Sunday, May 28, 2017

Cop Admits to Raping 14yo Girl AT SCHOOL, No Jail, Won’t Register as Sex Offender

My Fellow Americans:

As appalling as this story is,... this maggot cop, Jacob Ryan Delgadillo, is far from the worst of what these communist enforcers get away with, day in and day out.

Situation: A "School Resource Officer" (you know,.. one of our communist gov't enforcers stationed in a public school to terrorize kids into obedience), had sex with a 14 year old, and gets off scott-free! AND!, and,... and... and will be able to get his job back soon as he is done with probation to so he can terrorize more Americans, especially children.

Ok,.. so you have a case here where one of these Occupying Force - Enforcers admits, especially after some of the relevant evidence was found on his cell phone, that he was getting oral sex from a 14 year old girl,.. in the middle school's girl's bathroom.

The mandatory sentence in this case was minimum of 20 years, and most states have a minimum 80% time requirement for this kind of case, which means he would have served at least 16 years before even being remotely eligible for parole.

What did he get?

No jail, no fines (which can be enormous in cases like this), no sex-offender registry,... in fact,.. in realty,.. nothing, except he has 5 years of "Deferred Adjudication Probation", which means when he's done with the probation, he won't even have this as a criminal charge or a criminal record from this,.. that's how he can get his job back, as a background check will not show this as a criminal act!

Again,.. in the spectrum of what the Zionist-Communist Regime Enforcers (cops) get away with in this country every day,.. 'Ol Jacob is a 4th rate amateur, and his transgressions are piddly compared to the extortion, corruption, drug and arms dealing, intimidation, rape, theft, collusion, lying, cheating, abuse, beatings, and murders that are committed by cops every day in this country,...  just name a few!

Notice how what I describe what cops get away with daily in this country, as sounding just like what mafia's do!,.... ding,... a little bell rings out.......

Now if the father of this girl hunted down this cop, and simply beat him to death,... the father would be within his rights, however!,.. the bigger question must also be brought up,... What kind of standards has this girl be taught at home, that she felt this was fine to do,... maybe even fun and exciting to do??!!!

Despite what some people think, this girl was old enough, and smart enough to know the answer as to whether this was right or wrong, no question about it,... the question is,... why didn't she think it was wrong?, and why didn't she say something to her parents when Ol' Jacob first started "grooming" (that's the term they use) her for future exploits?,... or,... if it was actually her that initiated the possibility of this kind of relationship,.. why didn't Jacob report it?

In the end, it was Jacob's responsibility to stop this dead in it's tracks,... BUT,.. there is PLENTY of blame to go around here, do NOT make excuses for all the contributing players, especially the simple fact that these communist agents (cops) SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE IN A OUR SCHOOLS,... PERIOD, BAR NONE!

The girls parents have a degree of culpability here, parents in the area in general do because they are the IDIOTS that are allowing this communist agents (cops) to be stationed in schools to begin with! Newspapers who regularly do their best to minimize or NOT report these kinds of stories, the cops themselves, this guy's commanding officer, the entire command and control structure of that police dep't etc, etc, etc..... YES,.. there is PLENTY of people that should be held accountable for this also,... including the pervert Jacob.

The fact this guy got off with no real punishment (.. and DON'T even try to argue that a measly 5 year probation is punishment), is one of your prime indicators,.. WE ARE LIVING UNDER AN EFIO: ENEMY-FORCE-IN-OCCUPATION,... and specifically,... a Zionist-jew-communist occupation, and such,... they NEVER punish one of their agents unless it is hugely inconvenient to not do so.

It stops only when the men in this country decide to step and start,.. well,.. acting like men again,... by charging, arresting, putting on trial, convicting and hanging the estimated 4.5 million communist agents masquerading as a "gov't in this country.

It's a big job to try, convict and hang 4 ~ 5 million bags of filth, so the sooner we get started, the quicker we'll get the shit cleaned out of the pipe!


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