Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another Dis-Info Agent Site

My Fellow Americans: is nothing more than another Dis-Info Agent site.

The narrator/operator of the X22 Report site, 'Ol Dave, is about as full of shit as they come... bar none!

If you believe anything this traitor states, you are doing yourself, and our country a tremendous dis-service, and are impeding your own efforts to understand the truth.

A Little History:

I have caught Dave outright lying and covering up for the very criminal elements he ostensibly should be exposing, especially where it concerns the International Global Terrorist Franchise called Israel. (Recall, Israel is only a proxy for the true deep state which includes the likes of the Brown's Harrieman's, Morgan's, Carnegie's, Warburg's, Rockefeller's, and of course the Rothschild's that love to BRAG about how they created the Terrorist State of Israel!)

I had written Dave DOZENS of times, especially when I was a cohost of a radio show and did a segment called the Tactical Report, which was covering many of the same issues Dave would touch on, and lie about.

I also informed him each and every time of my Radio Show/Military/Engineering Background as well as my affiliation as the Chief Forensics Engineer for AE9/11truth.

Dave NEVER responded so much as once, despite the fact I offered to come on his show (many times) and delineate the facts, mechanisms, and history of how we got to where we are (the International Zionist-communist-jews running this country top to bottom..), or at least discussing how 9/11 was carried out using AMERICAN military hardware like an E737 (ELECTRONIC WARFARE 737 - US Air Force Inventory) to hit the Twin Towers, or the CALCM-AGM 86D with an AUP-EDE Warhead* (again... US Air Force Inventory) that struck the Pentagon.

*Note: I have discussed this many times in previous articles, but for those new to my site, or simply forgot - CALCM-AGM-86D/AUP-EDE: Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile - Air to Ground Missile - 86D (the particular Boeing IDS model) - Advanced Unitary Penetrator - Energy Dense Explosive Warhead (Warhead produced by Lockheed-Martin).

I had contacted Dave thru his own website dozens of times, over the course of years, and never even had the courtesy of a single response to say, "no thank you".

I had also contacted Dave dozens of times telling to STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE thru his dis-info site called the "X22 Report".

Of course, I never got a single response to that either.

Current History:

Ok,.. On his latest PROPAGANDA Piece called, "Q Anon, A False Flag Attempt Is Headed Our Way - Episode 1474" - January 17, 2018, Dave discusses several items, but I wanted to address just a couple of his bullshit lies.

1 - DOD: He discusses the "policy" of DOD (Department Of Defense) Nuclear Use guidelines.

In this, he discusses how DOD is stating that they are willing to use nuclear weapons for non-nuclear threats, and even in response to something as non-tactical as a cyber-attack.
Full-Of-Shit (FOS) Dave presents this like it new news.

Nothing could be further from truth.

DOD had issued new guidelines/policies and advisories several YEARS ago, indicating how they would use nuclear weapons for non-nuclear threats, including simple cyber attacks (the ultimate False-Flag justification, don't you think?).

This was done as a prelude to the suspected attempts of the Bolshevik-Communist-Jews to carry out another false-flag attack here on American soil, that thankfully got thwarted by various elements also vying for deep state control of this country.

There is NOTHING new in this, it is old news that has been covered by hundreds of Alt-Press outlets in thousands of articles and commentaries, including yours truly, and is expected at this point as the deep state criminals seek another event to displace more American freedoms into the trash bin as they extend their global tyranny/plunder/mass murder also.

2 - Q Anon: Now here is the latest Dis-Info Agent gambit that Dave has latched onto whole heartedly.

Q Anon is suppose to be short for, "Q - Anonymous", meaning this is suppose to be someone with the CIA security clearance of "Q" (supposedly the most strict), and of course, "Anonymous", as he/she cannot disclose their real identity.

First off,... anyone with an actual "Q" Clearance is part of the insiders, and is NOT suddenly going to get a conscience, or suddenly feel the need to endanger their life to simply release a few snippets of largely incomprehensible babble speak (although some of the snippets are explicit),... no people,... if someone with an actual Q-clearance did suddenly decide to go rogue,... the last thing they would do is call themselves something that would readily and easily identify them for what they are, as the CIA (as well as other "Intelligence Agencies") has a full proof method to quell them,..... they would simply kill,... or "Suicide" them into silence,... without hesitation.

Works everytime.

Back to Q Anon - now I have seen several Q Anon "releases",.. all of which are nothing more than fragments, letters or keywords, loosely thrown about, that in the end,... mean absolutely dick.

