Tuesday, June 6, 2017

All The Bullshit That's Fit To Print

"Propaganda,... that which we call propaganda by any other name, would smell as just a shitty"

~ William Shakespeare - Circa 1601 Anno Domini,... well,.. almost.

My Fellow Americans:

What was the old saying for the New York Times,.. "all the news that's fit to print"?

Well of course all the major media outlets are nothing more than a tool of the international communists, and we have never had a truly free, independent, honest press,... NEVER.

But by today's standards, the incessant lies they throw at us can't even be called "news" no matter how loose your definition of it, so let's call it what it is,.. pure, unadulterated PROPAGANDA,.. you know,... lies, crap, distortions, misleading statements, mis-spoken words, which of course are all, pure, premium grade bovine excrement,... you know,.. BULLSHIT!

I like the word,.. "Bullshit",... it's a nice earthy word that describes with unambiguous clarity, what it is we are being feed in lieu of facts, truth, and real news.

So,.. lets not merely suggest that these zionist-jew-communist media owned and run news corps are merely full of shit,... let them demonstrate it with a simple litmus test:

IF!,.. IF!,.. IF! (notice the capital letters!) any of the major stories that are thrown at us daily, held any straw of truth, then there would be just a little follow-up on the after effects,.. wouldn't you think?

After all,.. the story is one thing, but what about after the event?, how did people handle it?, what about people that were merely injured?, their surgeries?, who paid for all that medical expense?, what about follow-up investigations? and so on...

Since it's a slow news day,.. well almost, it seems the only mileage they can get out the London Bridge Attack,... is the "war of words" between Trump and London's muslim mayor, Genghis Khan,.. really?,.. and what about say,.... the people who were supposedly injured,.. how is their post-op going?,.. how severe were some of their wounds that it's a miracle that they survived those horrible, wretched wounds?!

Yeah,.. sure,.. I'll buy their cheap dime-store novelette thriller offered as news,.. but lets take just a little look and see how the 5 second attention span of the average American holds up in recalling these note worthy news stories:
- CIA Torture Report: Remember that way back when?,... there was this creature called the CIA Torture Report that should have put at least 50 CIA Officers in prision,.. for life?,.. Oh,.. I'm sorry, is that to far back for you,.. lets try something else.

- Fast & Furious: Remember that, where Eric Holder ADMITTED to sending firearms, munitions and money to Mexican Drug Cartels???,.. that should have earned him,.. well,.. life in prison also,.. along with about 30 - 40 of his henchmen. Still to far back?,... ok,.. we'll move up the calendar a little...

- Hillary Clinton: Well,.. I do remember Ol' Trump saying on National TV, in one of their last "Presidential Candidate Debates" that if he was president,.. she would be in jail!!!,.. Well,.. I've checked,.. and not only is she NOT in jail,.. Ol' Trumpy there, hasn't even seen fit to have her library card suspended! Not bad for a psycho like Hillary given the magnitude of Treason, Sedition, Extortion, Corruption, Perjury, Fraud and a body trail of murders that would make for it's phone book.

- 59 Cruise Missiles Launched Into Syria: Remember that,.. it's certainly more recent. Notice what the follow-up was to that little $100 Million dollar escaped?,.. that's right,.. NOTHING,.. absolutely nothing!,.. can you tell me why? That's right, because it was ALL theater,.. and not your regular crappy theater,.. no!,.. this was an example of exceptionally BAD theater! Bravo!,.. encore!,.. encore!!

- How about Newtown Shooting (there was no shooting), Pulse Night Club Shooting (there was no shooting), the several shooting of cops (there was no shooting), San Bernardino California shooting (there was no shooting), and of course we happen to have ANOTHER shooting down there in Orlando (of Pulse Night Club fame) which is looking like just another staged event.

Ok,.. lets try something more recent, and a little bigger,... like the whole world was being threatened:

- North Korea: Remember that little shit-hole called North Korea,... remember how it managed to make NEW AND ADVANCED EMP WEAPONS, or how it's little bottle rockets (which are our former Minute Man Missiles) was a threat to the world!!,.. and the US can NOT allow NK to possess such weapons, or NK public taunting of how it would rain fire down on the US and utterly destroy us!,.. remember that??
And for shits and giggles, lets throw one more in the mix -

- Russia, Ukraine, and The Crimea: Remember that little jewel of news worthy events?,... what ever happened to The Crimea?,.. oh,.. that's right,.. nothing! The US tried to steal the Ukraine,... and the Russians beat us at our own game,.well,... it is really the International Communists vs the Corporate Mafia in their little nation grabs, but the news version were given of the events, is suppose to make us believe the US was merely trying to protect the Ukraine, while Big, Bad Russia,.. was doing horrible, horrible things to it!

Well,.. you get the idea people.

Now,.. if any of these events or stories had occurred as presented, don't you think it would make for a great follow-up story as to what happened in the end??

Of course it would,.. and DON'T even try the argument, that the "press" decided to leave them alone because they wanted to respect their privacy!!! Nothing could be more laughable!

What you have, is propaganda,.. lies,... and since their is no follow-up story based on the bullshit version of what we were told,... then by definition, there was not follow-up story to report,... now was there?

To start seeing the truth, you have to disengage from the matrix completely, and realize virtually anything that is being told to you from some form of zionist-jew source,.. are the lies.

Teasing the facts out of the lies can be tough, and finding out all the real background facts can be tougher still, but that is the nature of global propaganda, and how to break free of it.

Good luck in your struggle to learn the truth.


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