Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trump Promises "Fire And Fury" Against North Korea

OOOOOooooooo!!!! Goes The Audience.........

My Fellow Americans:

Hahahahahahahaha,... GAAASSSSPPPP!!!!!,... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,... OHhhhh MYyyyyy GODddddd!!!!

Talk about ramping up the zionist-jew-communist-ROTHSCHILD,.... global war theater!!!

Ok,.. a couple of quick headlines to push the CONTEXT,... for another large scale confrontation... you know.... world war! (Ok,.. NK would not constitute any form of enemy actually able to do their zionist-jew-communist-ROTHSCHILD bidding,.. but it does make for a good crucible, &/or sacrificial lamb!)

Today's EPIC headlines, as the specter of NUCLEAR war is brought to the forestage:

- Trump Promises "Fire And Fury" against North Korea  (USA Today - Ultra Stupid Americans Today)

- President Trump Threatens North Korea With "Fire And Fury Like The World Has Never Seen" (LA Times- Lying Assholes Times)

- North Korea Says Considering Missile Strike Near Guam  (BBC - Bull By Communists)

- Trump Threatens North Korea After US Assesses They Have Miniaturized A Nuclear Warhad (CNN - Communist News Network)

And that is just a couple of the tasty little morsels of today's propaganda! (Mm - Mmmm!!! - Nothing like FRESH propaganda in the morning!!!)

Although I make light of it because it is ALL 100% zionist-jew-communist - ROTHSCHILD theater,... the fact is,.. this is one of the more serious developments in marching a few million to their deaths then we have seen in a long time.

REMEMBER: ALL war is a trick of the handful of scumbags that think the planet belongs to them,... like the Brown's, Harriman's, Carnegie's, Mellon's, Morgan's, Warburg's, Rockefeller's, and of course the Rothschild's,.. who are the quintessential manipulators of last millennium as well as this one so far, and are wholly responsible for the deaths of 100's of millions of people, if not more than a billion deaths!

Such is the nature, scale, and depravity of the Rothschilds.

But I digress,... (comical transition back to the main subject!,... )

Ok,.. so we know ALL major news is controlled and manipulated by the illuminati, the NWO, the Zionists-Jews, the Elite, etc,... basically all the same thing with the understanding there are different camps within these circles that are seeking to be the dominant force,... but still are subservient to the Rothschilds.

They are now recycling the SAME OLD TEMPLATE for starting another war, and escalating the rhetoric to the "imminent action" phase.

How does this work?

Well,.. remember you can NOT have a major regional war (or global war), without creating the context for it!

These manipulators have to get the peoples of at least two nations (usually more than two countries, so they form "sides",.. like the "Axis" and the "Allies" during WW2) to believe that suddenly,.. they must destroy the "other" country before they destroy them!!!!

AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!,.. run in fear!,.. fall on the floor!,... crawl under the bed shaking!,... pull yourself into the fetal position,.... and CRAP YOUR DRAWS!!!!.... yeah,... that kind of fear. (Remember the "duck & cover" drills in elementary school during the 60's & 70's???,.. perfect example...

Ok,.. so now we're all terrified that this little piss-pot country who can't even produce enough rice to feed it's scant 25 million slaves,..errrr,.. I mean,.. people,.. is SUDDENLY a huge threat to the US,... and may destroy us with an advanced EMP weapon,.. or now a miniturized nuke,... or a "missile" (which tend to blowup or fail on their own...) but you know,.. the REAL THREAT here is,... Kim Jung Un's Hair-Doo!!,.. as it may become all the rage among the avantgarde crowd! (OOO!!!,.. the Justine Bieber crowd will NOT tolerate that! (Someone in a high pitched - whiney voice,.. "can't we all just get along!...")

Alright,... all fooling aside,... lets take a look at the practical side of how this "conflict" could unfold.

I have already written about this, and will repost that article below,... but remember,.. there are a thousand ways this could be handled,.. my scenario is meant to highlight the shear stupidity of what a direct action, by North Korea, could precipitate, in a US response.

The point being,... should NK ever decide to go "unconventional",... which is a polite way of saying, "going nuclear",... there is no outcome for North Korea where that portion of the planet is not wholly vaporized, and left uninhabitable for a few thousand years, and if we wished,.... eliminating all suggestion of a presence of anything ever living there.

Of course the real objectives here are set by the deep-state and have nothing to do with territorial integrity or "threats" by one against another,.. or any nonsense like that,... this is pure STATE-CRAFT by the DEEP-STATE,... as they seek to expand, and consolidate their control over the entire planet, and if they have to initiate a global war (nuclear??), and exterminate a couple of billion people in the process,.. so much the better by their standards.

But,.. lets just go along with the obscenely stupid narrative that NK is seriously contemplating going to war with the US, and in particular, is willing to use a nuke,.... here now, is a previous overview given by me, describing the use of a SINGLE US weapons platform should North Korea, or any country want to go,.. "nuclear":

HaHaHaHa!!!! - NORTH KOREA A (CHOKE!),.. THREAT!!! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa,.. OMG!!!

