Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Terrorism - North Korea - Iran - Missiles - …. And Frozen Sperm

My Fellow Americans:
Hahahaha,.. Now there are some unlikely bed fellows in the headline,… don’t you think?

Ok,.. Lets start with the usual quick, 5-second factoid:


*Governments: I loosely use that word also, as most gov’ts are also long passed being legitimate, and are little more than Vichy proxies for the what some call “The Deep State”, which is really nothing more than your individual, corporate and secret organizations that collude to institute what is sometimes referred to as, the NWO - New World Order, The Illuminati, International Banksters, Zionists, Communists, and other such criminal elements, sometimes operating right out in the open as some “legitimate” agency like the UN, IMF, World Bank, BIS, FBI, CIA, FBI, etc.

Ok,.. So we have just a little bit of relative background out of the way,…
 going on -

What are we seeing in the latest Zionist-jew-communist owned & operated Mass Distraction Media, is just another propaganda rinse-spin cycle??

Well,.. We have this latest event in Manchester England where a “terrorist” bomb just blew up at Manchester Arena at a Ariana Concert, killing some 22, and injuring some 59 people according to the latest reports.

First off, lets extend our congratulations to Britain’s MI-5 and MI-6 for it’s latest exhibition of Gov’t Black Ops (False-Flag) prowess! (Yeahhhh!! goes the other “intelligence” agencies who look on in admiration),.. They actually seem to have gotten a fair amount of innocent people killed and injured,.. Not unlike our CIA and FBI (and Israeli Mossad) pulling off  9/11* and getting thousands killed and injured in a single, but multi-point gov’t operated Black-Op (False-Flag).

You know,.. 9/11 still stands (although the Twin-Towers didn’t) as one of the high-water marks of what corrupt, broken and criminal gov’ts can get away with.

Pearl Harbor is still king though (see my video where the facts are exposed that Pearl Harbor was NOT a surprise attack, but a carefully choreographed waltz of Treason, Sedition and naked International Communism expressing itself)

Of course, in an “unexpected” knee jerk reaction, countries all over the world are now,.”ON ALERT!” for possible CIA/MI6/Mossad,. Errrr,..  I mean “Terrorist” attacks!

Britain is now on full scale alert thanks to this MI5/MI6,.. Errrrr,.. I mean,.. “Terrorist” attack.

The USA has all it’s major cities, “On Alert”,… Bring out the US Goon Squads!! with their fully automatic weapons,… and have them stand around in public locations please…

Sweden just announced how it has isolated a “suspicious” package (You go Sweden,.. Don’t let that little package get away with being just a package!)

Ok,.. So the global Zionists are hard at work putting the world on edge again,.. So what?

Well.. Once again,…. It’s not so much the event, but the timing that should be getting your attention.

Look at what Trump (and his hair piece) just been announcing publicly - that IRAN, is a major sponsor of terrorism!,.. And viola,.. Terrorist bombing as your soup de jour.

Trump just announces that the US will NOT let Iran develop nuclear weapons (well,.. That’s good news for Israel that wants to curve up Iran like a Christmas turkey next…)

The propaganda machine is tripping all over itself to make NK - North Korea’s latest bottle rocket test look like an existential threat to all (… and don’t forget about them “advance EMP weapons they supposedly possess!), as they will now “Mass-Produce” them!!!! Ooooooooo goes the audience,…. NK can’t mass produce enough rice to feed themselves, but somehow,… they going to able to mass produce short range missiles that are little more than glorified bottle rockets,.. Aaaaaa,… yeah,… sure.

Now, lets add a little CIA-Source propaganda into the mix, and you get the warning that Trumps round table visits may trigger war in the Mid-East. Yeah,… only if the International Zionist-jew filth get their way.

So we have the Ex-CIA official making the following propaganda,.. Errrrr,.. I mean, public statement:

"I fear that we will be looking at war with Iran before too long as it is clear that Trump and his advisers are already completely in the Israeli and Saudi pockets on the issue,"

            - Giraldi, a former CIA Case Officer and US Army Intelligence Officer said on Monday.

When you put all that together, you get a nice blend of fear porn, Zionism, public opinion shaping, false-flags, and justifications to try and get another world war going, which they desperately need as the fiat currency system of the Zionist-jew-communists inches closer and closer to implosion, as it is nothing but a fraud, a con, a hand-job that is becoming more obvious for the ponzi-scheme that it is everyday, they NEED war to blame the implosion of the global economy on something else than it’s actual cause, otherwise, people might actually try and hold these scumbags accountable for their crimes-against-humanity.

And lastly,… as mentioned in the headlines,.. We have frozen sperm that has been brought back from space, and used to create “healthy” offspring. WHEW!!!,… I am SO relieved that with all the duplicity and Zionist false-flags going off around the world, it’s good to know we can spend millions to,.. Freeze-Dry sperm, fly it into space, keep it there for 9 months, and then bring it back to produce baby mice because if there is ever an ELE - Extinction-Level-Event,.. It’s good to know we will able to revitalize the rat population.

My question is,.. How did they get the mice to masturbate into a tiny cup for this experiment??,.. Did they use,.. mouse porn??? Maybe there are some things we are just better off not knowing.
 - JD

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