Tuesday, August 22, 2017

North Korea Warns Of MORE,... "Merciless Bovine Excrement Theater!!!"

Yes people,... North Korea is reading it's zionist-jew-communist script cards exactly the way they were taught to do,.. you know,.. like a seal playing the horns at the circus! (Circus music in the background,.. people clapping.... "Pop-Corn!,... Pretzels!,.... Hot-Dogs For Sale!!...)

My Fellow Americans:

Have you actually felt the insult of this bovine excrement theater yet??

When you read a newspaper, see a press conferences, or watch the talking heads,... do you realize  how full of shit these imbeciles are?

Do you feel insulted in any way that these misfits are lying right to your face day-in and day-out,... and get paid to do that!!!!

How much bullshit can any given person be expected to tolerate?

When does even the typical brainwashed moron say he's had enough of this crap?

When you think about it,... I do hope you realize,... these are not even deep existential questions I'm asking here,... they are more along the lines of what an actual imbecile might grapple with if asked joke questions for amusement.

That is how these slime-bags who think they have us hoodwinked, view us,... as imbeciles who can be told anything, and we'll believe it because we are wholly incapable of higher thought!

Well,.. I do love to disappoint these wretched maggots!

Lets take the latest, "Bovine Excrement Theater" being read into the public record by North Korea:

"Pyongyang also declared that its army can target the United States anytime, and neither Guam, Hawaii nor the US mainland can dodge the merciless strike."

 Hahahahahahahaha,... choke!, gag!,.... DEEP BREATH!!!,..... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! GASSSPPPP!!!!,.... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!,.... Ok!,.. ok,.... breath!,... get it under control..... breath,.. breath,....breath,...

Really,.. I can't recall a "global crises" story line more laughable than this.

As I have mentioned in previous articles on this issue,.... North Korea exists at our whim,... we FEED them everything they need to exist,.... and if North Korea ever did follow it's Rothschilds orders and launch a nuke,... just the payload of a single Ohio Class submarine would remove that part of the world from the universe,... forever.

So what do we really have here?....

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh,..... DISTRACTION THEATER people,.... that's all this is,.. is Distraction-Theater.

"Distraction" from what?...

Well,.. let's see, what are some of the issues that people should be demanding action on?...

Well,... we have the quintessential "Queen-Of-Evil" (and I don't mean Elvira...),... that douch-bag psycho-path extraordinaire,.... HILLARY CLINTON!!! Da-da-DAAAAAAAAAA - cheap thriller music in the background as people throw their popcorn and soft drinks at the movie screen.....

Yes,... why is the planetary criminal not in jail yet????,.. didn't 'ol Donald Duck (and his hair piece) say to Clinton-The-Hut at one of the last "Presidential Debates",.. "if I was President,.. you would be in jail..."


What about 'ol that lecherous pervert, Bill Clinton and his Treason?

What about James Comey and his Treason?

What Mueller and his Treason?

What about the Treason of every member of Congress, the Senate, the Judicial Branch, EVERY Court across this country, the US Military, Dep't Of Defense, The Mass Lying Media, The Banking Cartel, Wall Street, and on and on and on....

You see where I'm going with this, don't you?...

Notice as the heat starts getting applied to sewer-pipe slime like Hillary, conveniently, little disturbances,... like the threat of global nuclear war magically appears to draw our attention away,... and this is not just for our domestically produced sewer-pipe sludge,.... what about that global terrorist,... Netanyahu?

Wasn't he suddenly caught up in a massive financial-fraud hassle??

What about the fact there is no such country called Israel,... the place is called PALISTINE!,... which is being OCCUPIED by the militant arm of global terrorism called ISRAEL!,.. (the ISIS is just an extension of Israel...)

And just to throw another thorn into the intellectual thicket,... don't forget the entire US AND global economy,... is nothing more than the Greatest Show On Earth! (sorry PT Barnum),... which in realty is little more than a shallow glass sphere with a 10,000 pound elephant standing on it by a single toe like a ballet dancer.... ready to implode spectacularly when council of 5, (Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, etc) order the plug to be pulled on the global financial system,...

Pension crises, bond crises, municipal funding crises, national debts, global debt, personal debts, subprime mortgages, subprime auto loans, over valued stocks, over valued real estate, the crashing currencies, BIT coin scam, e-currencies scams, and of course,... the zionist-jew certificate of enslavement,.. the Federal Reserve Note about to be replaced, crushing America to a 3rd world shit-hole as fast as someone can fart at a Texas chili cook-off.

Yeap,... North Korea is GREAT distraction theater for the dumb-down masses, as the "elite" slime consolidate control over the entire planet with complete impunity...

Plus,.. if they really decide the need, or simply want it,... world war 3,... with it's nuclear option is table-ready to execute, which can also help to eliminate a few hundred million,... or even a cool billion or so people in a matter of hours.

I'm sure somewhere at the breakfast table of these "Noble Elite",.. they ponder and discuss these conditions they have created,... and feel they have done a good days work.

Please do NOT buy any of the nonsense,... these are ALL 100% contrived, created situations with a healthy serving of propaganda and outright lies to polish it to a show quality presentation which we here in the Twilight  Zone call,.. "Bovine Excrement Theater".

JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny.

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