Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Of course they then turn around and say Assad did it,... like anyone actually believes their BULLSHIT anymore....


My Fellow Americans:

So,.. the latest in the corporate controlled news (Zionist-Jew-Communist-Fascist News) is that the CIA & Mossad are getting ready to launch another round of Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria,... and then will immediately blame it on President Assad as justification for the next round of military attacks by the US/NATO military into Syria.

This is about as laughable as it gets.

Right from the mouth of a former CIA agent:

"The dirty little secret of the American media is that it's all corporatist, it's all owned by gigantic companies and all they care about is the financial bottom line,...",

            - John Kiriakou - Former CIA Analyst.

In the Mainstream Mass Lying Media:

Bull-By-Communists (BBC):

"Syria chemical attack may be being prepared, US warns"

American-Bull-Crap (ABC):

"The Latest: US warns Syria against chemical attack"

Ok,.. so we know the news is a George Carlin strain of pure bullshit, but what do these announcements mean?

Very Simple: The CIA, Mossad, DOD, Banksters, and their corporate-zionist henchmen are nice enough to tell us EXACTLY what they are planning to do in their latest attempt at "Country-Destruction"...

Now think about this, how many times have they tried this gambit,... the "Chemical Weapons Attack" gambit, and failed miserably?? Somewhere in the teens to two dozen times now.

What does this really mean?,... it means,.. they really don't have a lot of different strategies in their play book,... so they are back to the one of the very few they think they can hood-wink the world with, even though they have failed at it time and time again previously.

Wait!,... isn't that very definition of insanity???,... (Keep doing the same thing over and over  and expecting a completely different result???)
You bet it is!

Why,... because these people are insane,.. they are complete f'n psychopaths in every sense of the word, and wholly devoid of sense of decency that even a dog might have been born with.

Yes people,... we are about to see another round of  (... said in a big booming voice!),... "CHEMICAL WEAPONS ATTACKS" in Syria,... but don't buy any of the George Carlin BULLSHIT media about it,..... it's simply the international zionist-jews looking to balkanize another country into little tasty chew size bits,.. like a fatman at an all-you-can-eat buffet because enough wealth and power is NEVER enough for them!

I'm sure we will see a so-called "chemical weapons attack" in Syria within the next fortnight or so, and then amazingly an instantaneous military response by the zionist-jew war machine called the US Military.

Stand by for more bullshit, as these international psychopaths willing sacrifice more innocent men, women and children on their alter of Globalism, Zionism, as they seek Total Enslavement of humanity.



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