This is the "Bread-Crumb" Gambit,.... where the Dis-info agent is supposedly releasing tantalizingly small bits of info (like Bread-Crumbs being thrown on the floor for the pigeons), and we, the general public, especially those who are "awake, or are "waking up" or in the Patriot Movement trying to protect our country, are put into the position of trying to figure out what the hell the small, dis-jointed bits of information are suppose to actually indicate.

Forget it,... your being played people,... first by Q Anon, and of course thru the bullshit Alt-News Sites that are trying to play themselves off as Patriot Sites, like the bullcrap site, X22 Report.

3 - False Flag Warning: FOS Dave goes onto read/interpret these latest Q Anon news flashes like they mean there maybe an impending False-Flag Attack (Supposedly as soon as this week...).

Here, let me help you and FOS Dave out a little,....


Unfortunately, this is the current state of affairs here in communist-zionist-jew controlled America (notice how Traitor Dave NEVER mentions the fact that the communist-zionist-jews run this country...)

They will use a False-Flag at their convenience, and although they may get inhibited from carrying one out now and then,... that doesn't mean they simply throw their hands up in the air and say, "well fellow traitors and psychopaths,... we got stopped again, so I guess we should just give up trying to execute another False-Flag..."

Hahahahahaha,.... NO!,.... they are true traitors and psychopaths, who operate with complete immunity and impunity, and have no cause to cease in their debauchery whatsoever.

4 - Cabal On The Ropes: Traitor Dave has on multiple occasions, talked about how the "Cabal" or deep state is on the ropes, and how Trump is helping to expose/destroy them! (Now do your chant! - USA!, USA!, USA!....)

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!,... ok,... (wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes....)


The "Cabal" is not close to being destroyed, nor is their control over global events been loosened,... in fact,... in ALL of human history,.... NEVER HAS SO FEW CONTROLLED SO MANY!

The cabal is only NOT on the verge of disintegration,... they have never enjoyed so much control, so much stolen wealth, an so much protection as they do RIGHT NOW,... and all the parameters of their nefarious activities continue to GROW each and everyday without abatement of any sort.,... got it?!

This is where this scumbag, Traitor Dave over at the X22 Report really earns his treason pay!

By constantly telling the American people that the cabal is, "losing control", "being exposed", "getting stopped", and are about to be arrested as all these (bullshit) "investigations" will surely get them locked up, Dave is detracting and redirecting peoples attention from the actual truth, which is the exact opposite of everything he states!

I use to cover this in the Tactical Report years ago,.... which is,... remember,... the deep state is the ultimate practitioners of Sun Tzu, and one of the top axioms of Sun Tzu tactics, is to always appear as the opposite of what is true,... if your strong, appear weak, if your wealthy, appear poor, if your in full control,... appear to have no control, etc, etc, etc.

This is where Traitor Dave does his part to uphold their Sun Tzuian mandate of getting people to believe the opposite of the truth.

If you not sure about this, then your not thinking.

Here is how we know the deep state, the cabal, the international communists, the national fascist's are doing fine,....

Have you seen ANY of them actually charged, arrested, or even run through a mock trial (only to be acquitted)?

Have you seen that international war criminal, Henry Kissenger, arrested, or even barred from the White House???!!! (Hell NO!!!,.. he walks in to the White House as he pleases, and soils any chair he wants in the oval office without so much as a "may I please"....)

Have you seen that low life scum, George Soros have international arrest warrants issued for him, especially since his connection to so many protests, riots, deaths, and political unrest are tied directly to him and his funding outlets??
Is Hillary Clinton in jail yet? (Oh,.. I know!,.. your thinking,... "yeah!,.. but that is coming!!!!,.. just wait,.. A LITTLE LONGER!...."),.. ok,.. you keep waiting "...  a little longer",.... idiot.

Have you seen any of their assets, wealth, property or foundations seized yet??

If YOU got caught with so much as a joint or a gram of cocaine, would have your car, home, even bank account seized under "asset forfeiture laws", but these deep state assets (psychopaths) commit crimes on a breath taking scale day-in and day-out, and what happens to them?,... that's right,... they get "Time Magazine Man Of The Year!", a Noble Peace Prize, an Airport or an Aircraft Carrier named after them....

Are you getting the picture yet?

Ok,... I just wanted to address the fact that Dave over at the X22 Report is part of the Dis-info circuit.

He is NOT here to inform you, he is here to MIS-inform you...

He is not a Patriot,.. he is a TRAITOR...

He does not represent truth,... he dispenses lies...

If anything, you should write Traitor Dave, thru his site, and let him know,... he has been made,... and we know he is a complete traitor to this country, and will be held accountable for this sedition and treason.

Hope this helps a little.

JD - US Marine Exposing Dis-Info Agents.

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