Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Russia also called Iran's Ballistic Missile attack, an "Act Of Aggression",.... "OOOoooooooo" goes the audience...

Dear Fellow Americans:

Remember: To get a World-War going,... the international scumbags, MUST create the context of two nations that suddenly feel the need to try and destroy the population of the other country and must confront each other militarily!,.. This is how ALL world wars are started by the Banksters, Corporate Mafia, Ultra-Wealthy families, International-Communists and their ilk!

For the first time in US history, it has shot down a Syrian Fighter Jet, which occurred shortly after Iran just shot two medium range ballistic missiles into Syria.

From an article in Activistpost:

"The world is now perhaps closer to World War Three than it has been in five decades as the situation in Syria is heating up yet again. In less than 24 hours, the United States has attacked the Syrian military, Iran has launched missiles into Syria, Russia is threatening to shoot down American planes, and the United States is digging in its heels and threatening to continue to provoke both the Russians and the Syrians."

Whatever you do,... do NOT confuse this as anything else than manipulated state-craft.

Putin is little more than a two-bit actor, just like his counter parts in Germany, France, Australia, and the US.

Putin is a two-bit actor, playing his two-bit role, in a two-bit low quality theater production, all orchestrated by the globalist's favorite henchmen,.... Kissinger, who is simply carrying out his instructions from the Rockefellers and the Council Of 5.

If you are dumb enough to buy any of this, it's because your were born and bred an idiot your whole life and have the same level of intelligence as a moth that beats itself against a light bulb.

I know some reader somewhere will be,.. (here it comes,...... wait for it,...... WAIT!.....),.... OFFENDED (Ta-DAAAAAA!!!!) by the notion of being branded an idiot for going along with this latest and greatest exhibition in journalistic integrity beamed into your living room!

Fact: It is impossible that Putin does not know the "terrorists" are nothing but US proxies, chiefly, but not exclusively run by the CIA, and his  intelligence services like the FSB (the revamped KGB), would certainly know that the International-Zionist-Jew-Communists are running the US, and it's agencies like the CIA.

To what benefit would it avail Putin to go along with the charade of (said in a BIG BOOMING VOICE!...) "INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM...", rather than just call it out in the state run media services like RT, RIA-NOVOSTI, or TASS, detailing how this fraud, this  con-job is nothing more than State-Craft?

Well,... if he was actually looking to,.... "STOP THE TERRORISTS!",... then he would merely need to expose the mechanism of command & Control,.. which would IMMEDIATELY lead back to the CIA, Washington DC, the US Gov't, and the International Communist organizations and families that orchestrate all of this.

But that is exactly what you do NOT see, is it?,... in fact, lets take a look at just the incidence of a clear and undeniable "Act-Of-War" against Syria by both the US and Iran.

First off - Iran launches not one, but TWO medium range ballistic missiles deep into Syria to strike at the CIA funded "terrorist base camps"!

How is this portrayed by Russia?,.... as an "act of aggression!",.... ("OOOOOoooooooo" goes the audience...)

Really?!,... gee, that's funny, since when did an overt and open ACT OF WAR, get reduced down to an "act of aggression"??? That's like declaring a bank robbery as petty larceny, don't you think?

The more compelling incident, the US launched an F-18E Super Hornet which shot down a Syrian SU-22 Fighter/Bomber over Raqqa, which is SYRIAN TERRORITY!

Russia's response,... well,.. they won't stand for that!,.. they are going to end it's communication line to avoid that kind incident!!! ("OOOOoooooooo" goes the audience again!)

You go Russia!,... you show the world how cheesy and milly-mouthed you can be!

What should have happened:

Both acts should have immediately been declared an OVERT Act-Of-War against Syria, with an immediate UNSC (UN Security Consul) resolution declaring the US and Iran in violation of international law, the immediate cessation and withdrawl of its troops and forces from Syria,... and to PAY for any/all damages by these aggressor nations.

And that is just in the first hour of response,.. then comes the filing of complaints and monetary damages that get filed in the Hague and the ICC (International Criminal Court) as well as in the UN,.. just for starters.

Did you see, hear or even read any suggestions of any such LEGITIMATE actions being taken??

No,.. of course not,... because it is ALL theater, run and orchestrated by the same people who run these so called "international agencies for the peace and security of mankind"

As George Carlin once said:

It's all bullcrap!,... it's all bullcrap and none of it is good for you!"

Rest In Peace George,... your little pearls of wisdom are not forgotten!


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