Friday, June 2, 2017

Blowback Galore! - Deep State In Motion!

My Fellow Americans:

Ok,.. so we have the Deep-State In Motion as we are witnessing public domain aspects of it's Blowback Galore!

Note: Not to be confused with the James Bond femme-fatale, Pussy Galore....

Now I know most people think these are unrelated events, especially since there is some geographic disparity between locations,... but nothing could be further from the truth,... these psycho's view the world as theirs!,... and through the centuries have instituted various control mechanisms that span the globe,... and therefore conduct their operations across the globe,.... get it?, got it,.. good.

Well,.. I'm just going to list these recent events, without the long and arduous explanation of how these are all part and parcel of the same web of control by vying factions at the highest level for dominance.

Ok,.. recent events that are in fact ALL directly connected, even if you don't understand how:

- Release of Bradley Manning from prison after serving only 7 of a 35 year sentence

- Drop Of Legal Pursuit of Julian Assange
 - Vault 7 Story

- The Russian "Hacking" story,.. going on since mid-to-late 2016.

- James Comey gets fired as Director of FBI


- 59 Missiles Launched in Syria (4/6/17)

- Trump Consolidates a $100 Billion Dollar deal with the Saudi's.

- A "Letter Bomb" explodes inside an armored plated car with Former Greek Prime Minister, AND Central Banker, Lucas Papademos in it, injuring him (5/23/17)

- Kissinger shows up at White House just after Trump fires Comey.

- Wall Street journal reports Jared Kushner (Trumps Son-In-Law), failed to disclose business ties with George Soros, Peter Thiel and Goldman Sachs, and that he owes over $1 BILLION Dollars in loans

- DNC - Seth Rich Story breaks out again with indications he was murdered for leaking Hillary Clinton's emails.

- North Korea is march out as the circus clowns of global distraction for all to be afraid of.

- US THAAD Missile System installed in South Korea to "confront North Korean threat",... yawn,.. ok,.. sure.

- Yemen is on the verge of complete collapse financially, economically, materially, and it's peoples are now on the cusp of mass starvation (occurring now, June 2017)

- Israel becomes more brutal and is busy exterminating more Palestinians without challenge from ANY country or the UN.

- President Duterte of the Philippines announces his intent to eradicate the CIA drug trade from his country (late 2016).

- Philippines suddenly invaded by ISIS (reported 5/29/17), forcing Duterte to institute Martial Law on the island of Mindanao.

- Twin Bombs go off in Iraq (5/30/17), killing 13 and injuring well over a 100.

- Massive Bomb in Kabul, Afghanistan (5/31/17), just outside German and French Embassies, killing at least 80, wounding hundreds.

- Manchester, England Bombing at Ariana Grande concert, supposedly killing 19 and wounding dozens (5/22/17),.. looked another complete fake event.

- Kathy Griffin (supposedly a comedian) threatens Trump on National TV (5/30/17) by holding a blooded severed head up (She did not do this on her own,.. but was simply following orders from handlers to send this message to Trump from the Deep State)

- Kissinger is meeting with Bilderberger Group in Washington DC this week!!

- Gerald DeLemus is first person sentenced to prison (5/1/17) for it's stand off against the  BLM at Cliven Bundy's ranch back in 2014.

- Trump officially pulls the US out of the "2015 Paris Climate Agreement" (6/1/17) - Now this was a real blow to the International Communist - NWO Agenda, as this "Climate Change" garbage was a key part of their plan for total global control of production, energy, taxes, banking, finance,... and pretty much everything else that occurs on this planet, as they were going to use the complete fiction of "Climate Change" to seek all aspects of national control, and tie it into an International-Mechanism of complete control. This was actually a big deal for them.
That is all I can readily recall at the moment, but what I am trying to emphasis here is,... is that ALL of the events are directly related, and part of the Deep-State War for global control.

I do not actually understand all the mechanisms, but some of them are easily obvious, especially when it comes to the car bombs, which are CLASSIC CIA/Mossad signature pieces of work!

As for the other events, they are the public facet of a deeper operation, some of the details we are not seeing reported, which is part of the reason why it becomes more difficult to reverse engineer who the responsible parties are, or what their particular objectives were in carrying out those particular events, but since it is FACT, that there is no such thing as organic terrorism,.. and that ALL terrorism is just NWO Stage Craft, we know it is part and parcel of their on-going activities, we just cannot be sure how to place these events in their proper perspective in absence of some of the more germane facts.

What we can take from this is simple though: expect more of this,.. a LOT MORE, as these factions fight for dominance, at some point, they will have to break protocol, and exceed their normal operating boundaries, exposing some of their well hidden machinations,... such as the Seth Rich story.

Don't be surprised by the scale of what will be happening in the near future, just at the specifics of their deranged creativity to carry it out.

Your best bet - just prepare for total systemic collapse of the economy or at least the monetary system, because when all else fails,... they will pull the plug and drive this country,.. and the world, into another horrific depression with all its associated privations and sufferings,... just to try and win.


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