Friday, May 26, 2017

Marawi: Foreign fighters 'among militants in Philippine city'

In the conclusion of my previous cover on this story, "CIA Attacks The Philippines!!", I noted how we will have to watch the developments to determine if this is orchestrated with Duterte, or against him by the CIA.

Today's breaking news coverage about the infiltration and invasion into the Philippines by the CIA forces, is that these are FOREIGN BORN MERCS.

Well, this is typically one of your dead give aways as to who is perpetrating these events, so lets do a quick over-view of this latest development:

 - The Filipino city of Marawi* is under full scale attack by the CIA's proxy mercs waving the CIA merc flag (IS Flag).

*Note: Marawi is located in the Southern Filipino island of Mindanao,.. and yes, the spelling of Philippines & Filipino are correct.

- Fighting is so intense already, that people are fleeing the city by the thousands.

- The Philippine gov't has publicly admitted that "local" jihadists are working with,... "International Groups",.. meaning the CIA's local mercs are getting help with the CIA shipping in out-of-country merc's.

- The Philippine Military is in full combat response mode including the use of attack helicopters with regular and special forces units. 

- As of this date, there are reports of at least 11 Philippine soldiers and 31 CIA Mercs dead.

- President Duterte has imposed Martial Law on Mindanao. 

Now think about this for one second,.... where did these merc's, mostly very poor people, get the money (and inspiration) to travel from their own country, to the Philippines?

Did they just walk through airline security carrying their merc weapons with them when traveling to the Philippines?,.. NO,.. of course not. Which means someone had weapons waiting for them when they got there, but then wait!,.. how did all those weapons get into the Philippines, especially on such short notice??

Oh,.. that's right, they have the full support and control by the CIA, MI6, Mossad, and all the other International Communist agencies.

So what is the gambit here?

Well,.. I still don't know,.. afterall, if Duterte was really a problem for the International Zio-Communists, then why not just take Duterte out directly?,.. why all the pomp and spectacle of a "Terrorist Invasion"?

Again, the actual agenda will materialize as we wait and see what the next series of events are.

So my question still stands: Is Duterte working with,... or against the International Zio-Communists???


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  1. Duterte's a fake a fraud, he's part of the whole scheme.