Friday, June 9, 2017

Comey Circus Now In Town!!!

Get Your Tickets For The Latest Waste Of Money “Investigation” Trash Show!

My Fellow Americans:

“Good Grief!” Charlie Brown use to say when he was flabbergasted….. Ok,…


So,. The latest Washington DC Circus is the James Comey “Hearings”.

Now please remember,.. I did tell you that when this little tawdry display of commie back-biting, name-calling,.. And finger-pointing gets done,… and the Zionist-jew-communist press is done with it’s (… now try not to laugh to hard!),.. OBJECTIVE analysis (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahaha,…. People rolling on the laughter in laughter!..), what will be the result of this next little bit of “Crap-Theater”??,….


No one will be shown to have committed any real crime (even though they ALL commit treason each and every day!),..

No one will be indicted,…

No one will be arrested,…

No one will be convicted,…

Hell,.. No one will even have their library card privileges temporarily suspended!

Ok,.. So what was at the meat of the matter here??

I’m not even sure to tell you the truth.

Something about Trump meeting or talking with Russians, something about Comey being pressured to not investigate,..

What did I hear?,… Blah, blah, blah, blah,….. Blah, blah-blah, blah,…..

I was so offended by the insult of this whole charade, I couldn’t even tolerate listening to any of it for more than several seconds,…

The smell of fresh dog-shit was like a whiff of a fresh rose compared to the crap that was flowing from these treasonous morons.

Now here is a quick question:

How come we have not had the same kind of public theater,…errrr,.. I mean congressional hearings on Hillary Clinton and say,.. Her criminality when on the Watergate Consul,… or say Whitewater, or maybe Vince Foster, or perhaps Benghazi, or maybe about giving the Russians our Uranium, or maybe about keeping classified State Department emails on a personal server which she kept in her bathroom,…. Or maybe the Clinton Foundation that has taken in over $100 BILLION dollars from every manor of foreign scum that’s out there!

Hmmm,.. There’s a few crimes in there somewhere,.. I’m sure of it!

Or Eric Holder, Or Barry Sotoro, Or the Huma Abedin, or any of the thousands of communist traitors running around Washington DC calling themselves Congressman, Senators, Judges, Lobbyists, etc,… there’s about 10,000 slime bags eligible for the death penalty for Treason right there, right now!

No people,… this is just more “Panem Et Circensus”,…. Bread And Circuses, to distract the masses,.. us,… the American morons that keep letting these bags of puke piss all over us.

But,.. Just for shits and giggles,.. Lets see what just a few of the headlines are:

And we’ll close with a news quote about that poor, helpless victim,… James Comey:

“WASHINGTON — James B. Comey, the recently fired F.B.I. director, said Thursday in an extraordinary Senate hearing that he believed President Trump had tried to derail an investigation into his national security adviser, and accused the president of lying and defaming him and the F.B.I.”

Yes people,… if this is not a prime example of typical, over-the-top Washington DC Vomit-Theater,… then I don’t what is!

Keep your eyes on what they are not talking about,… watch what is going on in the Middle-East, as they now get ready to invade Qatar, and finish cutting up Syria into nice mouth-sized Zionist bits to feast on.

Its all distraction-theater people,.. And while this little dog & pony is going on,… you can be damn sure the deep-state is setting up the next evolution of false-flags, state-craft events, and are inching closer to total global control.

Wait and watch,.. You’ll know when you see the next step being taken…


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