Monday, September 11, 2017


Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Scowcroft, Rice, Silverstein, Gulliani, Kurick, And Others Still Not Arrested For Their Roles In Executing 9/11.

 My Fellow Americans:

 Another year of "celebrating",.. or "remembering" those "horrific attacks" on 9/11, is once again foisted on the public as the dumb-as-doornails Americans lap-up the zionist-jew-communist lies about who and how 9/11 was actually carried out.

 I have addressed this so many times, both in writing and on the radio show I use to be a co-host on, I don't even really care much to try and educate the dumb-down masses much any more,... I am just disgusted with how stupid the average American is, and appalled by what kind of garbage they accept.

 In the end, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Scowcroft, Rice, Silverstein, Giuliani, Kerik, and slew of other two-bit stage actors are still running around free for their part in 9/11, not to mention that none of the masterminds in Israel, Washington DC, Sweden (Think... BIS), or any of the international communists like the Clintons, Rockefellers, Kissinger, Warburgs and of course the Rothschilds  have been held accountable for their direct, and indirect roles in planning, orchestrating and executing 9/11.

 I will not detail the hundreds of "tells",... details, that easily expose the fact the gov't version of 9/11 is not only improbable, but by all the physical laws of this universe, or any other universe, the gov't version of 9/11 is simply impossible, technically, physically,  or mathematically, but then again,... why let little things like facts get in the way of a good bullshit story of how some sheepherders from the other side of the planet suddenly hated our "freedoms" so much, they managed to knock down three skyscrappers with only two aircraft!,.. or flew another aircraft into the Pentagon mere inches from the ground at velocities that are impossible!

 Of course, Americans are also willing to accept how the explanation of the missile,.. errrr,.. I mean,.. "aircraft" that struck the Pentagon on 9/11, did so by flying with it's wing-undermounted engine flying nearly TEN FEET below ground level,... without disturbing the ground,... is just a given. (see page 35 of: "The Pentagon BuildingPerformance Report")

But, in a vain attempt to reach maybe a couple of people, lets just start with the basic premise of the 9/11 Gov't version and see how it holds up to a couple of interesting facts.

 1) The "Gov''t Version" of 9/11 explicitly states that the AA-11 (American Airlines Flight 11) struck WTC (World Trade Center) 1 at 466 mph.

 2) The "Gov't Version" of 9/11 explicitly states that UA-175 (United Airlines Flight 175) struck WTC 2 at 590 mph

Problem: Both impacts occurred at just above sea level. At that altitude, the air is so thick, that neither aircraft are capable of flying at such velocities for two reasons:

 1- Drag: The aerodynamic or parasitical drag is so great in the dense sea-level air, that the engines are nowhere near capable of producing the power needed to overcome the drag, as the power required, is to the cube exponent. This means you double the drag,... the power required to overcome it is now 2 to the 3rd power, or 2 x 2 x 2, which equals 8 times more power. The drag at sea level compared to cruising altitude is about 4 times greater, which means the engines would need to produce 4 x 4 x 4,.. or about 64 times more power.

 Yeah,.. sure,.. no problem there,.. NEXT!

 2 - Stress: Even if the engines on the aircraft that could suddenly produce about a 1,000 times more power,.... the aircraft itself could never withstand the aerodynamic stresses that would get induced into the airframe, lifting and control surfaces, without suffering complete catastrophic failure almost instantly.

 Both these aircraft are stated as having flown into the towers well above their VMO Ratings (Velocity- Maximum Operating), and in the case of UA175, nearly 200 mph over VMO,.. which is hopelessly impossible. Why?

Because as the aircraft approach their VMO for a given altitude, which for passenger commercial aircraft of these types, at sea-level is only about 300 mph, they begin to suffer from the extreme stresses being induced into the aircraft frame structure.

A condition called "Flutter" begins to manifest, which is the undesired movement of aircraft components like wings and control surfaces in a rapid and harmonic oscillation.

 As this oscillation also hits the "natural frequency" or "harmonic" of the aircraft system, it then goes into a "feed-back" condition where the movement starts to rapidly grow in amplitude and physical movement as the aircraft sections begins to wiggle and rotate independently of each other.

 As the wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers start to move, they are also changing their AOA, or "Angel-Of-Attack", which is the critical angel that the wings are meeting the on-coming air at. (Think of when you stick your hand out the window of car while your doing 50 or 60 mph, and how the up-lifting, or down-pushing force felt on your hand is greatly effected by changing the angle of your flat hand, to the angle of the on-coming air,...  same principle)

 Now,.. as the wings and stabilizers are suddenly stressed even more by the changing AOA, it now induces a condition known as "Aero-Elastic-Divergence".

 AED is where the lifting, or down-pushing forces are suddenly exponentially greater, exceed the aircrafts ability to withstand these enormous forces, and literally rip the wings, ad/or stabilizers, and/or controls surfaces off the aircraft completely, resulting in a complete catastrophic failure of the aircraft structure.

 This whole process of induced flutter-to-AED and disintegration of the aircraft structure can occur in as little as seconds when pushed well beyond an aircrafts VMO, such as officially stated about these aircraft.

 The fact is, both of the supposed aircraft that struck the Twin Towers, would have sheared apart long before they ever reached the buildings at those velocities,.. in fact, it is mathematically impossible that either aircraft could have begun to exceed their VMO's by such a stupendous amount, and still fly at all without literally shredding themselves long before impact.

 It's simple impossible, period, bar none.


 Even if your dumb enough to buy the whole "Global Terrorism" story line, the fact is,... the official version of 9/11 is dead in the water right at the first verifiable fact, which is the sheer velocity these aircraft were radar tracked at.


 In the case of UA175, that is nearly 300 mph over VMO at sea level!,.. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha,.. OMG!,... if this wasn't such a serious subject matter, it would be the greatest joke of the last two centuries!

But,.. you stupid people go out there, participate in this con-job called 9/11 Memorials, and keep doing your bit to feed into the lies that are being feed our children and grand children.

And that is just one of the glaring physical impossibilities of the zionist-jew-communist story of 9/11.
There are thousands of other nagging little facts like this when you look into the story of 9/11,.. but that just ruins a good bullshit story, doesn't it....
Enjoy Your 9/11 Hogwash Memorials People,... Lies Need Stupid People To Keep Them Alive,.. So Do Your Part!!! (The Zionist-Jew-Communists who orchestrated this, thank you!)

JD - US Marine Fighting Stupidity.


  1. JD - US Marine Fighting Stupidity...

    You are fighting a losing battle, JD

    I AM your brother-in-arms in the fight but, I'm afraid it is a losing proposition.


  2. Hi Rev,

    Unfortunately,... I agree with you.

    I am frequently stunned by how brainwashed the simple majority of Americans are.

    They are hopeless, and no matter what evidence could be presented,... they would prefer to wallow in their infinite stupidity, rather than man-up and admit, they were duped, they participated in the fraud,... and now it's time to clean house.

    No,.. it's down to a handful of the wise, alert, brave, and the few men who still have a set of something called,.... balls!

    Good Luck Rev,... we're few in numbers,... but each one of us,.. is worth 10,000 of them!

    JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny.

  3. You all do know that there is a pretty large number of us that simply do not believe for one second the government account of the 9/11 lies. I didn't believe it at first myself, and went looking for answers, and hell, the number of people with pages out there with different proofs and reasons is mind boggling. From structural engineers to material scientists, to aeronautical people, anyone who is well versed in the fields of study, is part of the so call conspiracy nuts. And there are the stories of some who have been killed or been in mysterious accidents. The shadow government sure has guts.