Thursday, August 10, 2017

North Korea Threatens To Shoot 4 Missiles At Guam

Predictable Zionist-Jew-Communist-Rothschild Propaganda To Start Another World War,... And Stupid People Are Ready To Buy It Yet Again!!!!

My Fellow Americans:

We are following the theater production called the North Korean-US Possible War!


It is the same EXACT kind of theater that lead to the War On Terrorism, The Afghanistan/Iraq Wars, Desert Storm, Vietnam, Korean War, WW2, WW1, War Of 1812, etc, etc.

Or, as Major General Smedly Butler stated in his book,... "War Is A Racket"! (That's right,.. it's a "Racket" for the rich and ultra powerful, who get more rich, and more powerful with every bomb that gets dropped!, every rifle that gets fired!, every tank that gets blown up!, every ship that gets sunk!, and every person who gets killed!...)

Ok,.. so what is the trick to try and dupe stupid, propaganda-guzzling morons into another war???

Oh yeahhhhh,.... North Korea,... it's nuclear aspirations, missiles, ICBM's, etc,... and of course,... it's bullshit rhetoric about, "wiping out the US", or something to that effect.

In my last piece, "Trump Promises "Fire AndFury" Against North Korea" (8/9/17), we discussed the fact this is all theater, and even went as far to review one possible scenario of North Korea striking a US city with a nuke,.. and what could be the possible response from just a single Ohio Class Submarine.

The immediate, total and horrific nature of the complete annihilation of NK was sobering to say the least, and despite the complete and utter decimation that NK would be subjected to,... that was the result of only a single US sub being brought to bear,... with another 2,000 ~ 3,000 warheads on the stand-by.

Does North Korea know of this potential elimination of itself as a "going concern"??

Answer: You bet they do,.. they have military strategists just like any other military bearing country,.. and part of what those strategists do, is play "war games",... (remember that famous 80's movie, "War Games"?,... the catch phrase still lingering in our lexicon,... "Wanna play a game?"...).

One of those games or scenarios NK analyzed is,... what would happen if the US decided to retaliate with an Ohio Class Submarines' full nuclear arsenal of 24 Trident II - D5 Missiles with the W-88 Warheads on them?? (Answer given in my piece from 8/9/17).

Ok,.. so the North Koreans understand the likely reprisal should they open the nuclear genie bottle,... so what would be the point in provoking the US any further??

Well,.. clearly, no sane or rational, or even fairly irrational individuals or leaders would do any such thing, if they knew it would lead to the wholesale obliteration of their entire country,.. in this case, literally leaving NK as little more than a smoldering wasteland of radio-active debris where even the roaches did not survive!

This means, and falls in line with, the fact that NK is simply reading the script it has been given,.. just like Trump, Macron, Putin, Merkel, and so forth,... as NK exists at our leisure (We,.. the US,.. PAY to keep NK alive as a radical adversary on behalf of the zionist-jew-communists who run this stage production from top to bottom)

Ok,.. so enough of a preface, lets look at the latest "threat"!

North Korea has announced that it will fire FOUR Hwasong-12 missiles,.. OVER Japan,... to land in proximity to Guam, by mid August.

Recall: Both Japan and Guam are little more than American military FOB's (Forward Operating Bases), with Guam much closer to that description in every regard.

Notice the peculiar specifics here:

1 - Rule Number 1: NEVER tell your enemy what it is your planning on doing,..or when!!,.. otherwise your surprise attack,... is not much of a surprise,.. is it?!! (Same bullshit with ISIS, formerly called Al-Queda, currently called CIA and Mossad,.. when they would "declare" what it is they are planning on doing!,.. yeah,.. that same kind of bullshit...)

2 - Fly Path: Notice how NK is suddenly dumb enough to fly the missiles right over Japan! (They are not that dumb,.. NK is just reading their script lines like Trump and all the other 2-bit actors of this global zionist production).

      This creates the context that NK has "violated" Japanese airspace,... and of course creates the illusion that Japan would be justified in shooting down NK missiles. (... and do not forget, Japan is a vassal state to the US, which is a vassal state to Israel, which is a vassal state to the international communists, which is the coordination arm for the Rothschilds.)

     That then opens the door for NK to declare that Japan attacked NK,... and they have the "right" to defend their "interests",.... and some bullshit reasons that I cannot think of at the moment, but will surely materialize to justify all this theater.

3 - Final Target: Now NK did NOT say it would attack Guam,... what they said is, they will launch these 4 American made missiles to land NEAR Guam. (Yes, you read right,.. NK gets ALL it's missile technology from the US,... the same as the old Soviet Empire got ALL its nuclear, missile and military technology from the US).

    Currently, NK's script states that will shoot these missiles to land some 17 miles away from Guam to land harmlessly in the ocean,.. well,.. unless it happens to hit an unlucky fishing boat or something.

Well that is rather convenient of NK to tell us all of this, and even provide us with some nice graphics,... don't you think?...

Remember what I told you people,.. NK is the equivalent of the circus clowns,... who keep us entertained while the old act is cleared from the arena, and the next one is being set-up,.. of course, NK having served the "evil communist regime" role long enough, may be called to perform it's final role, and get sacrificed on the alter of international zionsim to act as the igniter for another Rothschild created world war, and the justification for the extermination of say,... another billion or so people.

If your not fighting to expose,... and stop this zionist-jew insanity, then you best get your sons and daughters ready to march into another fabricated meat-grinder called war,... but don't plan on seeing them again, the zionist-jew plan calls for our extermination,... not their own.

JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny.

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