Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Train Crash! - Attempted Assassination Of Republicans And Their Families,.. Or Coincidence?

SOTU Response? - "Memo" Response? - Mueller/Clinton Response?

This is EXACTLY the kind of crap I would expect from the Deep-State International Communists (aka - Democrats) against the Deep-State National Fascists (Republicans)
My Fellow Americans:

Today's news is,... "Train Taking Republicans To Retreat Hits Truck"
Fresh from the Communist News Network (CNN):

"A train carrying members of Congress -- including House Speaker Paul Ryan -- to their legislative retreat in West Virginia hit a truck Wednesday, multiple sources told CNN, leaving at least one person dead"

When I was in the military, we did receive some basic espionage/counter-espionage training, which included subject matters such as assassinations and public events of mass casualty "accidents" that mirror today's occurrence precisely.

I am not a big fan of simple "co-incidence", and if I were a betting man, I would place all my money on this being a staged (intentional) event, otherwise know as a Black-Op.

Remember,... these Republican traitors (ALL Congressmen are traitors, but belong to a few different Deep-State factions) are in the process of trying to expose Hillary, Obama, Mueller and a slew of other International Communist Operatives, who are the lowest of the low in their objectives, strategies and tactics.

This could be a response to Trump's SOTU last night, or the threat of publicly disclosing this so called damning "memo", or it could be related to Mueller, Clinton, Obama directly etc. (We may never know what the exact impetus was),... but the fact this is a Deep-State event is virtually guaranteed.

Killing is part of their normal menu of options, and killing their intended target, with their family or even a boat, plane, or in the case, a train load of other unrelated people is all part of their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

I know some will try to argue this was just,... "an unfortunate co-incidence!",..... but I personally do not buy that for a New York second.

According to the story,... a truck loaded with GARBAGE (another one of those International Communist inside jokes) was on the tracks when the train struck it.

I have not seen any mention as to exactly how many republicans or family members in total were on the train, but it does appear not a single "Democrat" was on that very train.

It is also wholly interesting that there has not been a single word released yet as to WHY this truck just happen to be on the tracks at the very moment, or where this "garbage truck" came from, or where it was going.

Also no mention of who was driving it, or any of the drivers history.

No people,.. this smells of,,.. well,.. garbage to me!

If this was a Deep-State orchestrated event, then it has failed to produce any real casualties (dead Congressman or family members), but it may have been the Communist Deep-state's intent to convey the simply message that none of them, or their families are safe if they persist in their dismantling and exposure of the Clinton-Obama Deep State constructs of the last 20 or so years.

It will be interesting to see what kind of Blow-Back occurs from this,.. or do the National Fascists simply pussy down??


JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny


  1. There was a second garbage truck in the grassy knoll too.

    1. Hi Anon,

      Must be!,.. since ALL the train damage shown in the photos was all on the left-front side (drivers side if this was a car), but ALL the debris, wrecked container and damaged truck, is on the right side (passenger side if this was a car).

      There was ZERO damage on the passenger-front side of the train (supposed side of impact), in addition to the train's paint job mysteriously changing from the older red-white & blue strip mid height of the engine, to all greyish/white, which is physically impossible in this universe,... unless there was a "truck on the grassy knoll"...

      But,.. why let little things like,... FACTS,... ruin a Zionist controlled story. (You know,.. like some sheep herders from the other side of the planet, flying one of the most sophisticated aircraft in human history well beyond it physical limits, and using only TWO jets to knock down THREE state of the art steel skyscrapers (World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 & 7)!

      There must have been a "jet on the grassy knoll" also.