Monday, January 15, 2018

For Those Still Confused About Who Actually Runs This Country - "Trump Follows Zionists' Dictates On Iran"

US President Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of “his Israeli masters” in adopting antagonistic policies toward the Islamic Republic of Iran, says a former US diplomat.
Video at Press TV

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  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Do not be misled about who ultimately controls the US, our Senate, DOD or Trump,.. it still comes down to the Bankster families like the Brown's, Harrieman's, Morgan's, Carnegie's, Rockefellar's and of course, the ultimate global slime of communism and financial perfidy,... the Rothschilds.

    Israel is just their proxy,.... an important proxy with agenda's and agencies all their own,... but none the less,.. still just a proxy that controls all aspects of US financial, military and political systems, and even though Israel is not the Deep-State always talked about, they still are the purveyor of global terrorism, and as such,... must be exterminated, before they complete their plans to exterminate us.

    JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny.