Sunday, August 6, 2017

72nd Anniversary Of The Greatest War Crimes Ever Committed

Here is the true story of why the zionist-jew-communist henchmen,... the US Military, vaporized well over 200,000, mostly Japanese women and children in a tenth of a second!

My Fellow Americans:

The Roman Senate once remarked that the slaughter and devastation that Gaius Julius Caesar was reeking in Gaul, was a crime of unprecedented magnitude.

It took Caesar nearly 8 years of fighting to kill an estimated 1 million Gauls, which equates to about 120,000 slaughtered per year, with another 120,000 or so taken as slaves per year also.

This was considered horrific by any standard, even today.

On August 6, 1945 @ 8:16am, and again on August 9, 1945 @10:59am, atomic bombs, developed by the US at the behest and control of zionist-jew-communists, exploded over the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki,... vaporizing some 100,000 mostly women and children in approximately 1/10 of second.

What took Julius Caesar nearly a year of relentless fighting to achieve, was now done in literally,... the blink of an eye.

There was NO moral justification or necessity for it,... the Japanese were long beaten already, and had been actively trying to surrender since February of 1945,... but the zionist-jew-communist run gov't of the US,... refused to let them, as they NEEDED two "hostile" cities that were intentionally left pristine, to demonstrate the latest zionist-jew-communist terror weapon to the world, by vaporizing innocent and defenseless men, women and children in a fraction of a single second.

Here now,.. in the epic expose' of what really happened, as Eustace Mullins places at the feet of all mankind, the real story of those unforgivable moments of 72 years ago to this day.

You will find what Mullins describes, is completely contrary to everything you were ever taught about the only tactical use of atomic weapons in mankind's history (... so far), and learn the real reason of why those mostly Japanese women and children were incinerated, the real people who were behind it, and most importantly, there was no actual justification for these acts, meaning, that atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are, without question, the most horrific war crimes ever committed in human history,....

Sorry Julius Caesar, the crown of laurels for the most criminal, wanton, and brazen extermination of a peoples goes to the USA,... and certainly, it's zionist-jew-communist masters.

- JD US Marine Fighting Tyranny

The Secrets Of The Atomic Bomb - 
Why Hiroshima Was Destroyed

by Eustace Mullins - June 1998

The world was stunned to learn that India has now tested nuclear weapons. For many years, all nations have been concerned about the proliferation of atomic explosives. Even in their distress, no one seems to be interested in the historic or the psychological record of why these weapons were developed, and what special breed of mankind devoted themselves to this diabolical goal. Despite the lack of public interest, the record is clear, and easily available to anyone who is interested. My interest in this subject, dormant for many years was suddenly rekindled during my annual lecture tour in Japan. My hosts had taken me to the city of Nagasaki for the first time. Without telling me their plans, they entered the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. I thought it would be an interesting experience, but, to my surprise, when I walked into the exhibition rooms, I was suddenly overcome by sadness. Realizing that I was about to burst into tears, I moved away from my companions, and stood biting my lip. Even so, it seemed impossible to control myself. I was surrounded by the most gruesome objects, the fingers of a human hand fused with glass, a photograph of the shadow of a man on a brick wall; the man had been vaporized in the explosion. 

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