Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump - Terrorism - Iran & North Korea

My Fellow Americans:

Remember,.. ALL politics and global scale events are PURE, unadulterated, manufactured stage-craft,.. bar none.

Now,.. going on,....

The latest in international zionist-jew-communist news is all abuzz about Trump going over to Israel ("amid tight security"), to kiss his owner's (Netanyahu) ass to a brilliant shine.

If your one of those Americans who still does not understand that Israel runs this country from top to bottom,.. all you need to do is look up the Israeli American-Kensett's (called the US Senate) voting record on ANYTHING related to Israel. (The US Senate is OWNED by Israel, which is why they gave Israel everything they ask for,.. including the kitchen sink!)

Listen not to what they say, but what they do, and when you have the "US Senate" giving away the wealth of this country to an international terrorist organization like Israel, that happens only one way people. (Figure it out,.. it's as complicated as a one-piece puzzle...)

Anyway,... so Trump is over in Israel right now, discussing how to exterminate the Palestinians for the zionist-jew scum called Israelis, and how much more of this countries wealth he can give to them this year.

I'm sure they will seal their little closed-door deals with a nice little sexy-sexy party involving lots of little boys and girls,... and various farm animals,... plus a few blood sacrifices of children to honor their satanic god,.. Bal,... or Baphomet, or whatever they are calling their dark lord these days.

To make sure they are keeping up the fear factor in the Propaganda-Press, of course North Korea is back in the news with it's bigger, badder, scarier ICBM Missile, which supposedly doesn't go as far as some of it's predecessors, but your suppose to,.... FEEL FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!. (In a high whiney voice... "Oh,... can't someone stop that evil tyrant and his missile program???!!!!)

And lastly, to keep up the global hoax of,... DUN, DUN,.. DAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (said in a big booming, echoey voice),... GLOBAL TERRORISM!!!,... Trump has also followed his zionist overlord (Darth Vader I think is his name...) instructions to the "T",... and, "Denounced Iran's Terror Ties"!! (In a high whiny voice... "Oh,... can't someone stop that evil Iran and it's global terrorism???!!!!)

My God people,.. just how f'n stupid can anyone be to even begin to go along with this creamy,... premium grade, high quality bovine exrement??!!!

FACT: There is no such thing as "organic terrorism",.. terrorism is pure state-craft,... a figment of the imagination of these think-tanks that work for scum like the Rockefeller's, Soro's, and of course,.. the Rothchilds.

You see, unlike conventional enemies like the Japanese or German's  during WW2, which eventually get destroyed, "Terrorism" gives you an enemy that exists in perpetuity, therefore, they don't have to go thru the hassle and expense of constantly building a new global enemy every time the old one gets wacked,... its much more cost effective and gives the International Zionst-Jew-Scumbags exactly what they want,.. an enemy that you must constantly BORROW money to fight against,... even though we are the same ones that create, fund, arm, equip, train, and control these dastardly villians!!! (GASP!!! goes the audience!,.. and someone in a high whiney voice... "Oh,... can't someone expose the truth??!!!,... yes Gertrude,... we're trying.)

You want to get to the bottom of who creates, and controls all these "terrorists"???,.. as Deep Throat said about Nixon,... just, "follow the money!",... and it will ALWAYS lead you back to the US, Israel, The Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, BIS, the Brown's, Harrieman's, Warburg's, Carnegies, Rockefellars, and of course,... the biggest pile of perfidous filth that ever cursed this planet,.. the Rothchild,.. the planet's Chief International Terrorists Extraordonaire!!!

Don't buy the bullcrap propaganda,... denounce it at every turn!


Hog of the Day

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Queering of American Children

I found this to be one of the more grievously offensive stories I have ever seen in my life. But almost as quickly as I was utterly appalled by it, my next thought was,.. "WHAT THE F... IS WRONG WITH THE PARENTS THAT BRING THEIR KIDS TO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!????