Secretary Of Defense, Jim Mattis states North Korea A "Clear And Present Danger"

My Fellow Americans:

Hahahahahahahahahahaha,... CHOKE!!!,.. GASPPPPP!!!!,.. Hahahahahahahaha,... GASPPPP!,... Hahahahahahahahahaha,... OMG!!! (Wiping tears away from my eyes from laughing so hard!)

Whew,... if nothing else, these PIC's (Psychos-In-Charge) are good for a really hardy laugh sometimes!!!

Breath!,... breath!,... breath!,.... ok,.... gasp,.. I think I have it under control now,.. whew...

The Secretary Of Defense, is trying to convince the American people, and the world, that North Korea is a,.. THREAT to us, and everyone else!!! (AHHHHHH,... QUICK!,.. run and hide under your bed while you piss all over yourself!!!)

Reality Check:

Alright, down to business here,...

Lets get this out in the open immediately,... North Korea (NK) can't even make enough RICE to feed it's own people,... on top of the fact, that NK EXISTS at our leisure, since we give them money, humanitarian aid, loans (that they will NEVER, EVER pay back), we give them fuel, food, raw materials, technology, information, intelligence,,.. in fact give them,.. just about everything they need to exist!, period, bar none!

If we ever wanted to "punish" NK,.. or get rid of it as a "threat",.. then all we have to do is,... STOP SUPPORTING IT'S EXISTENCE!

You see, besides being another manufactured "communist threat", like the way WE,... THE USA COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY built the Soviet Union into the BIG, BAD, GLOBAL THREAT it became (See The Works Of: Anthony Sutton, Major Jordan), NK is the worlds biggest,... RAT LAB!

The Internationalists,.. you know, the Communists, Zionists, Illuminati, One-Worlders, etc, aren't actually sure how to control the entire globe!,.. They have there own ideas about it for sure,... (See: Tragedy & Hope by Carroll Quigley), but the fact is,... they don't want to just have strong influence of the world population,.. NO!,.. that just isn't good enough for them,... what they want is ABSOLUTE GODLY POWERS OVER ALL OF HUMANITY (...said in a LOUD,... BOOMING, ECHOEY VOICE!), but what does it mean to control EVERY aspect of an entire nation of people???

Enter - North Korea, and the largest human experiment in population control to the Nth degree ever.

Oh sure, .. some will comment that the Soviet Union was that kind of Rat Lab,... which it was to a certain degree, but even in the old Soviet Union (which we,... the USA created and built), did not exert the kind of super minutia surveillance and control that NK has.

NK, is the Soviet Union on steroids,... or more appropriately,.. the old Soviet Union taken 4, 5, or even 10 levels higher in attaining complete and absolute control of a population.

NK has largely served it's NWO function as a Rat Lab,... so now,.. it will serve it's final,.. and greatest function as a "Global Threat", and may be sacrificed on the Alter of the Military-Industrial-Complex as the justification of another world war.

Will they do that?,... drop a few nukes on NK and reduce it to a smoldering heap of ashes and melted sand?,... if need be,.. yes, absolutely, and without hesitation or a second thought!

In the mean time,.. NK is nothing more than the global equivalent of circus clowns,.. you know,.. the entertainers that come out between the main acts at a circus, to keep people's attention and distract them as they get ready for the next main act,... that is NK's true role right now,... just distraction while the main event is being set-up.

For those still not completely convinced of this simple truth, lets take this just one step further then.

Nuclear Exchange Analysis (... wanna play a game?....):

Let's say NK decides to launch a nuke, and it does manage to hit a city or near a city with an ICBM that was built with technology given to NK,.. buy us.

Ok,.. so maybe we lose a portion of a city, or maybe even a whole city,... then what?

Well,.. the moment NK launched any such ICBM,... our Mil-Sats would have a "Launch-Detect" before the damn thing even made it 500 feet in the air.
 Instantly, we would initiate a Counter-Strike Protocol.

Now,.. I'm not even going to bother talking about our B-52's, our Midwest ICBM Missile Silo's, Cheyenne Mountain, or any of our other Nuclear Launch capabilities,... I will just use one,.. and only one platform to exemplify the nature of what would happen to NK.

We (The USA) have something called Nuclear Capable Submarines,... and that means Nuclear Missile capable, besides the fact they utilize a nuclear fuel propulsion system.

The biggest one we have in inventory, that US admits to, is the Ohio Class Submarine.

Of these,... the US Navy readily admits we have a minimum of 18 in service right now.

Just ONE,. A SINGLE Ohio Class Submarine, carries the following:

24 Trident II D5 SLBM* MIRV'd** ICBM's***
EACH Trident D5 is capable of carrying:

            - 12 - W76 Nuclear Warheads,.. OR,

            - 12 - W88 Nuclear Warheads,.. OR,

            - Some combination of those two nuclear warheads.

EACH W76 Nuclear Warhead is capable of producing 300 kt of explosive force.

