Friday, June 16, 2017

Cops Get Jobs Back After Executing Unarmed Couple with 137 Shots Over a Traffic Violation

Ok,.. I read this article and all I can say is WOW!

The article speaks for itself.

It's incredible that these "cops" got away turning a car into a shooting gallery without any penalty to themselves.

This was naked, open murder of this couple by several cops, bar none.

In the context of a country that is suppose to punish those who commit murder, this story makes no sense.

In the context of a country that is nothing more than a Zionist vassal state, where the people are nothing more than lowly slaves and obstacles to their deranged plans for global domination,.. now it makes total sense.

This is how communism always works, infiltrate, build the police-control-state, terrorize, and subjugate the population my making examples at any opportunity.

The murder of these two people, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, were chased by over a 100 of these communist henchmen (cops) in 62 cop cars, firing 137 bullets, putting 24 of them into Russell, and 23 into Williams,.... over a traffic violation????

Well,.. that's always the convenient cover story isn't it?

The real crime these two committed, was believing they are somehow protected by the law,... wrong!

They were living in a country where their RIGHTS, will be observed, especially by cops,.... wrong!

That we have some form of legitimate gov't,.... wrong!

That they would not  be executed, gangland style, by cops, over minor or meaningless issues,... wrong!

You see these communist enforcers are TRAINED to be brutal, violent, and to spread terror across their turf at every opportunity,.. and this story is just one example of that truth being realized.

This is not the exception, this is the norm for these cops, and this stops only when the American people realize the truth, and then dismantle this Zionist-communist-jew terror state apparatus, called the police.

Short of that, YOU are ALWAYS susceptible to on-the-spot execution, as that is part of the required job of these treasonous dirt bags cops, and if you are not willing to demand, and undertake the actions that are necessary to get rid of this police-terror-state, then don't be surprised when its your turn, because it MUST be what you wanted, since you did NOTHING to stop, or eliminate it.
Enjoy your funeral when its your turn for "Death-By-Communist-Cop".


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