That means the f'n sewage scum calling themselves parents had to bring them there, as those kids just didn't show up on their own!

Throughout history, as a society, a culture, a country is entering it's death spiral, many of the obvious signs are talked about post-mortem, as though those signs were subtle, and could explain why people did little to nothing to stop the implosion of their society,... like Rome,.. but in our case,.. there is nothing subtle about it,.. in fact, with few exceptions,... it has never been more blatant that our country, our society, is being flushed down the toilet as quickly as they can get the water spinning to force that huge over-sized turd down that little hole.

When shit like this is not only allowed, but applauded for some reason,... stick a fork in it,... the bird is cooked.

Hog of the Day

Vintage Hog of the Day
Joan Blondell 

In 1927, while closing the library she worked at, she was raped by a police officer. He told her he would kill her if she told anyone. She kept her silence for decades. 
Just like we see in the news today, the copper was promoted.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump Sets Out To Mid-East To Consolidate Fascist Control:

Benito Mussolini himself once defined "Fascism" as the merger of state and corporate interests".

Well,.. the fact is,... we have been there a long, long time already.

That is what the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex* is all about, that is what corporate sponsored Bills are all about (like Commie-care (Obama-care), about to be superceded by Trump-care..),... that is what mandated vaccines are partially about, and so on.

*Note: That is the original term that Eisenhower had written, and then shortly before his famous tv appearance, he was urged to change it, and Americans heard it as the... "Military-Industrial-Complex".

So we have Chump,.. errrr,.. I mean Trump just landed in Saudi Arabia and was met by the zionist hand-puppet called King Salman (who is zionist-jew,... not muslim) to conclude another round of money changing hands.

In this particular visit, we are told thru the zionist-jew-communist mass media, that Saudi will be committing to buy about $100 BILLION dollars worth of US Made arms!,..... GooooooOOOOOOO FACSISM!!!! ,..

Wow!,.. a $100 Billion!!,... and that is just Trump's first visit! (Not bad for just a single mornings work.....)

Now, would that be to the same Saudi Arabia that is committing International War Crimes each and every day in Yemen??,... You bet it is, and with a body count currently at 10,000 dead to boot... which from a legal standing (crowd laughing it's ass off!!!),... the US is barred from providing any material, financial, legal, or political support to any country actively engaged in mass atrocities, such as slaughtering the population of another country,... especially since most of the dead, wounded and injured are civilians.

Ok,... but what is breaking just a few dozen International War Crime Laws, and HUNDREDS of US Federal Laws by providing material support to a country that is committing genocide day in and day out (OPPppppsssss!!!!,.. isn't that exactly what the International Terrorist Organization called - Israel, does every day against the Palestinians?,... you bet it does!),..  BUT We're talking MONEY here!!!!!!

Ok,.. so Trump is flown and lands in Riyadh on Air Force One,... which probably cost Americans only about $1 Million dollars per hour to operate, and immediately the king of Saudia Arabia and Chump swap spit and other body fluids as they consolidate their love for each other,.. and the MONEY.

But almost as quickly as they consolidate the deal for more American made arms, the Chief Executive Officer of Aramco (Saudi's Oil Company) states that deals will be signed with at least 11 US companies worth at least $50 Billion dollars.

After Chump shakes out a few more deals in Saudi, he is then scheduled to hit several other countries including visiting his zionist-jew-communist owners in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the West-Bank to discuss how to exterminate the rest of the Palestinians, then it's on to the historical cities of corruption and vice, the Vatican and Brussels, and while in Brussels, he will attend a NATO Summit, and then Sicily for a G-7 Summit, where these hybrid International Fascists will discuss how to carve up the planet as they try to slake their insatiable hunger for more money, more power, more everything for them,... and less for all others.

What is this trip really all about?

Just the Fascist Party consolidating power, signing contracts, and laughing their ass off,... all the way to the zionist-jew owned banks.