Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump Impeachment News

My Fellow Americans,

Remember what ALL major, zionist-jew-communist media is,.. DISTRACTION THEATER,.. bar none.

Now for those who may be new to me, or the subject of zionism, allow me to consolidate the subject down to what zionism actually is: International Terrorism.

In fact, zionism is the only true (actual) global terrorism that there is on this planet,... all other "terrorist organizations" are simply proxies of the zionist.

Zionism is NOT a religious system, however it is financial and political system with the objective of global enslavement,... literally.

Ok,.. so now I got that out of the way, to the task at hand, which is the Propaganda Merry-Go-Round, or zionist controlled media about this sudden talk to impeach President Donald Duck,.. and the hair piece that rode into town on him.

Now remember also, we have NO legitimate govt, what we do have, is an EFIO, Enemy-Force-In-Occupation that is masquerading as a legitimate gov't, but in fact take their marching orders from Israel, who is the proxy terrorist state for the International Banksters and zionists, who take their orders from scum like the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds.

So what is all this talk about "impeaching Trump" anyway?

Well,.. here are a few headlines with embedded links if you would like to read the stories yourself:

Ok,... a few provactive zionist issued headlines for sure,.. but what is the meat of the matter?

Well according to a quote in the first news story above,... Trump should be impeached for: "obstruction of justice", issued by Congressman Al Green (Texas - D).

Really,.. you mean like James Comey (pronounced: COMMIE) did when he announced on national television that he would OBSTRUCT an investigation into Hillary Clinton for say... the private email server,.. or giving away our uranium to the Russians, or taking BILLIONS for foreign entities as donations for the Clinton LIBRARY foundation,... did Al Green mean like that kind of obstruction???

You see people,..we have NO legitimate govt whatsoever,.. we have what is called a Vichy Gov't, as was seen in France during WW2, when the French gov't supposedly retreat to southern France (Vichy) just before the fall of Paris, but almost as quickly as they retreated and set up an interim govt in Vichy,... the Germans had simply taken control by corrupting the French politicians (as if they were not corrupt already), and got them to do their bidding just as effectively as if Germany had seized all of France by force. (You see, its WAY cheaper and easier to just threaten, coerce, bride or assassinate, then to apply your military forces...)

 In our case, the International Banksters, Corporate Mafia, and you know,.. zionist-jew-communists are in COMPLETE control of ALL aspects of what we mistakenly call a govt already, and in fact completed assuming 100% control since the day they turned Kennedy's brains into meat confetti at his own parade.

What you are really witnessing is not whether Trump has committed an Impeachable Offense, but is a power struggle between the two real power factions,... (NO!!!!.. not "Democrats or Republicans!!",.. silly rabbit), the power struggle between the International Bolshevik Communists or National Fascists!

Clinton,. and the Democrats are pure breed communists,... and Trump is a hybrid Fascist.

You see, here in America,.. we do things our own way,... even when it comes to absolute corruption, communism or Fascism,... so neither party represents the classic views of either systems of corruption,... but rather,.. the "Americanized" version of these Corruptions Systems, hence why its a little confusing to tease it apart sometimes and make complete sense of it based on historical references and norms.

The Fascists are more business minded, and tend to orient their corruption efforts on the back of something resembling a business plan,.. where as the Hard Core Communists (Democrats),.. well,.. they are just completely deranged and have no concept of restraint or the inevitable destruction of the system they depend on, so they don't care if they destroy the entire system in the process.

In their deranged thinking, "better to destroy it,.. then let someone else get it!"

So what we really have going on with this "Distraction Theater",... is a power struggle of the Deep State elements to gain and consolidate control to satisfy their own unbridled wanton lusts for wealth, control and power,... which almost sounds a like a theme for a cheap Harlequin dime store novel, but is in fact real,.... VERY, VERY real.

What should happen,.. is that the ENTIRE EFIO should  be arrested for its Treason and Sedition,.. including Jew Choice Number 1 - President Donald Duck for ALL their crimes,.. including NOT holding each other accountable for their crimes, or even for just letting that international War Criminal Henry Kissinger leave the White House without arresting him, especially after he showed up there last week to hold Donald Duck's Leash just after Trump fired Comey (If you look at the picture that was taken on 5/10/17, you see Trump making one of the Illuminati Signs as he sits next to that pile of fossilized dinosaur shit - Kissinger.


Prediction: NOTHING! that's all,.. NOTHING!,..... nothing is going to happen in the end,.. even if they go through the broadway production of a mock impeachment trial,... in the end,.. as was with Clinton, Trump will NOT be impeached,.. and nothing will occur.

As our dearly departed friend, George Carlin one said: "... it's bullshit!,.. it's ALLLL Bullshit!,.. and none of it is good for you!...)

RIP George.


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