Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Inter-Play Of Globalist State-Craft At Work!

Comey, Mueller, HIMARS & Dennis Rodman ALL Directly 
Connected As Part Of The Globalist Agenda Of State-Craft!

My Fellow Americans:

I have recently done a tongue-in-cheek style parody of our current news, in the form of a Stars Wars movie trailer.

The Star Wars story base line is FAR, FAR more believable than the CRAP that is being shoved up our snoots as "news",.. or more laughably as ,.... "facts" (audience falling on the floor from hysterical laughing...)

Lets just take a few random bits of,.. and I use the term VERY loosely,... "news", and once again, I ask readers to simply realize, these are ALL directly connected, even if we do not understand the control mechanism that connects them.

First off,.. we have this GARBAGE of the senate panel reviewing Trump, Comey, Mueller, and something about a Russian connection.
Of course after all the public performances these idiots engaged in, the final result:

Prosecutions - ZERO (they win!)

Insult To American's: 100%!!! (We lose!)

It was NEVER about revealing how the "Deep-State" works, or how the operatives of that deep-state were carrying out their orders!,.. NO!!!,.. it was about the pretense of the Distractions-Theater,... distorting all the facts beyond all recognition, and making sure NO ONE could make sense of what was publicly stated to use against them later!

Interesting how in talking about the "Russian-Connection",.. not be confused with the movie based on a real story called the "French-Connection",.... how is it, that Hillary-The-Hut's name did NOT come up even once,.. just to mention that little, teeny-tiny act of Treason called the "Uranium-Deal Of The Century!",.. where Hillary-The-Hut, as Secretary Of Treason, GAVE the Russians unfettered access to OUR Uranium, which they could use to make,.. say,... NUCLEAR WARHEADS for their ICBM's,.. to drop on US???!!!!! (... I know,.. no problem there,.. right?!!,.. right!)

Why wasn't that mentioned even once???

Ohhhhhhhhh,.. yeahhhhhhhh,... because it was NEVER about finding facts, guilty parties, Traitors to America, or exposing the Deep-State Operatives here in what stupid people call,... the US Gov't!

Well,.. if your not sure about who scum like James Comey (you know,.. the head of the FBI that is actually a zionist-jew-communist Deep-State Operative!!,.. yeah,... THAT James Comey...) works for,... lets look at just one little indicator.....

Straight from the Russian STATE controlled news outlet, Sputnik:

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — President Vladimir Putin’s offer of political asylum to ex-Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey revealed how complicated Comey’s testimony about President Donald Trump had become, former European Union consultant Paolo von Schirach told Sputnik.


Putin,.. you know,.. the President of the Communist country now called the Russian Federation, has offered James Comey ASYLUM???


Now,.. I have heard zionist schills like Dave over at the X-22 Report (a zionist-jew-communist shill site), make excuses for Trump and Comey, and even went as far to declare that Putin was,.. "only joking"!

Hey! Dave over at the X-22 Report,... Go Fuck Yourself you treasonous piece of garbage!

It was NO joke, and neither is your treason Dave!,... Trump is ABSOLUTELY a Deep-State Operative, just as Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Clinton, the ENTIRE US Senate, the US Congress, our "Judicial System" and our "Free-Press"!,.. or are you going to try and convince people you were just to plain STUPID to figure out the obvious??!!!

Going On -

Next Up:

US Deploys it's HIMARS: High Mobility Artillery Rocket System to Syria to fight,... (wait for it!........),... TERRORISTS!!!  Ta-DAAAAAA!!!!,.. people clapping, balloons falling from the ceiling, and an announcer in the background,.. "thannc hew!,... thannc hew all!,.... thannc hew,... thannc hew so mucch!..."

Problem: The location where the US ILLEGALLY brought another massive weapons system in Syria,.. does NOT contain CIA proxies (called "terrorists,.. IS, ISIS, ISIL, Al-Queda, etc) to use it against,... but there are SYRIAN regular army units in proximity! (GASP! goes the audience!...)

Gee,.. I wonder who they US will actually use this latest hi-tech (and EXPENSIVE!) toy of death and destruction on?,... hmmmm.... Oh YEAH!,.... I'm going to place my bet on - The US will use it against SYRIA!!!! Ta-Daaaaa,... (and all the clapping and so forth  starts all over again!)

And in our final example of the Globalist State-Craft at work:

The former basket-ball fruit-cake cum CIA operative - Dennis Rodman,.. having completed his year or so of covert operative training, is again making his public appearance as the zionist-jew-communist's latest piece of corrupted psycho-path envoy.

He has once again, just popped up over there to North Korea, where he is hand delivering the ZIONIST-JEW-COMMUNISTS latest set of instructions on how Kim Jung Un is to play NK's role as global pariah, and "threat" to the US! (Laughable,.. I know.....)

What most people do not realize is that ALL of these events, personalities, news bits, activities, etc,... ARE ALL GLOBALIST STATE-CRAFT!,.. bar none!

There is not even a trace of organic cause and effect here,... this is ALL straight from their think-tanks and illuminati decision boards (like the Council Of 5), and from various global control elements we have never heard of, but have felt the effects of for decades and even centuries.

Don't buy ANY of this MATRIX Bullcrap!, because that is all it is,... pure bullcrap without an ounce of legitimacy, but with very serious consequences to all of humanity as they use this Distraction-Theater to concentrate, and consolidate their global strangle-hold over all of humanity!

Putin, Trump, Comey, Mueller, are ALL just as much of the thespian group of psycho actors as Clinton and Kissinger is.

If you want to know who is controlling all of this,.. simple,.. as Deep-Throat said,... "Follow The Money!"..... and it will always lead you back to the same cast of characters like the Brown's, Harriman's, Carnegies, Moses, Israeli's, Warburg's, Rockefellar's, and of course,... the Rothschild's! (just name a few...)


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