Monday, September 4, 2017

Trump (And His Hair Piece) - "US Ready To Use 'Nuclear Capabilities' To Defend Itself & Allies From N. Korea"

Ok,... Time to rename Washinton DC Arkham, and notify the public that the inmates are running the insane asylum!!! (apologies to DC Comics and Batman....)

  My Fellow Americans:

 So,.. the zionist shill called Trump (and his hair piece) just stated the following:

           The White House has warned that the US is ready to use the “full range” of capabilities at its disposal and might resort to using its nuclear arsenal against North Korea if it continues to threaten Washington or its allies.


 "Might resort to using it's nuclear arsenal..."????

 Ok,... no problem there,.. as long as we rename Washington DC,... ARKHAM!,.. as in the Insane Asylum in the DC Comics series "Batman",.. and then notify the general public (like a road side storm warning),..

             "Attention - Arkham (Formerly called Washington DC), is now being run by the inmates, and they have the entire Nuclear Arsenal of the United States at their disposal!"

Hahahahaha,.... OMG!,... What could go wrong with this???... Let me count the ways.....

 Remember people,.. just because North Korea is nothing more than another lackey puppet state of Arkham (Formerly called Washington DC), doesn't mean they won't use NK as a sacrificial crucible,... even a nuclear,.. sacrificial crucible!

 Zionist Game Plan Z-1: "When all else fails,.. start another World War!,... if possible,.. use nuclear capabilities as early on as possible!"

  You bet people,.. sure looks like this is what Netanyahu's little toy bitch,.. Trump,.. is lining up to do, as per his orders.

 Stand by for more on this, as this is NOT the last we have heard of this, as they seek global nuclear war (even a "limited one") in the near future.


JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny

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