Monday, October 2, 2017

Hogs No Longer With Us But Not Forgotten

Anne Francis (Sep 16, 1930 - Jan 2, 2011) 

Anne Francis was an actress from New York, famous for appearing in a wide variety of films. Anne was discovered and signed by 20th Century-Fox after playing a seductive juvenile delinquent in the film So Young So Bad (1950), other roles include, Elopement (1951), Lydia Bailey (1952) and Dreamboat (1952). At MGM, she found leading lady work in a few 1950s classics: Bad Day at Black Rock (1955); Blackboard Jungle (1955); and the science fiction cult classic Forbidden Planet (1956). 

In the 1960s she stared in two classic Twilight Zone episodes, The After Hours (1960) and Jess-Belle (1963). In 1965 Anne had her own TV series, as an Emma Peel-like detective in the short-lived cult series Honey West, where she combined glamour a sexy veneer and karate. 

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