Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ken O'Keefe - US Military Fights 4 Israel - Iran Not The Threat!

My Fellow Americans:

Allow me to open with the simple fact that I am no Ken O'keefe fan.

Ken states he a Former US Marine (as I am), and I have written him several times to discuss the same subject matter that is in this video, and I had also tried several times to contact him for a guest appearance on a radio show when I was a co-host of one. I never received so much as a courtesy reply despite all my efforts, coupled with the fact there are some video's he has done in the past where he had clearly not done his research as well as he should have, or at the least, failed to present it in a more comprehensive manner to convey the correct historical facts that he did know.

I state this, so clearly, any praise or support I garner on Ken,.. is clearly due to deserved effort on his part in this video.
James Traficant

Overall Recommendation: This video is very well worth watching, as it incorporates many film clips of actual personalities involved with the corruption and internal overthrow of this country, such as Netanyahu, or people who tried to expose it, such as former congressman James Traficant (who is suspect of being murdered by the Israeli Mossad for his tireless efforts to expose the zionist overthrow of this country).

Although there is some overlap in the middle section (repeated video), the last 4 ~ 5 minutes is not redundant, and about as appalling to see as the rest of the facts presented. ("Appalling",.. because its true...)

What I would like to mention is: I use to cover this subject frequently and from different aspects or angles when I was a co-host of a radio show and did a segment called, "The Tactical Report",... and what I can share with you is, however shocking some of this information may be to the viewer, the fact is, this barely exposes the tip-of-the-iceberg as to the depth, scale, and history of how this international terrorist organization called zionism (and it's geographic headquarters  called Israel) came to rule this country from top-to-bottom as well as most of the world.

The old saying is, ".. truth is stranger than fiction" applies well to our current state of national and global affairs, but at least this will be a good start for those who are just seeking to understand the truth (aka,.. "waking up..."), or it is good confirmation for those who have been doing their research, and still find themselves being inflicted by their "sentinel programs"* and find they can't fully accept the truth yet despite all the facts that have been put in the public domain that proves it.

*Note: "Sentinel Programs" is a concept and practice that predates the Nazis and Joseph Goebbels, but was optimized by Goebbels in how to get a population to accept propaganda, and rejects the facts that refute it. This sometimes natural reluctance to accept contrary facts, however well founded, is an innate psychological mechanism that is essentially high-jacked by the skillful application of propaganda (lies) and programming, the science of which, was transferred to the US Gov't after WW2 with "Operation Paperclip",.. run by the CIA.

If you can wrap your head around the facts and mechanisms touched upon in this video,.. then you are well on your way to starting to undercover a much greater, and horrific truth that there is a global organization bent on global rule, with the few to enjoy the riches of the planet, and the many, kept in perpetual servitude, or worse,... simply exterminated.

Bon Appetit...

John Dee - JD US Marine Fighting Tyranny

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