Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Zionism And Israel Now Attempting To Institute COMPLETE Control Over The US And It's Stupid, Unwashed Masses With A Law That Forbids You To Criticize Your Overlords!

My Fellow Americans:

Israel and Zionism are the terrorist organizations that JFK warned us about, and are now trying to institute the final legal reins of complete control over the US and it's STUPID, STUPID unwashed masses with laws that FORBID you to criticize your Zionist-Jew-Communist overlords!

Whatever you do, do not think that "Zionism" and "Israel" are one and the same,.. they are not. One is a mostly covert organization bend on global enslavement, and the other is a geographic location used to, but not exclusively for, as a physical headquarters to co-ordinate and disseminate the dictums of global terrorism called, Zionism.

This article also aligns very well with a commentary I had written and posted just a few days ago, which included a video segment by Ken O'Keefe, "US Military Fights 4 Israel - Iran Not The Threat!"

However, in that video by O'Keefe, and in my commentary, neither addressed the larger consideration of Israel being the physical embodiment of Zionism, but not the core assets or Command & Control locus of Zionism.

I know some people get a little thrown by this distinction, but think of it  this way,... you go into a car dealership to buy a new car,... all these new models are on the showroom floor, there are sales reps all over the place (like freakin roaches in a run-down tenement), there is a Parts-Department, Service Bays, etc,.... but the dealership is NOT the center of production, distribution, global or even regional control,.... it's just a store front,... and little more, but it does serve important functions for the overall organization and contributes to the success of the core establishment.

Welcome to what Israel is, and what it does for Zionism.

Israel is NOT Zionism in and of itself, it is a store front for the overall organization of Zionism.

Israel is a land properly called Palestine, occupied by the militant arm of Zionism. It's a geographic location of Zionism that is irreverently presented to the world as legitimate when it is nothing more than an international act of War Crimes, and it is little more than a "store front" (just like a car dealership) to hide it's global terrorism activities.


It is PALESTINE under occupation, which is why you will frequently hear them admit it when they say, "... this week in the OCCUPIED West Bank,..." etc, etc, etc.

If it was all the country of "Israel",... you would never hear that because, you cannot OCCUPY your own country! (You can put it under Martial Law and the like, but if it is your country, then you are the indigenous people that live there.)

Now I have already discussed hundreds, maybe even thousands of times why there is no such country called Israel, but for those who have forgotten, or not heard or read the explanation of this, the thumb nail version is:

November 29, 1947, the United Nations (which is nothing more than a chartered ADVISORY BODY), votes to partition PALISTINE in two with UNGAR 181 (United Nations General Assembly Resolution - 181)

The vote is: 33 - For, 13 - Against, 10 - Abstentions.

In other words, on a planet with roughly 5.8 billion people at that time, 33 of them, not even from Palestine!... declared they could just take over someone else's country with a vote, and then give it away with that same vote to a bunch of foreign psychopathic scumbags called Israeli's.

When the Arab countries declared it was illegal to do so,.. Israel then simply invaded (although they were largely there already for decades...) and occupied Palestine on May 15, 1948, declaring it had the right do so with it's "Israeli Declaration Of Independence", blaming Palestine and the Arab countries when it got this invasion declared the, "Arab-Israeli War".

NOTE 1: This "Israeli Declaration Of Independence" had ZERO to do with "Independence",... it was actually a public proclamation that they had the "right" to steal someone else's country called Palestine.

NOTE 2: By declaring it the "ARAB,.. Israeli War",... this makes it look like the ARABS had started this war, that the ARABS were the aggressors, and the ARABS were responsible for this conflict, when in fact, the ZIONIST scum called Jews are absolutely and 100% responsible for every aspect of this war crime.

Note 3: The Word "Jew" is NOT a biblical term, it is a modern term created by the Zionist organizations to facilitate the illusion of a "historical" people that have been persecuted through history,.. it's nonsense, the bible talks about Judea, and Judeans and Hebrews,... there were not such thing as "Jews" prior to the 1850's. Jews are Ashkenazi's descended from the Khazarian Empire, Circa 700's AD. "Jews",.. are Turk-Mongolian (Asiatic),... not Semites (Arab decent).

Problem: The UN is nothing more than a CHARTERED Advisory Body, which means it NEVER had any authority, especially to declare that it had the power to take a country, and then give it to someone else when declaring what group of foreign aliens that country must be given to!

The "creation" of Israel has been a sham from the very start, and at no point, had any trace of legitimacy whatsoever.

