Sunday, June 18, 2017



My Fellow Americans:

Q: How is it possible for any country to commit so many war crimes day-in and day-out with complete immunity & impunity, unless it is part of the global zionist machine??

A: It can't,... only with a "zionist-license" can any country commit such acts of atrocities, war-crimes and genocide and get away with it,.. like Israel in Palestine.
So what are today's examples of YOU,.. an AMERICAN, funding, feeding, arming, equipping and providing every manner of support to International-Terrorism, also known as: Zionist-Jew-Communism, or the One-World-Gov't, or Globalism, or the old standby,.. the New-World-Order (NWO!)??

I have not mentioned this in this blog site yet, however when I was a co-host on a radio show and ran a segment called the "Tactical Report", I use to periodically cover this subject to remind Americans that all of this death and destruction, war-crimes and crimes-against-humanity, is being funded by us,... the American people, who are directly responsible for every death, and yet we are supposedly the ones trying to stop it!

Well, there-in lies the proof of how deep the matrix (con-job) is,... how can we possible be causing so much global destruction, with such little awareness of our complete and utter responsibility for causing it? (That's the nature of DECEPTION,.. isn't it?)

Today's news is splattered with reports of how the Zionist-Jew hand-tool, America (via Suadi), just splattered more innocent people in Yemen who were doing little more than trying to get a little food shopping done!

In today's report, which is of course largely NOT in the American zionist-jew controlled mass lying machine, aka: Mass Media,  Saudi Arabia intentionally, and with complete awareness of what they were bombing, hit the market place in the 9th District of Sa'ada.

The death toll from that strike is initially stated as 24 dead with scores injured, virtually all women and children who were food shopping to celebrate the end of one of their religious holidays.

From an Iranian News Outlet, the following excerpt on this particular bombing:

" Now they [the Saudis] are directly targeting women and children, they are not even hiding anymore or even pretending that they have legitimate targets and that civilians are actually just collateral damage. What they are doing is actually now openly targeting civilians so that they could inflict the maximum damage,” Shakdam told Press TV in an interview on Saturday"

In other news articles, there are reports of multiple bombings by Saudi jets over several locations in Yemen, ALL of which are civilian population centers, each and every one of which constitutes a war-crime,.. but hey,.. we're talking about the International-Terrorists, Zionist-Jews marching toward their goal of Global-Enslavement!

Excerpts from other news stories about Saudi War-Crimes:

" On Saturday morning, Saudi fighter jets repeatedly pounded the 9th district of Sanaa Province, taking the lives of three Yemeni kids, the local al-Masirah TV network reported.
Saudi airstrikes in Taizz Province also destroyed a civilian vehicle in the Shaabo area of Wazeiya district, killing and wounding an unspecified number of people, according to the report.
It added that a highway in the Maran region of the northern province of Saada came under attack by Riyadhs jets, without elaborating on potential casualties.
The Saudi war planes further attacked the residential area of al-Khamsin in the southern section of the capital, Sanaa on Friday night, killing a woman and her three children as well as injuring two more kids along with two other women, according to a report by the official website of the countrys Ansarullah Movement.
Additionally, the report noted that several residential units surrounding the bombed-out house were also destroyed or damaged."

I know many Americans are tempted to blame Saudi Arabia for this carnage, but the plain simple fact is,... WE,.. AMERICANS are fully responsible for this, since we PROVIDE the Saudi's with the aircraft, bombs, training, money, technical support, intelligence, and TARGET APPROVAL LIST!

How do you get more responsible than that? The only way would be to put an American pilot in those bombers, but in the end that is irrelevant,... as the Saudi's act according to our instructions, and we, America act according to the instructions of our zionist-jew-communist overlords, bar none!

Yes my fellow Americans,... YOU are responsible for every body part of women and children that just got splattered all over the market place in Yemen today,... and yesterday, and the day before that, and tomorrow,... in fact,... YOU and all of us Americans are 100% responsible for every death committed by our war machine, or by our war machine proxies like Saudi Arabia.

We are also 100% responsible for letting the USA being reduced to NWO vassal state that completely and utterly serves the zionist-jew-communist empire!

When you look at your child, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend, girlfriend, lover, whatever the relationship,... it's to bad you are not looking at them as scattered pieces of meat chunks on nearby walls and floor splatter, because as long as YOU,.. and all us Americans continue to allow it,... it will continue to happen, and we Americans are the only ones that can stop it. Unfortunately, it only stops when Americans exit the matrix, realize we are fully responsible, and that might only happen when Americans have to start mopping their loved ones off the walls and floors.

Until Americans start to experience scrapping chunks of their loved ones off the nearby buildings, they will continue to support International Zionist-Jew Terrorism as they march towards their goal of a NWO.

For all you stupid Americans out there: LONG LIVE GLOBAL ZIONIST-JEW-COMMUNIST TERRORISM!!!

You people sicken me sometimes. - JD

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