Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Empire Strikes Back!

(Apologies To George Lucas...)
The International-Communists Strike Back At Trump's Fascist Party!

My Fellow Americans,

A long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away,...  ZIONIST WARS!

Episode IV - A NEW HOPE

It is a period of civil war. Rebel Fascists, taking the White House, have won their first victory against the evil International-Communist Empire.

During the battle, rebel-Fascists spies managed to steal secret plans to the Zionist-Empire's ultimate weapon, the Banking System, an armored financial system with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire's Communist agents, President Trump races to Trump Towers aboard his limo, custodian of the stolen plans that can save his people and restore National-Fascism to the galaxy.....

A New Hope for the Rebel Fascist Alliance (aka: National Fascists) was installation of their Fascist choice, Donald Trump, who was to make the American Empire (War Machine), Great Again!

*Note: Star Wars -  "Episode IV - A NEW HOPE", which was actually the first Star Wars Movie

The agents of the International-Zionist-Jew-Communist-Banksters are to not be thwarted even though their communist hand puppet of choice, Clinton-The-Hut, had zero support of the people, and so... they pursue their evil plans using spies, operatives, and False-Flag attacks like the one witnessed yesterday in Alexandria, Virginia.

So,.. apparently we had a nice little Gov't Black Op (False-Flag) yesterday with the shooting of a Republican (read: National Fascist), Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, and a congressional staffer was also hit, but not identified (???)

In standard SOP (Standard-Operating-Procedure) form,... the patsy (James Hodgkinson of Belleville-Illinois) was promptly executed, and will therefore NOT be testifying as to what he knew, and who put him up to this,.. very convenient.

Already, when you look at particulars of this story, George Lucas' film, Star Wars is FAR, FAR more believable than the crap we are being handed by the zionist controlled mass-lying press!

I won't even bother starting to detail some of the gross inconsistencies, as it has only been barely one day, and the fall-out, with the accompanying litany of improbabilities, along with flawed explanations is still to be poured over the unwashed masses to co-mingle with their own stench of stupidity, ignorance and sloth.

Just realize, that the International-Communists that owned that bitch, Obama, and that whore, Hillary, are not pleased with the National Fascists stepping in and taking over, and if these International-communists are anything,... they are wholly deranged and violent when they don't get to steal the country of their choice, or, a country they already stole, gets stolen from them,... they really hate that!

I would expect we are going to see more Storm Trooper activity here in the near future, maybe even an attempt of Trump's life, as these Evil Empire rulers are stating it pretty clearly that they intend to kill him with little unmistakable messages like Kathy Giffords holding Trump's bloodied and severed head up on National TV,... or the Shakespeare-In-The-Park alteration of Julius Caesar, where the kill a Trump,.. and Melania look alike as part of the play! I mean, WOW,.. even the Star Wars villain,  the Evil Emperor was not that obvious!

My point in addressing this?

Kind of none actually,... when I heard this story,.. it just kind of reminded me of the factions fighting for control of the galaxy in Star Wars, so I thought I would play with the idea and see if was plausible to bend the current Stage-Production, to the story line of Star Wars, especially since these SOB's do have a Financial Weapon Of Mass Destruction that could destroy an entire planet,... OUR planet!

I have no sympathy for any of those traitors called congressman, aides, or anyone else that may or may not have gotten shot,.. in fact,.. we can not even be certain there was any actual shooting at this point!

They are always lying, cheating, stealing and crafting so much, (hence - Pulse Night Club, Newtown, San Bernardino, etc) we can never be sure of our "facts" anymore when presented by the zionist mass-lying press,.. BUT,.. if there was a shooting,.. it is a shame that ALL of these traitors called congressman, senators, judges, lawyers, cops, and all the rest of the communist machine operatives were not exterminated like the roaches they are!

In the mean time, if this was real,.. stand by for more, as the evil agents of the communist Empire have just struck back, and now they have tasted blood,.. and are hungry for more!

On the flip side, the rebels (fascists) are now mandated to respond in kind, so don't be surprised by the sure-to-occur Blow-Back that is being planned at this very moment.

Long Live Darth Vader!


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