Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Queering of American Children

I found this to be one of the more grievously offensive stories I have ever seen in my life. But almost as quickly as I was utterly appalled by it, my next thought was,.. "WHAT THE F... IS WRONG WITH THE PARENTS THAT BRING THEIR KIDS TO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!????

That means the f'n sewage scum calling themselves parents had to bring them there, as those kids just didn't show up on their own!

Throughout history, as a society, a culture, a country is entering it's death spiral, many of the obvious signs are talked about post-mortem, as though those signs were subtle, and could explain why people did little to nothing to stop the implosion of their society,... like Rome,.. but in our case,.. there is nothing subtle about it,.. in fact, with few exceptions,... it has never been more blatant that our country, our society, is being flushed down the toilet as quickly as they can get the water spinning to force that huge over-sized turd down that little hole.

When shit like this is not only allowed, but applauded for some reason,... stick a fork in it,... the bird is cooked.


  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Please tell me,.. who do think is the more deranged here,... these wholly disgusting things called "transgender" clowns (Hell!,.. they even dress like clowns!),.. or the parents who subject their precious little jewels to that kind of deranged socialism,... and think it's in the name of "progress*"???!!!!

    *Note: Remember, "Progress", "Progressive", "Tolerant", "Inclusiveness" and all them other garbage words are nothing but pure commie speak,.. bar none!

    JD US Marine Fighting Insanity! - Are you even half as offended as I am by this communist garbage?

    1. Hahahaha,.. OPPPSSSS!!!

      Screwed up my own call sign!

      Should read: US Marine Fighting Tyranny!

  2. The concept that the parents are responsible for the upbringing of the children produced during the marriage is the cornerstone of American life. If we let this bullshit to continue it will destroy the family unit. All part of the New Age Humanist Communist movement.