Thursday, July 27, 2017

Trump - Obamacare - Transgenders

Obamacare (Commie-care) still in! - The faggots are out!! - and Trumpcare still DOA!!!

My Fellow Americans:

Today's bullcrap presented as news is:

Obama-care (aka: Commie-care) is still in,... the deranged socialists faggots called transgender are out (almost), and of course, Trump-care (aka: Fascist-care) is still DOA- Dead-On-Arrival.

The zionist-jew-communist propaganda (lies) hitting the wire the last couple of days to keep the unwashed masses distracted, is all about the Gi-nourmous, herculean effort by Trump to "Repeal & Replace" Commie-care with his own Fascist-care, complete with the "failed" vote in the senate...

What a joke people.... (and yes!,... the American people are the butt of that joke!)

First off, congress can NOT "repeal" a law (or an act) that was NEVER legal to begin with! (I LOVE how they always seem to overlook these simple and nagging little facts...)

I have covered this many times, so the thumbnail version is, Commie-care originated in the senate, where as Article 1 - Section 7 of the US Constitution (which is nothing more than our owner/operators manual for what is suppose to be a limited form of representative gov't) explicitly states that all bills for raising revenues MUST originate in the House Of Repulsive traitors (House Of Representatives).

When this went to the Supreme Traitors (Supreme Court) the first time, and Justice (Traitor) Stevens declared Obama-care a "tax",.... he also unwittingly declared it a revenue source, which makes it beyond argument if this "act" should have originated in the House or not.

Since commie-care did NOT originate in the House Of Traitors,... it was NEVER legal, or legally binding, and since it is the job of the Executive Branch to enforce the laws, Trump would merely need to make a public statement, &/or issue an Executive Order that explicitly states that since commie-care violated legislative procedure from its inception, it is null & void, was never legal, and is NOT enforceable in any way.

Really,.. it's that simple.

Than if the Demo-commies wanted to challenge it, they could, but on the basis of violating Legislative Procedure, there is nothing to argue, and they lose,... which of course means if they did challenge any such public declaration or EO by Trump,... they would NEVER mention this, and find some other bullcrap justification as to why Trump must keep commie-care,... but notice how Trump never mentions this. (Did you notice,.. that "BRILLANT" businessman,.. doesn't seem to know this,... OR ANY OF HIS HIGH PRICED LAWYERS???!!)

Conclusion: That's right people,.. it's ALL theater, bar none.

This is theater of the lowest quality, lowest grade, and the stench of it is so awful, even pigs, cows and other farm animals turn their nose up from it,.. but the American people!!!,... well,.. there is different kind of farm animal!,... as they wallow and revel in the stench of their own shit,.. they love, and buy this bovine excrement just so the can bathe in it!

So why keep perpetuating this myth that commie-care needs to be,.. "repealed"?

LOOK AT THE MILAGE THEY ARE GETTING OUT OF THIS DISTRACTION-THEATER!!!! (My God!,.. if these were car tires, they would already have over a million miles on them,.. and still going!)

What's the purpose of circus clowns?,.... that's right, to keep the people entertained,... and distracted while they are busy behind the scenes setting up for their next big act (False-Flag??)

Going On....

Now we had this "surprise" announcement that these DERANGED SOCIALISTS called "Transgender" are excluded from military services (although now they admit, they are not sure how to implement this restriction...)

Wait a second!!!!,... you mean training and teaching wholly deranged, psychotic socio-paths in the latest and most lethal military equipment is NOT a good idea after all???

Well,.. I love the rational placed in the public domain as the justification for this latest pronouncement: ... "because it's to expensive!"...

Huh???!!!!,.. you mean wasting BILLIONS and TRILLIONS on useless, inoperable, defective equipment, or dropping $10,000 bombs by the tens of thousands, or firing multi-million dollar missiles all over the place was NOT,.. "to expensive"???


Obviously,... Ol' Donald Duck is to much of a pussy to simply state facts,... fags and transgender people are completely deranged, they are wholly compromised, defective and dangerous to the morale and good order of any military organization to be allowed around normal people.

These "transgenders" are completely beyond rehabilitation, repair, or any possible measure of normalcy regardless of counseling, medications or any other attempt of remediation,... they are wholly defective emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, which is why so many of them are communists, zionists, and the like.

Another possibility here is, this is also how Trump, and his National Fascist Party is announcing to the previous International Communist Party (Obama/Clinton) that they are slowly taking control, and publicly denouncing one of their main-stays (the "gay agenda") is one way to make that clear. Also, MOST people in this country are wholly disgusted and appalled with this gay agenda, transgender nonsense, and this is an easy way for the National-Fascist-Party to gain support of the unwashed masses.

Just a possibility, the truth of which will not be fully understood until some point in the future when the scope of their real Fascist agenda becomes more obvious.

In the mean time, the best thing to do,.. is remember this is ALL theater, and NONE of it is to your benefit. They are simply trying to rearrange the stage props a little to keep us entertained, as they secretly consolidate their power mechanisms behind the scenes.

Does this mean eventually starting another World War?,.. including the use of nuclear weapons???!!!,... I really do not know, as these psychos do realize, letting the nuclear-genie out of the bottle, may effect their very existence in an unpredictable manner also, however,... that doesn't mean they won't try and start a "limited" conventional war (which already happening all over the planet), or use a "limited" nuclear war to cull the herd down a little.

God only knows what these zionist-jew-communists are willing to commit to, to see their visions of Global-Enslavement come to fruition.

All we can do, is prepare as best we can,,, and keep trying to wake more people up, each and every day, as THAT is our real strength, and capacity to stop these fn' psychos!

John Dee - US Marine Fighting Tyranny.

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