Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Russia Launches Missiles - Saudi Arabia Launches Demands & The US Launches Bullshit

Hint: IT'S ALL BULLSHIT - Contrived Situations By The Same International Zionist-Jew-Communists That Marched The World Into WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, War Terrorism,... Do You See A Pattern Here???....

My Fellow Americans,

Ahhhh,.. a typical day here in zionist-jew run United States Of America,...

In the news, we have the trifecta of international bullshit news: Russia Launches Missiles - Saudi Arabia Launches Demands and last if not a typical disappointing least - The US Launches Bullshit.

Lets take these one at a time:

Russia Launches Missiles:

In RT, Sputnik and other media outlets, the news is all abuzz about Russia launching 6 of its highly touted Kalibr Surface-To-Surface Missiles.

The Russian MOD (Ministry Of Defense) announced today that it did indeed launch 6 Kalibr from the Mediterranean Sea into Syria, striking and destroying Daesh arms and munition dumps.

The missiles were supposedly launched from 2 surface warships, and included a submarine launch as well into Hama, Syria.

From The Russian MOD:

As a result of the surprise mass missile strike, command points were destroyed and also large stores of weapons and ammunition of the IS (Daesh) terrorists in the area of Aqirbat in the Hama Province, the ministry said.
It added that Russian planes then carried out aerial strikes that destroyed the remainder of the IS fighters and their facilities.

Ok, so why use such expensive missiles rather than send a sortie of ground based Russian jets which could have just as easily done this, at about 1/10 the cost???

Showmanship people,.. showmanship!

Did you ever see that 2010 animation called, "Megamind"?

A funny cartoon where the main villain does make the statement that to get peoples attention, it requires great "PRESENTATION!"

Remember: That international war-criminal, Henry Kissinger, got his ass polished by Putin just several months ago when he decided to just pop up over there at the Kremlin, where Putin immediately gave him an audience, or more accurately,.. Kissinger gave Putin an audience, all to the fanfare of photographers as Putin beamed with joy as he kissed kissinger's ass.

Fast Forward Several Months: White House and Donald Trump - That international war-criminal, Henry Kissinger, got his ass polished by Trump just a few weeks ago when he decided to just pop up over there at the White House, where Trump immediately gave him an audience, or more accurately,.. Kissinger gave Trump an audience, all to the fanfare of photographers as Trump beamed with joy as he kissed kissinger's ass.

Hmmmmm,... notice any similarities here?....

That's right,... because this is all State-Craft, period, bar none!

This kind of hookey theater of heads of state making any real decisions has been going on for centuries, but certainly it has taken on more importance in the wake of modern technologies ability to spread these images around the world in minutes,.... and now seconds.

It's theater people,. Russia is advertising it's latest and greatest hardware as a sales pitch, and to keep up the appearance that they are fighting the CIA,... errrr,.. I mean "terrorists"!, and that the US and Russia may go to war at some point.

Going On:

Next Up - Saudi Arabia launches Demands!

Saudi Arabia has apparently given Qatar,.. you know,.. the "NEW BAD GUY"!, an ultimatum,  in which Saudi is TELLING Qatar that it MUST!:

- Shut down its Al-Jazeera media outlet.

- Cut Back diplomatic ties with Iran (what the hell does that even mean,... to "cut-back" diplomatic ties???)

- Close down it's Turkish military base.

- PAY Saudi an unspecified sum in, "compensation" (Compensation for what???...)

Those are just a few of the demands as the full list has not been released yet.

From Mid-East Media  Outlets:

 "According to the list, the Saudi-led bloc of countries wants Qatar to shut down the Doha-based Al Jazeera broadcaster, cut back diplomatic ties to Iran, close down a Turkish military base in Qatar and pay an unspecified sum in compensation.
Doha is also urged to align itself politically, economically and otherwise with the Saudi-led [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council.
The Saudi regime and its allies also require Qatar to cut all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups, including al-Qaeda and Daesh.
Qatar is given 10 days to look into the demands and comply with them.
Officials in Doha have not yet made any comments on the report."

Hahahaha,... ok,.. sure,.. why not.

Remember,... Saudi Arabia was created by a band of thieves called the Sauds,.... they have no more integrity, or "royalty" than a used car salesman.

Saudi is out of money, and it's royal house exists at the whim of the US, CIA, Zionist-Jews, and International Banksters, so they WILL follow their marching orders from Washington DC,.. or it is simply time for a little coup to replace them and bring in the rag-tag team of worthless beggars as the new royal house.

It's all theater people,.. don't buy any of it.

And lastly on today menu:

US Launches Bullshit:

In the US News Outlets, you get story with tag lines like the following:

" Pushed by the horrific death of Otto Warmbier, Trump has begun Americas final campaign to disarm North Korea. Will it involve going after Chinese banksor war with Kim?

Now this story is written by a little maggot called Gordon Chang (... nice Irish name,.. right?....).

In it,.. he tries to say that because the recent American student (Otto Warmbier) that was returned to the US, and promptly died,... that is the final straw that may push the US into full confrontation mode with the big, bad, evil emperor of North Korea!

First off,.. North Korea is not even a real state,.... it's real as a geographic location, but as some form of nationally sovereign state, nothing could be more laughable.

It's nothing more than a Rat-Lab, created by the International-Jew-Communists to test their ideas on complete population control, besides the fact that NK plays the role of circus clown when needed.

Remember, that between acts at a circus, they bring the circus clowns out to keep the people happily distracted as they set up for the next act,.... enter NK as the global circus clowns that they use to distract peoples attention while they ready the next major event as the zionist-jews consolidate their global control schemes.

Now, if your not sure (because your just to f'n stupid) that NK exists wholly at our leisure, than let the zionist hand puppets called US Officials describe it themselves:

 "There are many “non-kinetic” options. The most effective of them restrict the flow of funds to the Pyongyang regime. The U.S. can, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested Tuesday, prevent Americans from traveling to North Korea. The administration can also tighten sanctions on the North. Moreover, it can do a far better job of enforcing existing measures designed to stanch the flow of funds into Kim regime coffers."

You see,... virtually ALL of the money that NK exists on, comes from us,.. the USA,.. NOT China!

We thought of NK, we created NK, we funded NK, and we maintain full control of NK despite whatever the zionist-jew mass lying press states otherwise.

If you want to see the actual monies supplied to NK,.. you need only look at the IMF and UN Humanatarian Aid Packages as well as in "Development and Infrastructure" Loans given to NK all the time,.... plus it's annual allotment of technical, financial and economic support!

It's theater people,.. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL theater, so don't buy if for one second!

You have seen me mention this before, but I will mention it again, as George Carlin once told us:

".... it's bullshit people,.... it's allll bullshit,... and none of it is good for you!.."

We love you George!


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