Monday, June 5, 2017

"London Terror Attacks" - Nothing More Than Deep State Stage-Craft

My Fellow Americans:

London Bridge is falling!!!!,.. AHHHHHhhhhh!!!!,.. Run!,.. Duck!!!,... FEEL FEARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Ok,.. what did I tell you previously about so called "terrorism"??

That's right,.. there is no such thing, or more accurately, no such thing as organic-terrorism, meaning, real or naturally occurring terrorism.

"Terrorism",.. the media sensationalism of it, the political agenda of it, the financial commitments made to support it covertly, and then fight publicly,.... or ALL 100% DEEP STATE STAGE-CRAFT.
It is designed to foster a fear of that endless global threat (almost the same as that other fraud called "climate-change") that only a "supranational organization" can respond to it properly,... you know,... give global governing power to the international scumbags that are creating the problems to start with, and after they have stripped away all your rights, all your national sovereignty, all your wealth, your living standards, your water, food, money, and even the most lowly of possessions, THEN!!!!,.. they will make it all go away,...

Yeah,.. those scumbags.

Ok,.. so, their latest attack in London, on the London Bridge!

YEAHHHHHHHHH!!! (people cheering and clapping at this spectacle...)

Well supposedly there was a mass-casualty event there involving muslim terrorists,.. you know, that BRILLANT INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION RUN STRAIGHT OUT LANGLEY VIRGINIA & TEL AVIV BY THE CIA/MOSSAD CALLED,.. ISIS (Israeli-Secret-Intelligence-Services - Gee,.. I wonder who created that?)

Ok,.. so supposedly on June 3, 2017, at the London Bridge, these "muslim extremists" who for some reason felt that driving a van into people, and then jumping out and stabbing a bunch of people would cause the world to yield to their demands,... except they never told us what those demands were, or explained how stabbing a bunch of people is a good reason to acquiesce to the them,.. hmmmm,... funny how they always over look  that.

BUT,... going along the zionist-jew-communist owend/operated/controlled press (because they would NEVER lie to us,.. RIGHT?!),... these "extremists" killed 7, injured 50, and of course the perpetrators,... were all shot dead.

Good job Bobbies (British cops),... kill the very people who need information from,.. OH,.. WAIT,.. that's right,.. SOP! - Standard-Operating-Proceedure,... kill the patsies!

And for comic relief, lets throw in the comment by the London's Muslim Mayor in response to this: "London Mayor Sadiq Khan described the incident as a "horrific terrorist attack," adding: "My message to Londoners ... is to be calm and vigilant today."

Hahahaha,.. ok,... you let people know how upset you are with them MUSLIM terrorists Major Gengis Khan.

What a poor stage production this is, speaking of which, I have seen several articles describing how this whole event was pure theater.

Now lets seperate State-Craft from Theater,....

In State-Craft, an event is planned and manipulated by organs of the state or international organizations like IMF, World Bank, and so forth, but people can, and do really get killed even theough the event was a total False-Flag or Gov't-Black-Op, such as 9/11 where thousands were in fact killed.

In a Theater production - the event is portrayed as real, but in fact,.. nobody is killed, or even hurt, such Newtown Connecticut School Shooting (NO ONE was killed, injured, or even insulted at that DRILL).

I have seen several reports for this London Bridge event stating the cops were seen changing outfits, actors with blood-vests seen getting ready, etc.

Now I do not know if this was Theater (no one gets hurt), or State-Craft (A fake event, but real injuries), but I mention it, because in the coming days we may see more indications this was nothing more but complete Theater being presented as real, which means,... they are desperate.

But what drove all of this?

Well,.. we do have the bain of the international communists rearing it's ugly head,.. Brexit, which is the undoing of the creation of a European super-state, and like the Paris Climate Change Agreement that Trump just announced our withdrawl from, this is the dismantling of years of work by these international psychopaths and they will simply not stand for that! (HOW DARE YOU THINK YOUR COUNTRY IS YOURS!!!!)

In the end,.. don't think this is the end of these kinds of events (contrived terrorists attacks),.. no,... it's only going to get more ridiculous as the international communists try harder and harder to scare the world into submitting to them for,.. our salvation.

Watch out,.. there's more coming people, and we should not marvel at their ability to keep pulling these little stunts off,... just at the level of their insane creativity that they come up with each variation and iteration of these,... "attacks".


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