Saturday, July 15, 2017

Theater Tag Line: Russia Warns US To Return Seized Diplomatic Compounds

Reaction: Hahahahaha!!!,... people rolling in the aisles in laughter as this cheap, low-grade production of international sham-events is presented as news!

My Fellow Americans:

Apologies for my absence and not posting any new articles for the last couple of weeks. I too get overwhelmed with more pressing concerns at home from time to time, and despite the fact that I am watching our country slowly melt into a cesspool of a third-world  carnage, the mundane matters of life still need to be addressed as we try to expose this global fraud called zionism, which does not always leave me enough free time to read, do the research ,and write these commentaries.

Going on.....

The latest bullcrap on the global stage of international news is Russia "threatening" the US with retaliatory measures if it does not return the Russian embassy compounds that were seized in the US before that cheap two-bit CIA operative, Obama, left office.

At question are Russian embassy compounds in New York and Maryland which were "seized" after that Kenyan born CIA bitch, Barry Sotoro, aka - Obama, declared that 35 Russian diplomats were to be expelled from the US, and two of Russia's properties were to be seized.

Of course under rules and laws of Embassies and their related compounds, it is considered completely illegal to do so, as was the expulsion of Russian diplomats over the non-stop bullcrap story of "Russian Interference" in our voting system. (Hahahahahahahaha,... OMG,.. people rolling in the aisles and wiping the tears of laughter away every time they try to continue this bullcrap story!!!!.....)

Nothing could  be more laughable, or of such obvious bovine excrement quality than this orchestrated story tag-line.

Lesson 1: ALL news, by "major media outlets", is nothing more than unadulterated propaganda,... you know,... LIES.

These lies are designed to serve an agenda, which is not always as obvious as the bullcrap itself, but in the end,.. it is about moving this international cartel, sometimes called the NWO, the illuminati, zionism, the corporate mafia, etc,.... moving them closer to their intended goal of Global Enslavement,... literally. (hence a "Cashless Society", Biometric ID, Chip Implants, Vaccine Requirements, etc)

In that process, we are presented with all manner of distraction theater, or as the Romans would have called it, "Panem et circensus",... "Bread and circuses" to beguile and amuse the senses while they covertly, and sometimes overtly, consolidate their degrees of control a little more.

PS: This notion also includes the "specter" of war, and the in some cases, the war itself as people are stupidly obedient in their willingness to march into another meat grinder to serve the zionist agenda once again.

In the current situation with Russia, why is it that Russia has waited so long to "address" this issue when it's immediate actions should have been to use the legal processes and venues available to it for such matters?

That's right,.. because it ALL theater people,.. just like the simple fact that Putin does NOT disclose to the global public how ALL "terrorism" is nothing  but zionistic state-craft, and that there is no such thing as organic terrorism, or, stated another way,.. ALL terrorism is state-sponsored,... period, bar none.

Anyway,.. I thought this was another interesting example of how these 2-bit con artists called global leaders, Putin in this case, is playing his role as directed by his handler, Kissinger to maintain the illusion that there is some form of legitimate govt rather than what really exists, which are usurped political mechanisms that serve only their zionist masters.

Notice the typical mealy-mouthed vagueness the whole issue is addressed with as Russia states that, "time is running out!", or that it will be taking, "retaliatory measures!",... with out EVER stating an actual deadline, or declaring what it actually intends to do if their demands are not met.

Q: You know why Russia, Putin, Lavrov or other Russian spokesman NEVER give specifics?,.. because there are no specifics,... it's all theater that they will simply continue to get mileage out of as needed, or until it has no distraction-theater value left to squeeze out of it.

Bottom Line: IT'S ALL BULLCRAP, DISTRACTION THEATER people, so don't buy any of it for a single second.

Just marvel at how they keep presenting this low quality garbage as fact or news since this is the best that they can do which proves,.... these people may be ruthless and psychotic,... but they are not particularly bright, nor are the slime that come up with this stuff in their little "think-tanks".

Please Stand By - More bullshit news is on its way,.. guaranteed,.. try not to get to much on you,... it's like skunk and does not wash off easily.


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