Wednesday, June 14, 2017

US Criminal Enterprise (Gov't) Finds New Way To Jail People For Decades - Now, It's "Sexting"

It Never Was About "Protecting" - It Is Always About Justifying The Police-Terror-State.
My Fellow Americans:

Now you officially have another reason to crawl under your bed and piss all over yourself in fear,... drum roll please! Bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!!! Ta-DAaaaaaaaa!

HR 1761 - Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act Of 2017!!! - just passed by The House Of Representatives has a 15 YEAR minimum sentence!

Note: Personally - I think they should have called this the Anthony Weiner Bill,.... or just the "Weiner Bill" for short. (HAHAHAHAHAHA,.. I still can't believe his name is "Weiner"! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHahahahaha!)

This criminal cartel is going to protect YOUR child! (CROWD CHEERS - YYYEEEAAHHHHHH!!!!)))


Hahahaha,.. that's right,.. all you MORONS who still think this criminal enterprise is still somehow, someway a legitimate gov't, just got another nasty-gram wake-up call,.. didn't you?

You see, it was NEVER about protecting anyone or anything,... it is AWLAYS about concentrating and consolidating,... C-O-N-T-R-O-L!

This Bill basically states that if some kid is caught "sexting", which is sending ANY image that could be considered "sexual in nature",... your kid faces up to 15 years in prison,... and you as the parent, guardian or,.. let's lower the bar until it's nothing but a stain on the ground,.... any person having custody or control of said minor, can now also go along for the 15 year ride,... all for an image!

Note: That's right, that same commie court will decide if that image is "sexual in nature" (BAM! goes the 2x4 against the back of the head!)

Now this Bill has already passed the House Of Representatives, but still needs to be justified with the Senate version which the article did not address.

Let's start off with the basics: IT'S NONE OF THIS CRIMINAL CARTELS BUSINESS WHAT ANY OF US DO,.. PERIOD,.. unless it violates your most basic rights to property and privacy as described in The Bill Of Rights, for which there are already procedures for people who wish to address those violations in a legal venue,... of course the problem is,.. the commie infiltration and overthrow from within of this country got rid of our Common Law Courts decades ago.

The other issue is of course,... who is really raising your kids?

Well,.. that's actually easy to answer,... if you put your kids in one of these indoctrination centers (Public Schools), have your child injected with noxious poisons (Vaccines), let them watch communist training (TV), or allow this zionist-jew-communist dictatorship access to your kids without explaining to them what is really going on,.... then they are not your kids, but property of the communist state,.. your just nice enough to foot the expenses of raising that little future commie for them,.. very nice of you,..... idiot.

This bill will do ZERO to help kids (which it is not designed to do), but it will destroy countless thousands or even tens of thousands of lives (which it is designed to do),.. all in the name of,.. (said in a Big BOOMING voice) ...."Protecting YOUR Children" by throwing them in prison for a MINIMUM of 15 YEARS for an image!

It's great to see how much they love our children,... don't you think?,.. and NOTHING says LOVE!,.. like 15 years of jail,.. to come out a wholly destroyed individual.

Yes people,... there is really no need to discuss why this is bad, or what's wrong with it,... the only event that needs to be addressed is,.. when are Americans going to say it's time to arrest ALL of these commie agents (Congressman, Senators, Judges, Lawyers, Lobbiests, etc), and dismantle this horrific example of a modern day slave state run by international communists, fascists, zionists and psychos alike?

This out-of-control draconian "gov't" stops only when We The People declare it is time to reassert our basic principles of Liberty and the rights to live free from a Tyrannical Cartel, and use all those wonderful clean and shiny firearms for their intended purpose,... to arrest traitors, and see to their execution while we protect ourselves from their predations.

Yes people,.. even if you do NOT have a child, but merely watch one, and they happen to "sext",.. now,... YOUR ON THE HOOK ALSO.

Welcome to this Brave New World of a covert blend of Zionism/Communism/Fascism,.. now called  2st1 Century America, and get ready to go to prison for even the smallest provocation or oversight, as these PIC's (Psychos-In-Charge) don't allow for explanations,.. the explanation is,... YOU ALLOWED IT to begin with.

Enjoy your prison term.


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