Going on....

Ok,.. a bit of history lesson there, but crucial to understanding our current predicament, and what were a few of the milestones in the journey from then, to now.

Current Predicament:

Simple,.. these f'n psychopathic "jews" run this country, and in fact,.. most of the globe all ready, but certainly, they run this country from top to bottom, left to right, and back to front, no question about it,... BUT!,... their grip is a tenuous one at best, and is wholly predicated on it's ability to keep their dogs on a leash, called congressmen, senators, supreme court justices, the military, the press, etc, via deception, fraud, corruption, bribery, extortion, coercion, threats, and even outright murder (eg: Seth Rich,... Scalia, Kennedy,). It's all,.... DECEPTION, LIES, DISTRACTIONS, FALSE-FLAGS, STATE-CRAFT, and the like.

Well, with the advent of the Internet, and the TWO-WAY MASS COMMUNICATION it provides, people have started waking up and questioning,... researching on the internet, what the truth is,... and with that truth, has come to light the hard reality of what Zionism and Israel is really all about.

To confront and control this explosion of truth, the Zionists and Israel told their little whores in the US Congress and Senate that the truth being told about them can NOT be tolerated,... therefore there must be some form of COERCION to stifle this mass awakening!

Enter, stage left - H.R. 1697 & S. 720, the Israeli Anti-Boycott Law.

Essentially, this bill seeks to make it a crime to boycott Israel for any reason, especially for it's human rights violations, but it also seeks to make it a crime to criticize Israel with fines up to a cool $1 MILLION dollars, &/or, up to 20 years in jail!

Voltaire (Circa 1700's): "To learn who rules over, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

Funny how true that has always been,... and still is.

Does ANYONE,.. require further proof as to who really runs this country when you have both the House and Senate doing their best to heed the commands of their pimps, the Israeli's??

No??!,.. I didn't think so.

But if you do,.. just look up the voting record of the Senate in regards to Israel, or even just watch the attached O'Keefe video clip in my other commentary, "Ken O'Keefe - US Military Fights 4 Israel - IranNot The Threat!"

Those two items would be little more than the point on a sewing needle, but they would be good primers for the uninitiated.

Now, in regards to the headline, and how is it that Zionism and Israel are the predators that JFK warned us about, I give you his own words from 1961.

Excerpt: ".... For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence - on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific an political operations.

It's preparations are concealed, not published. It's mistakes are buried, not headlined. It's dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match."

Kennedy was talking about Zionism,.. and it's henchmen,.... Israel, as there is no other organization that ever has, or can match that description even today.

This public statement of Zionism, without mentioning Zionism straight out, was one of the reasons the Jews made the decision to assassinate Kennedy.

Critical Note: What is NEVER addressed in any article or commentaries (except mine) about the Kennedy assassination is - Notice the method of assassination,....

It is clear, the people responsible had access to the highest levels of information (hence them being able to plan for months in advance, and move assets into place) for the final act where Kennedy was finally eliminated.

If they had simply wanted Kennedy dead,... they could have far more easily poisoned his food,... or introduced a biological agent into his system, thereby causing some form of death that could have been labeled as unfortunate,.. but natural.

They could have caused a critical malfunction in one of the aircrafts he was being  transported in killing all on board (another common CIA tactic,.. see TWA Flight 800).

They could have scandalized him out of office (Marilyn Monroe or another one of Kennedy's mistresses), or timed and linked her death to make it appear Kennedy had something to do with it.

They could have had a "Lone-Wolf" just walk up and shoot him at point blank range (such as was done to Bobby Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan).

Or,.. a dozen other ways that would have been far easier to execute than the method that was used, which was in the open public, broad day light, cops and people everywhere, by hitting a moving target, at distance, with others in direct proximity, with a weapon that loudly announces it's use.

The point is,.. there are very quite, and far more easier methods to get rid of Kennedy, without a tenth of the risk of missing, getting caught or only partially injuring Kennedy.

Instead,.. they choose the most public, and difficult method possible of making a statement about their ability to kill, to eliminate, and to exterminate any who oppose them.

The public execution of Kennedy was not for the general public's consumption,... it was a headline event by the Deep-State to all other would-be disrupters that challenging or opposing them,.. or worse, as Kennedy had started to do the 1961 Newspaper Publishers Address, exposing them, would be met by a violent death,...  period.

In closing,...

