Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Pennsylvania Shooter" Another Fake Gov't Operation Or A Patsy??

Was this person even real, or another piece of fiction like Adam Lanza?

My Fellow Americans:

Ok,.. I was asked to comment on this story,.. which I did not even know about until clicked on the attached link below.

Basic Story: Young guy (Randy Stair) hates himself and the world, believes he's a women trapped in a man's body but hates guys (does that make him a lesbian transgender??), and suddenly feels the need to kill people, in this case, go shoot up and kill three of his "coworkers".

Hmmmmm,.. ok,.. nothing wrong here,.. but lets dig into this just a little bit.

Now I have no idea whether this story even happened at all, like the DHS Drill that became known as the Newtown Connecticut Shooting, where the DRILL SCANARIO was a young guy, hates himself and the world, suddenly feels the need to kill people.

In that SCRIPT, it was some 20 odd school kids and some teachers. Of course Newtown NEVER happened, in fact not only did anyone NOT get shot, no one was injured, beat-up, assaulted, slapped or even cursed at,... in fact it did not happen because the Newtown school where the so-called shooting occurred, was NOT even a school anymore, it had been closed several years earlier due to asbestos,.. but why let facts get in the way of a good communist narrative to disarm the American people?,.. riiiight??!!!,.. R-I-I-I-G-H-T !!! (wink, wink,.. nod, nod)

Ok, so what does Newtown have to do with this piece of stage-craft?

Well,.. I mention Adam Lanza because, when digging into that story, both when it was breaking news, and even years after that, the gross inconsistencies about whether there ever was any person called Adam Lanza came to light, at least as far as the Newtown event went.

Slowly but surely all kinds of anomalies started to surface about good old Adam, right down to what were clear indications that even his face picture was nothing more than the product of a photo-shop job,.. and not a particularly good one at that. (Kind of like Obama's birth certificate,.. complete hack job that was EASILY shown to be layers of Photo-shop alterations).

Now just assume for one moment this is a complete hack job, that there never was any real person called Randy Stair, and this is a complete con job.

Who would be behind it?

Well,.. normally, that comes down to a couple of different agencies and think-tanks that come up with the fiction, the goals, the press releases, and then there is the agencies tasked with carrying it out which since this non-event supposedly occurred on American soil, is left to the FBI, DHS, State and Local corrupted officials to play along as they are promised several enticements.

Now,.. if there is no real physical presence required to perpetrate this con,... then so much the easier as far as locals are concerned.

Also,.. these "Think-Tanks/Agencies" also like to put their thumb print on these little "Bad Theater" productions, as a form of bragging and taking credit, without announcing to the world that they are responsible in a clear way, but of course, all the other commie agencies here and abroad understand it for what it is, and who produced this little gem due to the little "tells".

In this case, it's the name,.... "Randy Stair"...

In British parlance, "Randy" is when your aroused, horny, looking to get-off,.. and of course, "Stair" is a feature of a house or building, or a metaphor for moving up, getting higher up in an organization, or getting closer to achieving a goal.

Now what would be the chances that TWO supposedly Mass-Shooting events, would involve someone whose name sounds fictitious, AND is a house element???

Remember the other house-part Mass-Murderer,.. Dylan Roof!!!

What are the odds, that TWO "mass-murders" would both be named after parts of a house, or intelligence agency code words for covert-ops?

Let's not forget to mention one of the SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) for these staged events,... elimination of the patsy, so we had the usual convenient "suicide", along with a "treasure trove" of material to frame the bullshit story around. (assuming ANYONE actually died at all!)

One last indicator this is a planted story: When read the HeatStreet story on this, "Pennsylvania Supermarket Shooter Self-IdentifiedAs Transgender Women Who Hated All Men",.... what do you notice???,... That's right,... there is virtually NOTHING about the so called incident in and of itself,... no details of the "murders" or the "shooting" or his "suicide", or where or when the actual even took place, who he killed,.. you know,.. there are no FACTS that you could go check!

Instead what you get in LIEU of facts, is a spoon feed litany of zionist-jew-communist diatribe, double speak, buzzwords, and "insight" into his deranged "transgender world", none of which reflects the title of the article which is supposedly about the SHOOTING!,.. yeah,... sure,.. no problems here either....

Hahahaha,.. Ok!,... I'm a total f'n idiot and believe ANYTHING the zionist-jew-communist mass lying machine tells me!,.. in fact, I even got a refresher lobotomy this morning, so I'm ALLLLLLLL tuned up to believe anything the zionist-mass-lying media tells me! (With a dazed and vacuous look in my eyes,... "Why yes,... of course I believe in space aliens and that Elvis is still alive!")

I cannot say for sure how much of this whole Pennsylvania story is bullcrap,.. but in reading the particulars, at least the ones mentioned in the Heatstreet report on this, it smacks as complete and hopelessly utter BULLSHIT! that I wouldn't buy for a New York second even in my worst drug, alcohol, and amphetamine induced haze!

Of course there is always the agenda to consider here, of which several readily come to mind, including (said in a BIG BOOMING VOICE!...),.... "GUN CONTROL" (Ooooooooo,.. the commies LOVE this one!),.. then there is the usual, "Tolerance", "Other Peoples Feelings!", "Transgender!", "Male Hate", "Racial Hatred (Race-Baiting)", etc, etc, etc...

ALL splendid examples of typical communist agenda buzz words for sure.

No people,.. I wouldn't buy this soap box theater for one second,.. and neither should you.



  1. I just noticed in your article that Dylan Roof and Randy Stair look alike.

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