Friday, August 4, 2017

Could The American People Be More Insulted To Their Faces Than The Latest Trump-Russia Grand Jury???,... Answer - No.

The latest Theater For The Un-Washed Masses: "Grand Jury Used In Trump-Russia Investigation"

My Fellow Americans:

Now this latest (... and I use the term loosely..),.. "news",... is about as insulting to the American people as you can get,... although the capacity of this EFIO (Enemy-Force-In-Occupation) to insult the intelligence of anyone with 2 or more functioning brain cells is surprising consistent and thoroughly exercised by these slime bags, this latest saga of "criminal conduct" is insanely lame and over-the-top insulting,... even to the stupidest of Americans.

So the latest Distraction, or Bullcrap Theater Production is the tempo-upbeat in the Trump-Russia Collusion story.

Now,.. that treasonous piece of garbage,, Robert Mueller,  has been given control over a Grand Jury to (... and try not to laugh to hard!...),.. "Investigate" (Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! GASP!,... Hahahahahahahahahahaha,... people rolling on the floor is shear pandemonium!) this matter!

Ok,.. so let's see what we have here in this  latest two-bit theater production:

Let's start with Robert Mueller. He is the former head of the FBI,.. you know,.. the Foreign Bolsheviks Incognito FBI,.... the very agency that was created by a fag communist called J Edgar Hoover for the sole purpose of PROTECTING the International Communist infiltration in this country! Like Obama, Valerie Jared, Lynch, Clinton, Scowcroft, Cheney, Bush, and other communist agencies and operatives ,.....  has been given "Special Prosecutory Powers" by another Communist Agency in this country called the (... again,.. try not to laugh to hard!..) "Department Of Justice" 

Then you have the movement of the "investigation" from Virginia,... to the heart of the Communist Cess-Pool,.... Washington DC.

This is no mere convenience as stated in so many propaganda outlets.

Washington DC has a special status, and is really little more than the Military Citadel of the infiltration of this country.

Washington DC is authorized in the US Constitution, as it was also allowed to have it's own set of governing laws, and uses the legal prerogatives of Admiralty or Vice Admiralty Law,... which is really Commercial Law,... NOT Criminal or Common Law. (Suggesting that this frame work for the covert running of this country was in from the very start...)

The particulars of these considerations could take whole articles for us to discuss the meaning and relevance of, but lets take the thumb nail version of it,... this allows them to pretty much do as they please, with the excuse of legal pervue to justify themselves.

Then of course, you have Trump, Trump's son-in-law, Russia, etc and all the other stage props for this little theater production.

The jist of this theater?

Supposedly the following:

 "It is clear Mr Mueller is investigating a meeting in June last year, in which Mr Trump's son, Donald Jr, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, met a Russian lawyer. Mr Trump Jr has admitted he was promised damaging material on Mr Trump's rival in the presidential race, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, though he says none was forthcoming."

 Also, are little tid-bits like:

  "The special counsel investigating claims of Russian meddling in the US election has begun using a grand jury in Washington, reports say."


"US media have also quoted sources close to the investigation as saying that the special counsel is looking into whether President Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI chief James Comey, who was leading the previous investigation into Russian interference."

Now, if none of this seems to make sense to you,... especially in light of the fact of just some of the minor crimes committed by Hillary Clinton have still gone unanswered,.... you know,.. like Benghazi, the murder of Ambassador Steven's, the Clinton Foundation's $$BILLIONS, the giving away of American Uranium Rights, Classified Emails,... and little things like that,.... just remember - It's not suppose to make sense,... your just suppose to be entertained and distracted! (Are you feeling entertained and distracted yet?)

Don't try and make sense of something that has no basis in reality,... you will just give yourself a headache and be no better off for it.

What I particularly like, is many if not all the "news" stories on this nonsense will always mention how Trump (and others) simply declare what it is,... which is, "The Russia story is a total fabrication," and, "the allegations were a "hoax" that were "demeaning to our country".

Ok,.. on these particulars, I would shockingly say,... he was telling the truth! At least as far as "fabrication" comment. However, it is the Americans that are demeaning this country by allowing these two-bit con artists to masquerade as gov't rather than arresting the whole lot of them for debauchery, corruption, sedition, and treason,... just to name a few.

The real question is,... what is it they are distracting our attention away from with this cheap, low quality theater?? After all,.. they are putting a fair amount of effort and expense into this now, and the greater the effort to conceal their real activities of treason, the greater the act of treason must be.

There are a 100 items I could easily think of off the bat, but I must admit, I am not sure what is the primary driver for their efforts on this one.

As always,... we may not have to wait long before the real intent of such production numbers becomes obvious, but right now, I am reluctant to state what is the main 3, 4, or 5 reasons they are actually engaging in this other than, to hunt and harass Trump and his National Fascist Party by the Obama/Clinton/Zionist-Jew International Communist Party. (I know this staged event is about more than harasssing..)

If you have any insight into what this theater is really designed to mask, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this article, as your guess (or knowledge) is as good as anyone's!

Thanks - JD 


  1. The coming unpleasantness will probably rip the country apart, literally. According to reports, the elitists who have caused this will be protected. I'm hoping they go underground and get schooled by the lesson from the first "Dirty Dozen" movie. Happy days that.

  2. Hi Tim,

    At some point, as in WW1, WW2, Vietnam War (Yes it was WAR, despite the "Police Action" label given it to protect the Rockefellers who were selling the weapons that were used to kill Americans),... and of course the never ending,.. "WAR ON TEORROR"!!! (Da da DAAAAAA!!! - cheap thriller music in the background),...

    Just like those orchestrate events called wars, were used to DESTROY the old paradigms to usher in the new ones,... the same is to come again,... the NWO (illuminati, International Communists, etc),.. THEY MUST DESTROY THE CONCEPT OF AMERICA AND FREEDOM BEFORE THEY CAN USHER THE FINAL PHASE OF,... OPERATION: GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT!

    Yes Tim,.. there will be a rather prodigious amount of "unpleasantness",.. the only questions are when,.. and how will it unfold..

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    Thanks - JD