As to all the reasons why the Zionist-Jews decided to actually execute Kennedy, we can only surmise, and I expect we may never know all the details, however we do know at least four of the primary drivers in their decision to publicly execute a sitting US President, which are:

1 - Exposing This "monolithic and ruthless conspiracy": Which is Zionism and the Zionist state,.. and those behind it like the Warburg's, Morgan's, Dupont's, Brown's, Rockefeller's, and of course the Rothschild's to name a few.

2 - Kennedy's dismantling of the CIA: He had started that process, and was well on the way to getting rid of this internal threat to the United States by 1963.

3 - Disdain For Israel: Kennedy knew what Israel was all about. He did not support, and adamantly refused to give Israel the one thing it wanted above all else,.. NUCLEAR WEAPONS! (This refusal alone might have been enough to kill Kennedy...)

4 - By-Passing The Federal Reserve: Kennedy had initiated the process of getting rid of the zionist-jew-communist headquarters in the country called The Federal Reserve when he issued US Gov't backed Silver Certificates. This by-passed the Federal Reserve, which is one of the main mechanisms of control for them (at that time) by which they secured unlimited funding, and control over this country thru our financial system.

At every stage of consolidation of control,... what you can clearly see, is the noose of control slowly tightening and strangling this country to death.

We have now reached the point where simply "criticizing" or "boycotting" Israel is punishable by up to $1 MILLION dollars and/or 20 YEARS in jail!

We have gone from a covert organization secretly murdering a US President in broad daylight, to an overt murder or one of our most cherished Rights, which is to speak freely.

Israel and Zionism are not an American problem,..  THEY ARE GLOBAL TERRORISTS, and we are all in great, great peril if we continue to allow them to rein over us, and the world with such impunity.

One of the best ways to stop them,.. is to do the very thing they fear the most,.... EXPOSE THEM.

That is our job, our duty, and the necessity of all decent people around the world,... and so I do my part with this article and blog-site,... now do your part, and make sure others learn these truths, and seek out more truth each and every day.

As people learn the scale of these horrible truths,.... ANGER,.. shall do the rest.

John Dee - US Marine Fighting Tyranny. (USMC: 1987 - 1993)


  1. Great article JD! This should be required reading for anyone seeking the truth.

  2. Hi Andrew,


    I initially meant to write a short piece on the Congress/Senate Bill that I mentioned, that would fine &/or imprison Americans for merely criticizing the Zionist scum called Israel (or boycotting them), but as I started writing, I realized most people have little understanding of the preceeding events that have brought us to these circumstances,... so I had to back-track some.

    Then,... I had to put these conditions in context so that the bigger picture is at least a little clearer than mud! (I had a music teacher who use to say that all the time,.. " there we go,... that should be clear as mud now!.. hahahah..."

    Anyway,.. the old saying "Truth is stranger than fiction" still applies well, so I understand why people can be a little reluctant to latch onto the truth, but hopefully with a little background and current events explained, that they can check for themselves, and start the journey into the light of truth, which will not always be comfortable,... but it is necessary.

    Thanks again Andrew - JD

  3. I wasn't aware there was ever an arab country called palistine, so how could the jews occupy it.

  4. Hi Tim,

    Simple: The existence of anything is not predicated on whether you know about it or not.

    When you were a kid, you did not know about something called "atoms", but yet,... the whole universe still exists.... how can that be in your philosophy?


  5. Holy moly. What a bunch of total crap.

    This is a bunch of tyrannical bullshit.
    Total lies and obfuscations.

    must be a US Marine fighting a mental disorder.

    1. Sarthurk, you are the one with a mental disorder, or your a troll, or you just can't accept the truth.

  6. Hi Shithurt:

    Hahahaha,... I was wondering how long it would take before you Zionist lowclass scum schills made your appearance,... 3 days,... hmmmmm,.. not only are you two-bit pieces of garbage dumb as door nails,... your also slow!

    My Fellow Americans:

    Shithurt is PERFECT example of what these Zionist schills (trolls)) look like, and sound like when they spew their garbage.

    Notice how he does not contradict the facts,... he/she/it only makes a blanket statement that somehow is suppose to convince people that facts are wrong,... and their poisonous propaganda is right.

    Nice shithurt's!,.. I appreciate you coming on here and giving first hand proof what paid-for-trolls sound like when they are earning their treason pay (assuming your American),.. or at least earning your troll pay no matter where you are.

    Piss off and die, you and your ilk are the problem,.. me and my kind,.. are the solution!

    JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny

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