Then Sets California On Fire & Of Course - The FBI Blows Up Their False-Flag Cover Story In Vegas!

Remember that old Sonny & Cher song,... "The Beat Goes On",....

My Fellow Americans:

Remember what I told you about the difference is between False-Flags and Theater Productions....

Both are "State-Craft" to be sure,... but in a Theater Production which is designed to serve a laundry-basket of objectives, usually political but not always,... no one dies. It is typically a "drill" that gets pawned off on the stupid public as a real event despite the obvious "crises actors" just going thru the motions as part of a role-playing drill such as the "Connecticut Sandy-Hook Elementary School" shooting drill. (Yes,.. I know,.. the stupid people in this country still think it was real, but the fact is, not only were NO kids killed,... no adults were killed, no actual bullets were fired, no one was actually hurt, wounded or even insulted,... except the American public of course...)

However in a False-Flag or Gov't Black-Op, which is also "State-Craft",... the "Event" is contrived and orchestrated by various deep-state and gov't elements, but people do actually die sometimes, such as 9/11, which was orchestrated and carried out by various elements of this EFIO (Enemy-Force-In-Occupation) and foreign gov'ts, such as Britain's MI-6 and Israel's Mossad, people did actually die, to the tune of 3,000+. (Strangely similar to that other horrific US Gov't Black-Op,.. Pearl Harbor, which by no coincidence, was exactly what was called for in the Neocon PNAC Report...)

Now, as the various deep state elements fight for control, events happen that most people take as "isolated" incidences, which are largely unfortunate, but not tied to any other events as precursors.

This is where the average, brain damaged American (and people of other countries) could not be more wrong. (You drink some more of that Fluoride laden water!,.. it's GOOD for you!)

Here is the latest string of Blow-Back Events, which are all DIRECTLY related to each other, as they are the tit-for-tat attacks of various "intelligence agencies" serving retribution as pay-back for the insult of the losses sustained in an event that most take as occurring in a vacuum.

Now this has been going on for years, so exactly where do we say a line of demarcation exists is difficult to establish, so lets just take the last few events as an example:

The American military, on the orders of it's zionist-jew control elements (which eventually lead back to people like the Brown's, Harriman's, Warburg's, Carnegies, Fords, Rockefeller's, Queen of England, Soro's, and of course, the Rothschilds), tried to balkanize Syria, which of course was stopped by the Russian EFIO (with Putin as it's hood emblem), by killing a lot of the CIA's merc's called FSA, Al-Queda, Al-Nusra, Takfiri's, and lately,... Daesh..).

Eventually, the CIA responded with some Blow-Back by killing a Russian General a few weeks ago (General Valery Asapov - 9/24/17), right after Russia warned it would NOT tolerate any more attacks against it's ground forces in Syria! (How is that for provoking Russia's deep state elements!)

Russia then serves up a little blow-back on their own by blowing up the largest CIA munitions dump in Kalynivka-Ukraine, destroying some 300+ MILLION pounds of munitions! (Ouch!,... that's gotta hurt someone's wallet!)

Well,.. as I warned in my article on this escalation,.... there would be blow-back from this, and I did state it may include the signature method of CIA retribution,... the use of car-bomb(s) (the CIA seems to LOOVVVVVEEEE to use car bombs!,.. don't they!)

As report in multiple media outlets,... over 3,000 people had to be evacuated from the Sindika Market area in North-West Moscow as nearly 600,000 square feet of premises was,...  suddenly ablaze!

From Russian Media:

"Witnesses reported hearing explosions, as TASS news agency, citing sources in emergency services, said several cars exploded in the market’s underground parking."

Hmmm,... yeah,.. that's normal,... parked cars ALWAYS suddenly,.. BLOW-UP!

Anyway, the current estimate is,... about 6 BILLION Rubles of damage (that's about $100 Million dollars worth,.. and counting!...)

Ok,.. the next evolution in this Blow-Back Event Chain,...

Russia then has it's operatives here in the US,.. set California on fire!

Now I now the average American retard thinks all the events are unrelated, but they are in fact ALL directly related as a tight-knit chain of action, and retributions in the form of Blow-Back's (a CIA created word if I remember correctly...)

