Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Is Saudi Arabia Getting Ready To Invade ANOTHER Country??!!!

My Fellow Americans:

We have seen in the zionist-jew-communist controlled news, the latest surprise in "International Politics",... which is,... Qatar SUDDENLY being singled out as a (... said in a big booming voice!..) SUPPORTER OF TERRORISM!!!! (Da-Da-DAAAAAAAAA!!!! with cheap thriller music in the background...)

Currently, several Arab countries have now officially severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, which are: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and UAE.

SOP people,.. SOP (Standard-Operating-Proceedure),.... when in doubt, "deceive and dissimilate" is the old adage in military parlance, which of course is fancy speak for, "lie and change".

In this case, they are lying about Qatar supporting terrorism,... THEY ALL SUPPORT ZIONIST-JEW STATE-CRAFT called "terrorism",... and change means to change the perspective, the history, the nature and the conditions of something they are looking to steal (eg: Saddam Hussein went from "friend" of the US, to "Enemy Of The World" overnight,.. didn't he?)

Now,.. it's Qatar's turn as Saudi Arabia is running out of money and options.

It's attempt at invasion, and genocide of Yemen has not gone according to plan, it has no new oil fields to develop, it's major historical cash cow of the Ghawar Oil Field is now pumping 98% water, and it has more royal and welfare parasites than ever before!

Even in the Russian press, they are openly declaring Saudi's real intentions in cutting its diplomatic ties with Qatar, is simply preparation for invasion.

Coming from the Washington DC Bureau of Sputnik News:

"WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Saudi Arabia’s decision to cut off all ties with the Persian Gulf state of Qatar may be a prelude to invading the small and wealthy emirate and seizing its wealth, Institute for Gulf Affairs Founder and Director Professor Ali al-Ahmed told Sputnik."

Also mentioned in the news were comments on observed movements of Saudi Military Hardware, which is of course always a necessary prelude to invasion:

"I project the invasion of Qatar… I have received reports of Saudi military movements near the Qatari border," al-Ahmed said on Monday. "The Saudis: They are preparing."

And -

"Check on the frequency of bombings in Yemen… A key sign will be if there is a cessation or major reduction in the number of Saudi air strikes being conducted against the rebel forces in Yemen. That would indicate the Saudis are massing their forces for a sudden move against Qatar instead," al-Ahmed stated."

Rhetoric and name calling is normal distraction bullcrap that cost little, but the movement and reallocation of significant military stores, hardware and troops,... is a horse of a different color altogether (apologies to Frank Baum - The Wizard Of Oz).

This requires directives being issued, orders, planning, secret talks, propaganda, and of course, command and control by the international zionist-jew-bankers who ALWAYS profit from these kinds of activities.

Don't be fooled by any of the published provocations, those are the lies, the publicly created context for the privately decided scheme to destroy another country, and steal it's wealth.

You can be sure they will put on some kind of Grand Theatrical piece to keep the average dumb-ass American amused, maybe like a James Comey Testimony that gets played out in the zionist-jew run press.

No matter what the distraction, the action is another country being invaded because some psycho's in charge lust after more power, more control, more wealth, and if they have to destroy a whole country to satisfy their aberrated perversion for more of everything,.. then that is exactly what they will do.

Standby,... as you watch the zionist-jew-international-communists make their moves to realign the grand chess board once more,... and if it costs a few million more lives,... well,.. that's just the price for another day at the office for them.

Let's watch and see how this theater unfolds. - JD

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