Sunday, May 28, 2017

Another Sign - We Do NOT Have A Gov't, But An EFIO!

Does anyone need more proof that we have an EFIO: Enemy-Force-In-Occupation running this country???

The Story: Man DARES to treat his land, like it's his land (the nerve of this guy!!!), and farm,.. on his farm (GASP! go the Zionists!) without begging the approval, and paying the tribute to scum-bag zionist-jew-communists running this collective formerly known as the united States Of America*

Note: In the original Declaration Of Independence (which was not exactly called that either), the "united" in United States was all lower case, it became upper case after the bankruptcy reorganization of 1933. (Or at least that is what I find in my research on the subject).

Ok, once again, the 5 cent background tour: What this OCCUPATION FORCE is saying, YOU DON"T OWN THAT LAND!!!,... and to prove it,... you will REQUIRE their permission to legally do something that is considered illegal,... unless they give you permission to do that illegal activity!! (Huh?!,.....)

This also goes back to one of the most basic premises of what defines FREEDOM,.... the RIGHT,.. to own land un-incumbered,... which means you do not need permission or pay tribute (taxes) for the privilege of doing as you see fit.

Also,.. in the article you will see reference to what is called: "waters of the United States",.... what??,... since when is there such a creature as,... "waters of the United States" ?? (notice again,... the capital in "United", which is an indicator of corporation of the United States, when the commies seized full control of this country thru contract fraud in 1933.) 

Remember, by the Constitution, which is nothing more than the Owner's/Operator Manual for what we call a limited form of Representative Government, the only land the gov't can own is for post offices, military bases, and it's 10 square mile military citadel called Washington DC.

Ok,.. now you have the jist of the matter,... Going On -

So you have this farmer, John Duarte who owns 450 acre Duarte Nursery near Modesto California, and grows wheat there. 

Ok,.. so far so good.

So what was the crime you ask?? (It would be very helpful if you just read the attached article above about this to get the full explanation.)

Was he growing say,... Poppy fields like the CIA has all over Afghanistan?, Coca fields like the CIA has all over Columbia?, maybe Marijuana fields like the CIA has in dozens of countries.... No,... it's far worse than that,... he dared to (hold onto your hat!),... grow wheat!!!! (the audience gasps in horror!, a lady screams!,... someone passes out.....)

Yes people, the horror of his crimes was exceeded only by his arrogance in thinking it was HIS land that he could simply grow stuff on, without seeking the permission of his Zionist-scum overlords! (remember, this country does NOT have a gov't, we have EFIO,.. and Zionist-jew-communist EFIO at that)

Ok,.. so apparently there were some designated "wetlands" on his farm ("wetlands" - another legal scam to perpetrate upon the stupid sheeple into thinking this "gov't" has any say about YOUR land!) that he edged into to plant that horrible wheat on, and did not get special permission as to EXACTLY how much of that "protected" land he could do that to (which was actually not much), and of course, pay the FEES $$$, FEES $$$, FEES $$$!!!!

You see the real crime here is, that stupid Americans keep thinking we have some form of legitimate gov't,.... WE DON'T!,.. as George Carlin said,.. "YOU HAVE OWNERS!,.. THEY OWN YOU!"

But!,.. the best part was this EFIO's solution (.. your going to love this!):

1 - Repair: Repair the "damage" he caused to the "wetlands" (and after he gets their special permission, THEN!,.. he can do the same exact damage again, but now its allowed)

2 - Pay Tribute: This Zionist EFIO is telling the courts to fine him,.. (what for it....),..... $2.8 MILLION DOLLARS in fines!!! (Ta-Daaaaaaaaa!,... horns blaring, Zionists clapping, balloons dropping from the ceiling, and a Zionist scumbag in the background,... "thaanq hew",... "thaanq hew all",... thaanq hew..." )

3 - Buy: Buy MORE of the same protected lands that supposedly lead to the this "issue" to begin with!,.. What????,.. that's right, the EFIO wants Duarte to BUY more of the "protected wetlands" as part of penance, which of course he can't farm on!! (Hit head against wall, drink quart of cheap scotch, sniff lines, shoot up, and lastly, self-asphyxiate for a couple of minutes,... and then it makes sense...)

Oh,.. in case you were wondering what was living in those "protected wetlands",.. apparently it was something called a "Fairly Shrimp",.. you know,.. a bug!,.. because there is terrible shortage of bugs in the world, so we need to be inclusive in saving all the bugs! right?,.. right! (wink, wink, nod, nod,.. now give me the money...)

Anyway, the point of all this is simply,... it's not about challenging this in one of their Zionist-commie controlled courts, it's about recognizing that we need to get rid of this EFIO to begin with.

Challenging them on a point-by-point basis is a complete and utter waste of time and money, as it still leaves the root cause fully functional, in place and unchanged,.. so we can fight them again, at our expense, over some other petty issue later,... isn't that the very definition of insanity??

You bet it is.

Remember, this stops only when the men in America say we have had enough of this Zionist-jew communism, arrest ALL these traitors, try, convict and HANG every one of them,... and if we have to hang 50,000 of these traitors (This Federal Government is nothing but a bastion of traitors), then it looks like we're going to make the rope industry here, very rich,... so be it.


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