Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CIA-MOSSAD Joint Operation Bombings Kill 27 In Iraq

My Fellow Americans:
When ever you see a headline like: "ISIS Claims Responsibility For Car Bomb in Central Baghdad That Killed 13", what you are really seeing is, "CIA/MOSSAD Claim Responsibility For Bombing...."


It is ALL, 100% State-Craft, which means it is the "Deep State" shaping global politics and world events via the various "gov't agencies" such as the CIA for America, Mossad for Israel, etc.

In this case,.. this is a CLASSIC,.. ( and you thought Coke-Cola had a lock on "Classic"), and I do mean CLASSIC joint CIA-Mossad operation event.

Car bombings, and remotely detonated car bombings, especially in crowded venues,... like an ice-cream polar are the signature work of the CIA-Mossad.

Now the reports of this event are talking about twin-bombings in the last 24 hours, one at the ice-cream shop in Karrada, killing at least 16 and the second was in the city of Baghdad near it's retirement agency, killing at least eleven there. At this time, both bombs have killed 26 and wounded well over a 100 others.

The real question is, what is this about?, and is any of it related to the death of that putrid bag of international-zionist puke who just died, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

You see, Ol' Zbigniew is really the one credited with creating the Mujhadeen (Holy Warrior) in Afghanistan, and from that, he took the most deranged psychos of the psychos, and created Al-Qaeda, from that, the CIA & Mossad created the ISIS, ISIL, Tikfiri's, etc.

Now we have recently had two of these "Globalists",.. NWO, Illuminati, One World Government types, you know,... International Zionist-Jew-Communist scum (Brzezinski and Rockefeller) die off,... FINALLY!!!,.. but is what we are seeing a fight for control by those seeking to take their place??

Brzezinski and Rockefeller (David) were at the top of this NWO pyramid, or at least very close to the top, being bested by only a few of the bastards that have stolen more wealth than they have like Brown's, Harriman's, Warburg's, and of course the Rothchild's,... but let there be no mistake, these two constituted a VERY powerful block of International Communism, and the power vacuum their death's have created is being fought over as you read this very article.

Let us also keep in mind, that there is always the on-going struggle by the lower power elements for local control in and outside of Iraq, to keep it balkanized, and the continued fight for control by the Deep-State factions that are seeking to dominate Iraq as their fiefdom regardless of what NWO head-piece finally dies off from ancient age!

Exactly what the dynamic is, and who the specific players are, are truly known by only a few, and all we can do, is know that that this has ZERO to do with terrorism,... but is in fact state-craft, or stage-craft by these intelligence agencies as they fight to consolidate and expand their territorial controls to the detriment of all, especially those poor Iraqi's that simply wanted to do something normal, like get a little ice-cream, but in the world of international zionist-jew-communist control,.. that is a death sentence offense.

This is the fate that awaits us all if we continue to allow it.

JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny

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  1. Hi JD,

    Good point,.. it hadn't occurred to me that some of this may not just be NWO country trashing as usual, but it may be related to the high level people vying for position with the deaths of those two mass murders, Brzezinski and Rockefeller.

    Plus, there is always the palin and simple,.. "need to destroy something!" or people start getting comfortable again!

    Keep up the good work!

    Semper Fi Marine! - R2D2