EACH W88 Nuclear Warhead is capable of producing 475 kt of explosive force.

    *Note: SLBM - Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile
  **Note: MIRV - Multiple Independently-Targeted Re-entry Vehicles
***Note: ICBM - Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile

The bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were estimated to be about 14 ~ 18 kt (kilo-ton).

This means that just ONE W76 Nuclear Warhead is at least 21.4x (2,140 %) MORE powerful that what leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and vaporized some 75,000 Japanese women and children in each city (most who were killed by these bombs were women and children) in about 1/10 of 1 second.

For the W88, the numbers are even more staggering, at 475 kt, that makes the W88 at least 33.9 (3,393%) MORE powerful than the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And that is just a SINGLE W88 Nuclear Warhead.

A SINGLE Trident D5 has 12 of  these W88's on it.

Now - Deployment.

First Strike Targets - All military Command And Control Centers, Comm Centers, Leadership Bunkers, Munitions Storage Locations, Key Logistical Support Locations such as Food Warehouses, Supply Warehouses, Parts, Medical, Water Treatment, Communications Repair Warehouses, then Major Cities, Ports, Large Dams (Hydro-electric), etc, etc ,etc.

NK has 27 major cities that I could find in my research, and if we throw some 30 key military and storage facilities into the mix, that gives us approximately 60 Primary Targets.

Ok,.. with some 60 Principle Targets identified and feed into the Targeting Computers of the ICBM's,.. that amounts to a whopping,... 5 Missiles to destroy all those targets across all of North Korea. (5 Trident D5's x 12 W88's each = 60 Independently Controlled Warheads)

Ok,.. out a SINGLE Ohio Class Submarines complement of 24 Trident D5's,... 5 get launched, obliterates ALL of NK Primary targets,... that still leaves 19 more missiles in the sub tubes, ready for launch.

Ok,.. so,.. we were not happy with the shear level of death, destruction and obliteration the first round did,.... so,.. WE DO IT AGAIN!,... Launch another 5 Trident D5's with 12 W88's on each of them for another 60 nuclear warheads unleashed across all of North Korea,... that still leaves 14 D5's.

Ok,... were STILL not happy with the shear level of utter destruction of what was once a place called North Korea,.. SOooooo,.. WE DO IT AGAIN,... and launch another 5 Trident D5's with 12 W88's on each for another 60 nuclear warheads unleashed across all of North Korea .


Ok,.... THAT STILL NOT ENOUGH!!!,.. EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NOW NOT A SINGLE LIVING THING IN ALL OF North Korea,... except mayby the coastal, or deep valley area's,... SOOOooooooo,.. WE LAUNCH AGAIN!!!

Only this time, since EVERY major target has now been hit by a 475kt Nuclear Warhead,... THREE TIMES,.... we know adjust the warheads of the remaining 9 Trident D5's, which have a complete W88 load of 108 - 475kt Warheads, to cover all the "in-between" locations the last round of nuclear strikes left untouched.
 Ok,.. so,.. now the score card:

North Korea - Destroyed ONE US City with a single nuclear warhead.

USA - Removed from existence a place once called,... "North Korea",.... with a grand total of 288 Nuclear Warheads, each nuclear warhead over 3,000% more powerful than the one that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki which vaporized some 75,000 Japanese in 1/10 of a second in each city.

In addition, because if the insanely high rate of radioactivity, the geography of North Korea will not be inhabitable for at least the next 1,000 years or so.
Death Tolls:
 North Korea's Strike on a US City: If we pick one of our most densely populated cities, say New York, and assume a 100% casualty rate, then we are talking about North Korea killing an estimated 7 million people here in the US.

United States Strike on North Korea: There are an estimated 26 million people in North Korea, it is easy to suggest that the casualty rate would be every living thing,... man, women, child, animals, fish, bugs, and even the plants.

 And that is just ONE of our 18 Ohio Class Submarines.
 Ok,.. do you see the shear laughability of this,.. "contest"???

NK might,.. might get ONE ICBM in on us,.. and then,.. that region of the world known as North Korea,....  disappears,.. forever!

I don't know what poker games Kim Jung Un may know how to play,... but there is no doubt he is not crazy,.. or stupid enough to even consider this kind of trade off,.. not even for a New York second!

And lastly, just for back up,.. we have another 17 Ohio Class Submarines, and DOZENS of OTHER submarines which are ALSO nuclear ICBM - ready-for-launch!,... and then we could roll out our B-52's, our ALCM's, our AGM's, our Nuclear-Tipped Tomahawk's, and after we have launched some 3,000 warheads from those sources, than we still have ALL the ICBM's in their silo's ready for launch here at home,...

OK!,... so,.. who was trying to say NK is a,... "threat" to us,.. or anyone???

The only reason I'm shaking so much,.. is because I am laughing so God-damn hard!


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  1. I remember "duck and cover drills" when I was in school, crawling under my desk. I was too young to actually know what was going on. By the time I got to High School I realized what a farce it was. And more years later realizing what a farce our government was.