Wednesday, December 27, 2017

French magazine causes uproar after putting Israel next to N. Korea as ‘not a real country’

Found this story in RT

French magazine Youpi had to withdraw its January issue for making the “mistake” of putting Israel next to North Korea as examples of not “real countries.”

Looks like people are starting to recognize what JD has been saying for years. "Israel" is nothing more than a Rothschild's terrorist franchise* that is OCCUPYING a country called PALESTINE, the same way, the CIA franchise - ISIS, occupies Iraq and Syria.


It is called, PALESTINE,... Palestine-Under-Occupation to be correct.

You see, everyone has been duped into thinking that there is a "country" called "Israel", when nothing could be further from the truth!

Israel,  a fraud, was supposedly created by that international communist ADVISORY body, called the United Nations, or the U.N. (which is just another Rothschild's/Rockefeller creation like the Federal Reserve, CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc..), which was based on a fraud called the British Proclamation (1922), which was in response to another fraud called , "The Balfour Declaration" (11/2/1917). (The "creation" of Israel has been a FRAUD from it's inception, and in every step of the way!)

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