Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Puppet Master - Kissinger - On The Move Orchestrating World Leaders Again

Anyone who buys this theater, when the Deep-State is 
publicly displaying it's control,.... is officially an idiot.

My Fellow Americans:

So,.. this walking, ancient piece of fossilized dinosaur shit,.. Kissinger,... the premier Deep-State Operative shows up at the Kremlin,... AGAIN,... and of course,... one of the most "powerful" men in the world, simply drops everything he is doing to go accommodate this geriatric sphincter muscle because,.... uhhmmmmm,..... because,.... uuuuuuuhhhhhhh,..... Putin has nothing better to do with his time???

Hahahahahaha,... (in a Dr. Evil mocking tone),... RRrrrrriiigggghhhhttttt!

First off,... we have all these (in a big BOOMING voice...) "REVELATIONS",.... that the mass media is nothing more than the Mass-Lying-Media,.... as though this is news at all,... it's not,... anyone who is even remotely awake learns pretty much as lesson 1 - THE NEWS IS PURE BULLSHIT!,... hell, even the executive over at the Communist News Network (CNN) admitted that!

So now, in the zionist-jew-communist news, they show Putin joyfully, gleefully, eagerly,... greeting and kissing Kissinger's ass,.... bringing it to a brilliant shine in the process!

Ok,.. can ANYONE explain to me, why this ancient relic from the 1970's Nixon administration, would warrant ANY attention from a current "world leader",.. like say Trump,.. or Putin???

That's right,.. there is no legitimate reason; In the life cycle of Washington DC, or International politics,.... anyone or anything over 90 days old,... is already considered expired and worthless. (Notice,... the political shelf-life is approximately equal to the news-cycle life expectancy.)

So, what do we really have here?

That's right,... Kissinger is hand delivering Putin's instructions on how he is to react to several items on the International Communists Global Enslavement Agenda, such as Syria, Trump, Afghanistan, Crimea, Ukraine, etc.

IT'S ALL THEATER PEOPLE,... and Kissinger is the messenger,... NOT the architect!

If you want the people who are really behind all of these contrived activities, then you,.. "FOLLOW THE MONEY!",... and that will always bring you back to handful of people/families like the Brown's, Harrieman's, Carnegies, Morgan's, Warburg's, Rockefellars, and of course,... the Rothschild's just to name a few.

There are your real communist controllers,... the people/families that provide the money  thru their NGO's, Foundations, and front companies.

Should anyone require any more proof about who and what Kissinger really is,... start by explaining how ancient turd, Kissinger, just show's up at the White House,... and just sits right next to Trump for a photo-op,.. or how he just shows up at the Kremlin, and just sits right next to Putin for a photo-op with no problem,... Kissinger is not even American OR Russian!,.. he was born in Germany!

This is ALL International-Zionist-Jew-Communist theater people,... nothing more, so don't even think twice about what it means,... it doesn't mean dick!,... It's simply the NWO giving Putin his revised script on what to do next, as the NWO continues in it's execution of, "Operation - Global Enslavement".


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