Monday, June 12, 2017

The World Is Set To Plunge Into Chaos Over The Next 6 Months!

Global Ponzi Scheme To Collapse,.. Or Is It Just The International Communists Throwing A Tantrum?

My Fellow Americans:

The headline is actually from a current story featured in Kingworldnews, but I have seen it, or at least ones similar to it multiple times now over the last several years.

So,.. will it happen THIS time?

Will it happen because the global ponzi scheme of fiat dollars has finally reached the end of it's life-cycle?

OR!,............. or,...

Will the International-Communists who run virtually every aspect of the global financial system, crash it just to spite Trump and his National-Fascist party?

Answer:,... I dunno....

Hahahaha,... very pertinent questions,... with a Homer Simpson tag-line for a conclusion,... not very satisfactory,.. is it?

Isn't that just the point?,... you see,.. there are no natural mechanics at work here,.. if there were, the entire global financial system would have crashed on August 15, 1971, when Nixon announced to the world that the zionist-jew-communist-international-banksters just fk'd the world, and ripped the only shred of tangible asset from the base of the world's financial system.

Nixon did all this at the direction of Kissinger (Nixon's handler and an international, mass murdering communist extraordinaire) when Nixon declared the "temporary closure of the US's Gold Window" which was a required part of the Bretton Woods Agreement that made the ZJC-COE: zionist-jew-communist certificate-of-enslavement (aka: Federal Reserve Note) the Reserve Currency of International-Trade, and was required to have GOLD as the backing asset,..

As they use to say in one of the Saturday Night Live Skits to people leaving the plane,.... Ba-Bye!

Normally, since Marco Polo gave the first recorded account of fiat currency, which interestingly enough, was the Yuan in China (Circa 1190 AD), no fiat currencies have last more than 40 years before succumbing to the death throws of hyper-inflation.

Well, since August of 1971, when the ZJC-COE became a true irredeemable fiat currency (with an intrinsic value of ZERO!), it has now been 46 years,... and the Federal Reserve Note, and all the other global currencies that were tied to it, are the longest reigning examples of fraud and corruption on a global scale.

The only reason it has not crashed yet,.. is because the ENTIRE system is fraud,... and you can NEVER, EVER run out of fraud. Fraud is one of the only manifestations of behavior in the entire universe, that can be easily proven to be infinite!

What does run out at some point, is some collateral aspect of activity that is tied to the fraud to give the fraud an appearance of legitimacy,... which in this case,.. is the current price of Gold and Silver, both wholly manipulated (fraud), but is not the pull pin of self destruction that people think precious metals are.

Lets face it,.. if the US economy was going to crash because we're flat broke,.. it would have happened while accruing the first TRILLION dollars in debt,.. after all, what's the difference between the first, or twenty-first TRILLION in debt?

Answer: 20 Trillion,.. you know,... an accounting entry,.. little more than that in the global fraud of national economies and budgets when run by the international-zionist-jew-communists.

Well,.. at least in the Kingworldnews article that I reference this article to, he takes the time to detail the political, financial and gold relational dynamics, but utterly failed to draw the correct conclusion from his own observations which is,...

All those relational aspects must be meaningless to the mechanics to the current global fraud,... or it would have imploded the system already,.. afterall,.. how can you possibly have $20+TRILLION in US debt, $200 TRILLION in US Unfunded "liabilities",... $500 TRILLION in derivatives in the top five US banks alone, how can you possible have over $2 QUADRILLION! ($2,000 TRILLION) in total global debt and derivatives when the ENTIRE planet is worth far less than half of that??!!!!

Answer: You can't,... except in a total matrix of fraud could it possibly exist.

Welcome to our current state of affairs...

So,.. in a final acknowledgement that there will  be a global financial crash,... the only question I personally have is, what could possibly be the actual ignition point when so many of those seemed to have come and gone?

My suspicion is, that like EVERY single economic crash before, nationally or globally, it will happen when those few who are actually orchestrating all this fraud decide,... "Today is the day",.. and so initiate a cascade of market crashes and credit seizures,.. and not a moment before.

I just wish they had a pay-for-service newsletter that I could subscribe to find out the actual date, because short of them telling me,.. I will find out only as it is clearly occurring,... kind of like watching 9/11 happen and you know ALL Terrorism is nothing but State-Craft!,.... Well,.. so are national and global financial crashes.

All we can do, is be ready as possible as if it could happen today,.. because that is exactly what would happen, literally, any day, at any moment, they can issue the instructions to initiate a market crash,.... and it's all down hill from there.

Unfortunately, at our information level, the best we can do since they will not be nice enough to send you, or me a nice little nasty-gram telling us, we have 14 hours left before all financial hell breaks loose, is to prepare like it is foreknowledge, because it is.

It is a common lament for sure, but mostly because it is the most sage also,.. get prepared as best as your conditions will allow for, expecting, when it comes,...  that it comes with little-to-no warning of any kind, in fact, like all the previous financial crashes, they always pump the bull in the zionsit-jew-owned press that everything is lollipops and rainbows so,... INVEST!, INVEST! INVEST!,... and BUY!, BUY!, BUY,... when secretly,... they are SELLING!, SELLING! SELLING!,... because they know what assets will devalue, which ones will become worthless, and which ones will actually increase in value, even during a crash,... say like,.... SILVER AND GOLD (hmmmmm,... where have we heard that before???!!!)

Get ready people, we live in a matrix of lies, but our existence requires the staples of reality to continue on, as does the health and welfare of our loved ones,... and so let that be your motivation to prepare if your to lazy to do it for yourself.

Whether his predictions (in the Kingworldnews) article is correct or not, simply understanding what is really occurring right now is sufficient reason to fully prepare, but when you couple that with all the indicators that even the fraud has reached it's limits and is about to implode, makes it more imperative to do so.

Good Luck my friends - JD


  1. Very well said. I, separately, came to the same conclusion. Just found your blog today. Like what I read. BZ.

  2. Hi BZ,

    Ok,.. thanks, a little encouragement means a lot!