Wednesday, June 21, 2017


These "Revelations",... President Putin - "CIA Created Al-Qeada", & President Rouhani - "Zionists Create Worlds Problems" - 
Are No Revelations At All!

My Fellow Americans:

Today's BIG news!!!!

President Putin (Russian Federation) - tells the world the CIA created Al-Qeada ("Ooooooooo" goes the audience...)

President Rouhani (Iran) - tells the world that Zionists are responsible worlds problems ("Aaaaaaaaaaa" goes the audience...)

Hahahahahahaha,.... OMG!!!!

Of course these "REVELATIONS!".... are getting reported almost like they are breaking news, as well as if these kinds of comments have never been stated before by these two, or others! (Gasp,.. gurgle,.... choking with laughter....)

So,... lets take an ultra-quick review here:

Putin is a little Zionist BITCH (just like Obama is...)

Rouhani is a little Zionist BITCH (just like Trump is...)

Remember: Zionism is the pimp-daddy of these "Heads-Of-State",... and people like Tony Blair, the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, McCain. Trump, Pelosi, etc,.... are the little WHORES in their stables,... nothing more.

Want proof: FOLLOW THE F'n MONEY!

Every time you see an article which digs into the finances of these Zionist-WHORES,... it always leads you to their money pipeline,.. which is ultra easy for these Zionist-scum to produce since one of the mechanisms they created to seize control of entire nations, was the faux-money-system called Fiat-currency,.. you know, like the Zionist-Jew Certificates-Of-Enslavement called Federal Reserve Notes (FRN's), that the unwashed masses call the US Dollar.

It costs them NOTHING to digitally create TRILLIONS of these worthless coupons (FRN's), and virtually nothing as they shuffle them around in their wholly fraudulent financial system called the Global Financial System,.. the lynch pin of it being here in the US as the ESF - Exchange Stabilization Fund, and in Europe thru the ECB (European Central Bank run out of Brussels.

Ok,.. so back to today's little "news" joke.

So we have Putin, who has said in multiple interviews over the last several years or so, that Al-Qeada was created by the US Gov't,.. and controlled by the CIA...


Really?! - Gee,.. didn't Hollyweird even make a movie about all of that called "Charlie Wilson's War"??

You bet they did,...

So this NON-NEWS,.... presented as "State-Intelligence", is little more than Treason and Global Tyranny presented as movie entertainment,...

No problems there....

Going On....

Next, we have another Zionist Whore called the President of Iran,.. Rouhani, just come out and state that Zionism seems to be behind ALL the regional tensions of the Mid-East,... when in fact they are behind ALL the global tensions and problems.

Well,.. I guess we should respect Rouhani's comments since he should know.

Rouhani is owned and controlled by the Zionists just as much as that fake, that fraud Barry Sotoro (CIA Back-Alley Bitch Name: Barrack Obama).

Rouhani was installed as Iran's President with a single treasonous caveat,.... that he would crack open the Iranian banking system to the ROTHSCHILDS,.. which he PROMPTLY did almost IMMEDIATELY after being seated as president.

You see, up to that point,... the Iranian Central Banking System was Rothschild's free!

This was a tough nut for the Zionist's to crack, especially after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 when any and all things Zionist were caught, captured, killed or exterminated in Iran! 

Iran ran IT'S OWN finances for nearly 30 years,... and this is wholly intolerable to the Rothschild's and international Zionism.

Enter Stage Left - The Zionist stooge (Rouhani) who cooked a deal with the Rothschild agents if they installed (financed) his bid for the Presidency.

One of the first acts Rouhani betrayed Iran with once he was anointed President,... was to allow the Rothschild's owned IMF and World Bank to come into the Iranian Central Bank to, "monitor and adjust the interest rate mechanism",.... which of course was the least of what they were actually doing once they had access,... AND CONTROL of the Iranian Banks...

So now, we have Rouhani announcing to the world that Zionism is a world problem like this is some kind of news, when it was Zionism he used to obtain the presidency of Iran, then betray his country as his act of contrition to his Zionist owners.

Interesting enough, the US had the same exact event happen back in 1912 when Woodrow Wilson was financed by the Zionist slime to be installed as a US President, where upon he instantly gave his act of contrition with the creation and installation of the Zionist Central Bank in the US called, "The Federal Reserve Bank"

Conclusion: Don't buy ANY of this theater people,... it is ALL info-tainment for the unwashed masses, to give the illusion that these Zionist Dogs-On-A-Leash, called world leaders, are independent entities, rather than expose what they really are,... little Zionsit Whores filling their Judas Role as the Zionists move ever-forward in the march towards Global Tyranny.

I piss on all of these 2 bit show-men and treasonous con-men.


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