Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Rothschild's "Deep-State" Reveals Itself!

Trump Pulls US Out Of Rothschild's Paris Agreement

My Fellow Americans:

Well, it's only been a little 24 hours, and already we see the Rothschild International Deep-State revealing itself in all ugly splendor!

In less than a day that Trump announced that the US will not by subjected to the "2015 Paris Climate Agreement", the Rothschild centers of control rear their ugly little heads, exposing who and what they really serve.
History Snapshot:

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, considered to be the patriarch of the Bauer family (who then changed their family name to Rothschild) had 5 sons. Shortly after they funded both sides of the Napoleonic Wars, and reaped the huge profits that millions of deaths created, Mayer sent his 5 sons to infect the rest of the world with their perfidy via the banking system, fiat currency, and corruption on an unprecedented scale!

The newly created nucleuses of corruption by his five sons were as follow:
- Amschel to Frankfurt - Germany

- Salomon to Vienna - Austria

- Nathan to London - England

- Carl to Naples - Italy

- James to Paris - France

These were the major population and financial centers of late medieval Europe, so it was a natural choice to do so.

It's also easy to understand why the America's were not part of that scheme, in that he only had 5 sons,... but, more importantly, America, and what was the newly created Unites States was not a major economic power yet, and the Rothschild's did not have the important element of legacy royalty that they could corrupt here in America like they had all over Europe!

Ok,.. now to today's news about the "reaction" by the "Global Community" as to Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Deal.

You had Britain, France, Germany Italy and Austria all denounce Trump,.. even going to the point of saying that the US can't withdraw!

Forget the sham arguments presented by these deranged communists, but look at the countries that were the most vocal about it: France, Germany, England, Italy,.. and Austria.,...

WOW!!!,.. what a coincidence!!!!


Hahahaha,.. Only an IDIOT can't figure out this two piece puzzle,... well,.. five piece puzzle.

You see, as I mentioned in yesterdays article, "Blowback Galore! - Deep State In Motion", this "Climate Change" garbage is the lynch pin they have been searching for to pull together their communist agenda for a One-World-Government,.. and they recognized long ago, that the only way they will be able to institute Global Communism (Global Rothschild Control), is with some form of,.. Global Threat that requires a centralized global governing body, with ABSOLUTE control of,.... EVERYTHING!!!,.. which is what this "Climate Change" agenda gives them.

Now comes the interesting part,.. so?,... what does the Rothschild Deep-State do now, that their hard pressed global bullshit scheme is falling apart?

Is it time for a good old fashion assassination of a US President?,.. remember how that wretched little cunt, Kathy Griffin, just threatened Trump by holding an effigy of his severed and bloodied head up on national tv, on behalf of the deep state?

That was a direct threat that they are about to kill him if he keeps going,.. "rogue" (... "off reservation" is their favorite term..).

Part of my closing comment from yesterdays article was, "Don't be surprised by the scale of what will be happening in the near future, just at the specifics of their deranged creativity to carry it out."

That still obviously stands, with the international display of the Rothschild's Deep-State" now openly exposing itself.

Stand by for intensified "blow-back", as they seek to stop Trump and his National Fascist Party.


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