Monday, May 29, 2017


This story is about "The Great Savior",... President Chump, and his hair piece, and his commitment to the saving this country as idiots believe he will do. (Someone in a high squeeky voice.... "just give him a chance!".....)

ANYONE,.. who does not recognize or understand that Trump is just another sock-puppet, should go find a nice quite, and neat way of committing suicide, your an idiot and beyond help or worth, and possess no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Lets get back to basics,... IF!,,, IF,... we had a Constitutional Republic in force, than there would be no need to address this because the gov't is FORBIDDEN from infringing on our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS,... as enumerated in The Bill Of Rights.

Of course, the article of paramount importance is the 9th Article (remember, The Bill Of Rights is a SINGLE Amendment,.... and the particulars described within it, are called Articles) which clearly and unequivocally state that there is NO Article, Clause, Paragraph, Sentence, or Mechanism inherent in the Constitution, or can be created by the Constitution, by which our Unalienable Rights can by undermined, usurpated, lessened, denied or disparaged in any way,.. bar none!

Ok,... now the 2nd Article of The Bill Of Rights, specifically states that we Americans can own and/or carry weapons without infringement,.. which means we do NOT need gov't permission of any form, nor can the "gov't" even begin to broach the subject of who can own or not own firearms,... if your an American,.. YOU ARE PERMITTED TO OWN ANY FIREARM AS YOU SEE FIT, AND IF YOU WISH TO CARRY THEM ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME,.. THAT IS ALSO YOUR RIGHT WHICH THE GOV'T HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO SAY OVER,.... BAR NONE!

Unfortunately we do NOT have a Constitutional Republic, but rather is a nation living under the Rules Of Occupation, a Faux-Republic,  which is nothing more than a Zionist-jew-communist circus masquerading as a legitimate gov't when they are absolutely not a legitimate gov't,... but!, should legitimately be arrested, tried, convicted, and hung for the Treason and Sedition they commit each and everyday.

Notice how this EFIO: Enemy-Force-In-Occupation simply skirts the entire issue of the absoluteness of The Bill Of Rights,.. by ignoring it! (audience laughing hysterically!!!...), where they then propagate their fraud by pretending they,... as a legitimate gov't (audience laughing even harder this time...) have the "right" to declare what our rights mean,.. who can have them,.. and what restrictions on those Rights are,.... (here comes one of their favorite commie terms....),.... "reasonable",.. in the name of (said in a BIG BOOMING VOICE....) "PUBLIC SAFETY"...... (Da-Da-DAAAAAAAAAAAA,.. cheap Thriller Music in the background).

You see,.. this in one of your prime indicators that we do not have a legitimate gov't, but in fact an Occupation Force, masquerading as one.

They simply ignore what is legally required,... and TELL YOU the illegal acts they are committing are LEGAL! (... audience in shear pandemonium now!!)

And stupid Americans fall for it every time,..... and if you fell for it again this time,... congratulations,... your officially an idiot of the worst kind, because you are also supporting Treason against your country!,...... idiot.

Anyway,... the accompanying article on this story really dwells on the subject matter of what "legal argument", and how they are going to try use it, to get more guns out of the hands of Americans, because in the end,... these zionist-jew-communist bags of puke are cowards, and do not want to put up a fair fight for the complete control of this country,... NO!,.. these are pyscho-paths and prefer un-armed victims,... ALWAYS!!!,... so it is a 100% certainty they will never stop chipping away the size of the population that can own firearms under the Rules-Of-Occupation, until they have it down to a number that they feel is a minimum threat to them before they make their final move for complete control like they did in Russia and China.

Simply recognize, this country is already OVERTHROWN from within, and these dirtbags will NEVER restore the Republic,... that is purely up to the Guardians Of The Republic, who is..... us,.. We The People.

Until then,.. enjoy your slavery if you don't wish to break free of it.


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