In California, it is reported how a dozen + fires suddenly broke out,... at the same time! (you know,.. the way fires ALWAYS break out!....), setting some 100,000 acres ablaze!

15 people are currently reported dead, hundreds missing, thousands of high end homes destroyed, and tens of thousands being evacuated from the Santa Rosa area of some of California's premier wine country*, Sonoma and Napa Valley, burns to the ground.

*Note: Sonoma and Napa Valley have over a 100,000 acres of wine grapes with nearly 700 wineries that produce more than $55 BILLION in revenues for California.

Could not have hit a better target.

As reported in American Media:

"Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Napa, said Tuesday that he expects the wildfires will be “the worst fire disaster in California history,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported"

Not bad for a days work FSB! (FSB - Russia "Intelligence Agency,... you know,... the KGB 2.0 ...)

Hmmmm,... looks like they have gotten past killing Ambassadors,... or did they just run of them, so they decided to simply,.. "Go Big" now????

Don't worry people,... the CIA is burning the midnight oil (which might not be such a tongue-in-cheek phrase in this context) and has probably already issued orders for the next blow-back reprisal. (Time to hit Russian oil interests???)...

And lastly,... Vegas!

Now, I have looked at pictures, videos, and read the story lines, and at this time, the best I can say is, this is clearly an FBI False-Flag or Production Piece.

Calling this an FBI created event is EASY to figure out, however I am not sure if anyone was actually injured or killed yet (but by this point, I am largely sure no one was actually killed...)

A few interesting photos I saw, of the "dead people" laying on the concert grounds,.. looked about as staged as it gets (meaning NO ONE was actually hurt), up to and including one of the laughable "tells" from these kind of bullshit FBI Theater Productions,... one of the people "laying there dead",... was laying there with his feet crossed, like you do when your bored, and a little chilly.

Interestingly enough, it was the SAME EXACT kind of bullshit body positions of the "victims" I saw in the pics of the soon to released movie of the infamous,.. "BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING"!!!! DA-Da-DAAAAAAAA (cheap thriller music in the background!)

There is a GREAT picture from the "Boston Bombing" where the "victim" is laying there injured on the sidewalk (which has some theatrical blood splashed on it),.. and he is up on one elbow just chatting away, and his legs/feet crossed,... like you do when your just plan bored.

Anyway,... there is a BUNCH of "Tells" from the Vegas shooting that this was a complete gov't-op, but as far as I have been able to tell,... NO ONE was actually hurt or killed,... just another bullshit Theater-Production (drill),.. PRESENTED as an actual event.

And yes,.. I have already seen on some sites where people are exposing this FBI Theater Production for what it is, and the usual commentor's faining outrage as they, "... had a friend who was there! and needed to have a bullet removed!, or died!",... etc, etc, etc.

Well,.. there you have it people,... this "commentor" had a friend, who's sister's boyfriend was there, and needed to have something removed!

What more proof could you want??? (hahahaha..... omg!,... you have to LOVE the FBI's paid-trolls for their comedic value!)

And the latest is, the police (at the direction of the FBI) have again changed their story, including as to when police actually "shot" Stephen Paddock,... THROUGH HIS HOTEL DOOR,.. BEFORE he fired into the outside world!,.... (OMG!,.. you just can't make up this kind of incompetence!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHaahahahahahaha!!!!)

So,.. this means,... the FBI JUST BLEW UP THEIR OWN COVER STORY OF THIS,.. "EVENT" (I mean,.. how F'N RETARDED do you have to be to believe any of this??!!!)

Vegas: At this time,... I am inclined to call ALL OF IT,.. PURE BULLSHIT!

I am not buying one second of the "shooter's story",.. I am not buying the notion that ANYONE was injured, and I am certainly NOT buying ANY of the Mass-Whore-Media's presentations of any of it!

I am calling Vegas a 100% Hand-job, carried out by the FBI, with some help from the usual suspects,.. like DOJ, DHS, White House, Mass Whore Media, etc....

Next Up: So,... How will the CIA respond to the FSB's operatives setting America's high-end wine industry on fire???

Time for some more Ambassadors to die yet???

Watch and learn as we witness the next exciting episode of,... "As The Stomach Turns"!

JD - US Marine Fighting... Stupidity Of The Average American!

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Now, if only I could wake up and it was true.