Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump Warns North Korea That US Military Is "Locked And Loaded"

AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Goes The Audience!

YOU GO TRUMP!!!!.... You Show The World Your A Zionist Little BITCH That Knows How To Read His Script!!!!

My Fellow Americans:

Yaaawwwnnnn,..... as predictable as the morning low-tide,... and it's ensuing stench.

Yes people,... theater par excellence!... don't you think?

You better think so!,... you may have a front row seat to the next zionist-jew-communist-ROTHSCHILD's contrived world war,... and may have to watch your cherished children march into another zionist-jew meat grinder, but don't worry,... our military is the best!!,.. I'm sure they will at least make every attempt to get what few fragments of meat are left of your kid to send home for you to bury,... thereby giving you a sense of,.. "closure", and the international-communist run,  industrial-military-congressional-complex (as Eisenhower originally called it) another $$million$$ in pure profits to try and slake their insatiable desire for more of everything, like money, power,....... DEATH!,.... while you get to cry, lament, and carefully pack the childhood artifacts you so carefully left undisturbed in their former bedroom,... when they went to die for our zionist overlords.

Great job stupid Americans.

Gruesome enough for you?,.. vivid imagery of sorrow and despair enough for you???,...  well,.. if you have done nothing to expose the fact we do NOT have a government, but instead have an AFIO: Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,.. a zionist-jew occupation to be precise,... then I guess it wasn't, since you have done nothing to expose them, save our country, or even save your own child.

Question: Why are so many people willing to march their children into another contrived war?,....

Answer: Because they are cowardly, worthless, brainwashed, low-class, ignorant, cannon fodder,... and are all to willing to fulfill their role,... as expendable slaves.

Simple enough answer?.....

Going on,....

So now that I chastised the stupid and cowardly,.. let's look at the latest development in creating a context for global war,...

So we have Kim Jung Un,... and his horrible, horrible hair-do,... supposedly all agitated with the aggressive nature of the US, and decided he is going to wipe the US out of existence,... or at least that is what he has been reading from his zionist-jew que-cards.

Trump has then read his zionist cue-cards just as well, and the latest is: "... the US Military is locked and loaded!",....

Remember people,... PROPAGANDA precedes ALL wars, as war is always a trick of the rich to get the poor to go fight for them and earn them more wealth,.... but before any actual fighting occurs,... the public perception of a "threat" MUST be created, that "threat" must require action!,... and failing to react to that "threat" can lead to your demise!!!! Simple template, but has worked amazingly well for the elite for several millennia.

Sometimes a little helper is needed, so enter stage left,... a very convenient Gov't Black-Op, also called a "False-Flag",... so I would not be surprised if somehow,... a destructive event occurs, that gets blamed on North Korea,... which will of course require the IMMEDIATE response of the US!!!,.. NO TIME TO WAIT OR INVESTIGATE!!!!,.. WE KNOW IT WAS NORTH KOREA,.. SO FIRE THEM NUKE MISSILES NOW DAMN IT!!!! 

Yes people,... this is ALL theater,... and rather poor theater at that, but it does have the most serious consequences as ramifications,.. say like the use of nukes,... and maybe a few million, or a billion (?) dead,... MMMmmm - Mmm,..... juuuussssstttttt the way,... the zionist-jew-communists like it.

Will they push it to the point of actual confrontation this time around?,... it's looking more and more likely by the day,.. isn't it?

Given the tempo upbeat of the propaganda (lies),... and the portrayed "threat level" that is being dished out in the zionsit-jew controlled news,... I'm starting to think this roman candle may actually get lit off.

How does this play out for us?

Good Question.

This is a wholly unique point in human history,....

Never before have the international zionsit-jew-communists had some much control over so many "gov'ts", media, industry and phony money, coupled with a world population of over 7 BILLION, and have technology at their finger tips,... literally,... that can wipe out 20, 30, 40 MILLION people,.... in under ONE SECOND!!!

No,.. I do not know how this will play out,.. but I do know,... it is not intended for our benefit,... it is not intended to make the world safer,... it is not intended to safe guard liberties, freedom or justice,... no,.. their goals, and the results of any actual fighting on a scale that we would call World War 3, is for the opposite of anything,.. and everything that decent, honest and freedom loving people want....

And that is why we must stop them,... and it starts by learning the truth,.. exposing them,.... and letting them know we have figured them out, who and what they are,.. and they will be held accountable for their monstrous transgressions,.... and hang from a rope,... by the neck,.. until they are dead, dead, dead for it.

Exterminating these psycho-paths, before they exterminate us,.. is the only way to ensure our own safety.

JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny.

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