Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump And The Wrist Flick That Defined His Presidency!

My Fellow Americans:

Ok, ok, ok,…. So now the mass distraction media seems obsessed with the issue that has ZERO importance in the world,.. (and I do mean Z-E-R-O !!!)

The “Wrist-Flick!”, “Hand-Swat”, “Slap”, “Graze” (or whatever other word you would like to throw into the contenders ring is also fine) that shocked the world!!!! Da-Da-DAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (Cheap thriller music in the background…)

So,… it kind of reminds me of that scene from the movie “Gladiator”, near the end when Commodus is speaking to Maximus and tells him that his was the compelling story of the soldier who becomes a general, a general who becomes a slave, a slave who becomes a gladiator, and a gladiator who defied a emperor…

Commodus went on to say,.. A compelling story,… but how does it end?….

So, in a barely credible stretch of imagination that reflects that, we have a snot nose punk who was born with a silver spoon up his ass, a large check book exceeded in size only by his ego, a snot-nose punk who becomes a deal maker, a deal maker that becomes a real estate mogul, a real estate mogul that becomes a TV celebrity, a celebrity that becomes a President, and a President that is defied by,….. his Slovenian* bed warmer… (Ooooooo, goes the audience…)

[*Note: Interestingly, Slovenia is a Slavic ethnic group, which the word “slave” comes from.]

A compelling story,… but how does it end?….

Well,.. If your paying attention to how this is being portrayed in the Zionist-jew-communist mass distraction media,… you would think that like Maximus,… Trump has been mortally wounded, and is already caught between this world, and the here-after of Elysium…

Well,.. I kind of doubt that.

It could have been something as simple as, she has her period,.. You know,.. Women are known to suffer small bouts of raging bitchiness when that occurs. Perhaps the flight sucked even though it’s Air Force One and is costing us about a $million dollars an hour to operate (someone in a high squeaky voice…. Is that all it costs us?….),.. Maybe it’s the plain simple fact of where she is,… in zionist jew-land,.. I know I would be ready to kill if I had to deal with that zionist jew-scum face to face.

Maybe little Donald didn’t hold his end up for big Donald when trying to service Melania,… after all, she is very good looking women, and I would be tempted to think part of the way she charmed ol’ Donald to marry her is,… she banged his brains out like there was no tomorrow!!! (The Old-Timer says, yeeeeaaappp,… that would do it for most guys…)

Maybe it’s just something far simpler than all that,… maybe,… just maybe,.. They had a little fight,… the kind of fight any man and women who are together long enough are bound to have once in a while,… just maybe,… she was pissed off from the fight that had absolutely nothing to do with Israel, it’s genocide, global politics, money, dinner, the plane,…. Just maybe,… it was something between the two of them that is none of the world’s business, even if Donald is the Rothchild’s proxy in the White House.

Anyway,.. I mention all of this mostly because if you see the wild speculations in the media, and how they are ignoring anything of real importance,… this tells me,.. they simply had no other bullshit distraction to throw up in air at moment,… besides trying to slight Trump at any opportunity.

I also mention all this because, if there is an issue with Donald not being to provide for Melania’s most intimate needs,… I, being a loyal US Marine, and putting my countries needs in front of my own,.. and would volunteer to service Melania for as long, hard, and deep as she requires!

I don’t  make this offer because I find her sexy or attractive!,.. NO!,.. don’t think that for a second even if it is true,… no,.. the continuity and stability of this countries zionist-jew run administration is in danger,… and DUTY CALLS!!!! So,.. I bravely step forward to volunteer my hereditarily Sicilian prowess that such an occasion calls for, and accept the dangers of the mission no matter what the ultimate cost may be to fully and exhaustively satisfy her deep, lushes,…. domain.

I know this could be very dangerous, and I may not make it out alive,… but her First Women-hood may be in dire need of immediate military actions!.. Therefore,.. I volunteer to enter her danger zone and return peace, satisfaction and tranquil stability to her body and state of mind,.. all for the love of country (… or for the love of something alright!)

Should I be accepted for this dangerous mission, and don’t return,… give my regards to Broadway! I do this for God, Country, and Honor!

I’m going in boys, and I‘m not pulling out until the first lady sings!- Oh-Rah! - JD

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