Friday, May 19, 2017

Anthony Weiner Sexting News:

My Fellow Americans,

Anthony Weiner Sexting News - First off,…. Can you believe his name is,.. “WEINER”,… Hahahahaha,.. OMG,.. That is to funny!! (…and I know funny!!).

Ok,… once again,… it’s not the event as much as the timing that should  be catching your attention.

Look at the recent spate of what, to the average mind, might seem like unconnected events

- Bradley Manning is released from prison,… now free to explore his newly found women-hood!

- Sweden drops it’s legal pursuit of Julian Assange - now free to explore Pamela Anderson…

- FBI Investigation - FBI (Foreign Bolsheviks Incognito) Basically rehires it’s former communist director, Robert Mueller, to lead  (try not to laugh to hard…) an UN-biased investigation into a completely fictional narrative of Trump playing hide-the-info* with the Russians - FBI now free to make up any bullshit it wishes. (Sorry,.. A lame attempt at word play from,.. “Playing Hide The Salami With Little Johnny…”)

- Weiner - now found guilty of “sexting” and is looking at prison time - where other inmates will surely be free to explore him….
Ok,.. Now I know many think the above events are unrelated, but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes Zionist-jew-communist, NWO stage-craft, but lets look at a few particulars of the big “WEINER” story!!! (Hahahaha,.. I still can’t believe his name is,.. “WEINER”!!!!,.. hahahahaha..)

Remember - WEINER (… BHahahanaha…) is married to that hideous dike, Huma Abedin,… you know, the “Close Aide” of Hillary “Complete F’n Pyschopath” Clinton!,.. And was repeatedly reported as Hillary’s rug cleaner,.. (you know, they call dikes, “rug bumpers”….. use your imagination.).

Now I don’t know how true that is, but their “relationship” was peculiar at best given that ’Ol Huma,… didn’t seem to possess any real skills or redeeming qualities to speak of,.. So an obvious question is why did dike-face Hillary latch on to her so completely???

But going on,… now we have multiple intersections of personal, political, legal and criminal agenda’s running over these two (Anthony and Huma) like traffic at the intersection of New York’s Time Square!

It seems to me,.. that the back stage janitors are doing a little clean-up right now, and “rewarding” (meaning, retaliating…) those who served the previous Obama/Clinton International Communist agenda, which also helps clear the way to install Trump’s ruling party,.. The National Fascist’s.

Don’t forget also, that supposedly, some of Dike Hillary’s classified emails ended up on Weiner’s computer and phone, which makes him integral to the legal process of political and personal assassination.

What we are really seeing here, is again, the two real power factions using the public arena and established communist systems (FBI, The Injustice System, etc) to discredit and/or eliminate each other.

In the end,.. This has NOTHING to do with actual justice, or seeking penalties for criminal conduct, or anything we would consider legitimate,.. It’s always presented that way,… but that is all it is,… a presentation for public consumption, but in fact completely hides the real motivations for the publicly witnessed portion of these events.

Whatever you do,.. just keep in mind,.. this is ALL theater, and little more. The consequences that occur to the few, say Weiner in this case, has NOTHING to do with any of the justifications given in the Zionist-jew-communist owned media,.. It’s just more high-level Communist vs. Fascist power playing.
                                                              Illusion of the Media


  1. Anthony Weiner said yesterday that he wants closure. If he wants closure he should start with his zipper.

    1. Weiner wants,.. "closure",... hmmmm,.. I think he about to get ripped open!


  2. Weiner - When your name is also your crime.

    1. Hi Judge Preska,


      Well then,.. good thing his name isn't "swallowsitall"!

    2. Telling the TRUTH can get you killed!