Wednesday, May 31, 2017

More US Debt Theater

My Fellow Americans:

Ok,.. (... yawn...),.. here we go,... AGAIN,... it's more Debt Theater for the zionist-jew-communist press,... you know,.. the Mass Lying Media,.... this is just more Distraction Theater people,.. bar none.

Refresher Course: Ok,.. recall that the zionist-jews took control of this country with the installation of the US Federal Reserve, which NEVER was part of the USA or the US Gov't.

It is the satellite office here on American soil of the international zionist-jew-communists, and one of the principle mechanisms by which they seized control of the US, and the rest of the world when the Bretton Woods Agreement REQUIRED all nations to use the zionsit-jew-communist certificate of enslavement (ZJC-COE) in all international transactions. (They call it,.. a Federal Reserve Note).

When Nixon decoupled the ZJC-COE from gold, it truly become an inconvertible fiat currency, with no intrinsic value whatsoever.

Now,.. the entire world's economy is build on this complete fraud, and yet, they pretend as though there is some need to act like it could falter if allowed to (????,.. not sure of how that logic is suppose to work...)

Ok,.. so now to the current theater, which is,.. congress has to VOTE to increase the debt ceiling, because we can't just keep printing up this fraud without a vote now and then to make it look legal.

Well now,.. here is the question: What is the difference between the first TRILLION in debt,.. and the 21st Trillion in debt that we will now be seeking permission to accrue???

Answer: Absolutely nothing,.. its ALL fraud, period, bar none.
The mere suggestion that we have a "responsibility" to at least exhibit some form of oversight on our spending to make it "legitimate" is reasoning only the insane can understand.

It's simply,.. this is more theater as the national-fascists consolidate greater control, steal more wealth from this country and from around the world, while trying to present a modern day performance that is little more than a Greek tragedy of what we call "government".

We have no government, we have no real economy, we have no real monetary system, we have no gold, and we have no clue as to what is really going on,.. except for the few,.. like people who come to this site,... the site of the awake, a site for people that want to try and get a handle on the truth.

Don't buy into this cheap, 4th rate theater for a second, and realize, when the International zionists want to collapse this country financially, it can be done in under one hour,.. in fact, because of the use of HFTC - High Frequency Trading Computers,... my guess is,.. they could collapse the entire US,.. and Global Economy in under 5 minutes when they decide to do it.

Options: What options?,.. either your prepared for what will happen in only minutes,... or your not.

If your not, you still have  a chance to do so,.. but how much time you have to do it?,.. couldn't tell you because I don't know,.. but I do know when it starts, it may be incredibly swift, meaning you will have basically zero reaction time, so if your caught short,... you have only yourself to blame.

Could get interesting at any time, as there does seem to be infighting among the vying factions, the International Communists vs the National Fascists.

What either one is willing to do to dominate the other is more guess work on our part, but typically it ends up killing a lot of innocent people. Example,... World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, War On Terrorism,...
You get the idea.

Just don't be surprised if one day,.. those "green backs", start to suddenly buy less and less, as it goes thru its final 3% of devaluation, and attains it's intrinsic value of,.. zero.


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