Friday, May 26, 2017

US Marine Fighting Tyranny’s - Test Of Basic American Knowledge

Question: Just How Dumb Are Americans???

Answer: So dumb,.. 99.8% get these simplest of questions wrong, and yet, these are NOT trick questions, these are the most basic, fundamental, straight forward questions that can be asked about US Political, Legal, Financial, and Social subjects.

To Take Test: Please be honest in how you score yourself,.. If you got the answer wrong, mark it as wrong, don’t try and say it was a “trick answer”,... no they are not. The questions are concise, and the correct answers accurate.


0 Right - You’re a idiot… stay in your coma.

1 Right - Your still a idiot.

2 Right - Now your just a retard.

3 Right - Indications your trying to wake up,.. There is hope for you.

4 Right - You have potential, but need to stop watching CNN and Fox lies.

5 Right - Fairly awake, but still need a lot more work.

6 Right - Near to achieving consciousness!

7 Right - On the right track, but still one foot in the matrix.

8 Right - Lower state of consciousness achieved!

9 Right - Your almost worth talking to now!

10 Right - Respectable!, and puts you above 98% of all Americans.

11 Right - Congratulations! - A Perfect Score,.. Great! - Your WIDE awake, and are in the disciple class of knowledgeable Americans,… This puts you above 99.8% of Americans.

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