Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Global manhunt for WannaCry creators

My Fellow Americans:

Today in the news, "Global manhunt for WannaCry creators".

Comment: This is a textbook example of "Distraction Theater".

What complete and utter garbage, that these communist agents (called US Fed Agencies), can't seem to figure out these global hacks are coming from,.... (drum roll please,..... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRPPPPP!,.. TA- DAAAAA! horns blaring, people clapping, and announcer in the background,.. "thank hew!,.. thank hew oll!,... thank hew...) THEM!!!,.. well, to be more exact,... the CIA, DHS, FBI, OOS, and several proxies,... all controlled and coordinated by the CIA.

If you would ever like to start back-tracking how the CIA owns &/or controls Microsoft, Apple, Oracle Cisco Systems, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, IBM and so on,... just concentrate your research on: "In-Q-Tel". It's not the only locus of control, but it is a doorway into how the CIA uses this "investment" front to foster certain technologies, control others, and eliminate those that are contrary to the directives of NWO.

This latest "scare" is just more theater to keep peoples attention from the real points of action, which is the banksters consolidating their control over this country,... and the world,.. hence how France just got a Rothchild's banker installed as the new President.

Whenever you see garbage like this, your immediate reaction should be,... I wonder what is it they are trying so hard to hide??

Don't worry,.. if this doesn't entertain you,... it is a 100% certainty, they are planning another massive False-Flag attack that will make 9/11 look like amateur hour for psycho's incorporated....

Stand by,... our lives could change in as little as single heartbeat of time. - JD

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