Thursday, February 8, 2018


They Are Certainly Making It Clear This Is ALL Manipulated!


FACT: 99% Of All Financial Markets Are Debt-Based Fraud - The Zionist-Jews/Communists/Elite/NWO Or Whatever You Wish To Call Them, Can Shut Down Global Financial Markets With The Stroke Of A Computer Key!
My Fellow Americans:

RECAP: Ok,.. so we had a couple of interesting indicators suddenly flash their warning lights, such as the Illuminati stock market drop of 666 last week (2/2/18), and then the largest Dow crash in it's entire history Monday (2/5/18), with a 1,175 or 4.6% Dow point drop, then on Tuesday (2/6/18), the Dow opened 567 points down, to close EXACTLY 567 points back up!

Yeah,... just co-incidence,... I know.... so whatever you do,... DO NOT SAY THE FINANCIAL MARKETS ARE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY CONTROLLED!,.. or you may find a SWAT team at your door! (KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! - THOUGHT POLICE!!!,.. LET US IN!)

GOING ON: My suspicion is, they intended to have a "major event" (ie: Flase-Flag) at the Super Bowl on Sunday, but aborted the plan at the last moment for whatever reason(s), however, still executed the market crash on Monday, which was suppose to be a reaction to the mass-casualty event at the super bowl, that didn't occur.
Have you noticed how the Mass-Lying-Media have barely tried to explain what caused this "sudden" crash??
Did you notice that the few explanations they did try and throw out there, make no sense at all, or simply idiotic all together?


Have you seen ANY explanation that would support the event of a major market crash as being... (and I use the word loosely),.... "legitimate"?

 Let me help you here,.. don't bother,... there is none. This was done intentionally by the same small group of individuals that orchestrate whole countries to try and kill each other for no real reason other then the manipulation they pro-offer thru their controlled mass-lying-media.

Soon as I saw the news on Friday (2/2/18) that the Dow had crashed 666 points, I said, "Oh-oooo... better get Maaco!",... the PIC's (Psycho's-In-Charge) are sending up their warning flare they are getting ready to crash the system!,... after all, there is probably no greater "Illuminati number" than, "666".... is there.

I know most people have no idea what the general construct of the global financial system looks like, or how it operates, and so tend to be a little mystified when I say the global financial system is 99% pure fraud!
Allow me to present the thumbnail version of it, so you at least understand how easy it is for the Rothschilds and their henchmen to crash the global economy any moment they so choose.
What is the "Global Financial System"?
Well,... in a nutshell, it is suppose to be the regulated markets where financial activities occur openly according to free market principles, based on a price discovery mechanism, that facilitates financial activities, and the movement of goods and/or services.
When I say "regulated" here, I mean that the regulations are suppose to prevent corruption and market control,... not facilitate it! (which is what is actually occurring).
Ok,.. nice little text book definition that sounds all pretty and unsoiled.
The reality of what it is, is far different than the little fairy tale definition that is taught in schools or spewed out of the idiot box at you like water out of a garden hose.
Let's start with the basics,.... ALL financial transactions occurring through the markets are digital,... period. Some of those transactions may end up causing the movement of a real, tangible item, but that movement was facilitated by the cyber transaction represented by several fiat currencies, the prominent one being the Federal Reserve Note.

Hopefully you recall my discussion of: 1- How there is no such thing as an "American Dollar", 2 - That it is actually a fraud called the Federal Reserve Note that most people mistakenly call a US Dollar, 3 - How it is created by the International Zionist-Jew-Communist satellite office here in the US called The Federal Reserve, 4 - That it has been used to dupe all of America, and the world, and 5 - It is providing the very psychopaths who are seeking to enslave mankind, with the financial assets to do it with! (How insidious is that??!!)
Ok,.. so, continuing on our little thumbnail version of explaining how the Global Financial System is a fraud,....

 The US Gov't Bond is created out of thin air,... recall a "Bond" is a debt instrument,.... that bond, thru several actions finally arrives at commercial banks where it eventually gets promulgated into the public domain as, (said in a BIG,.. BOOMING,.. ECHOY,... VOICE),... THE US DOLLAR!!! (Da-da, da-da DAAAAAAA!!!!,.. cheap thriller music in the background...)

STOP! Right here for one second,.... because most people lose sight of the most important facts which are:

1 - The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE BANK, owned and operated by International Communists like the Brown's, Harrieman's, Warburg's, Rockefeller's, and of course the Rothschild's to name a few,... it is NOT,... NOT,.. NOT part of the US Gov't, it is NOT owned, operated, or controlled by the US Gov't or the American people,... and it is NOT Federal,.. it has NO Reserves, and it is NOT a Bank!,... hmmm,... that sounds like a complete fraud right there, doesn't it?,.. You bet it does, because it is!
2 - The US Bond was created by the Federal Reserve (the International Communist Satellite Office in this country) writing a check for the amount of the bond, for which the Federal Reserve has ZERO money in it's account to cover it with! (If you tried that, it's called bouncing a check, and they would charge you all kinds of fees, and if done for an amount large enough,... they would arrest you instantly).
The Bond is a DEBT Instrument that gets "sold" in the bond market by primary dealers, who then eventually deposit checks in a commercial bank, where the balance is then entered onto the bank's books against which the bank then makes loans, and VOILA!!!,.. currency, whether digital or paper, is now created and put into circulation.
Again, this is a simple overview a more complex process, but the lesson to take away here, the "currency, or dollars as we call them, are nothing more then the small, easily tradable denominations of the larger bond it was created from, but this currency still represents,... (HOLD YOUR BREATH!....)  DEBT!!!! (Ta-DAAAAAA!!!!,.... horns blaring, people clapping, balloons dropping from the ceiling, and some announcer in the background,... "... thank hew,... thank hew oll,.... thank hew,... thank hew...)
That's right people,... what we call,.. (again,.. IN A BIG,.. BOOMING,.. VOICE!).... THE US DOLLAR!,... is nothing more than an instrument of debt!, created from a larger instrument of debt!, called a bond,.... which was created out of thin air because The Federal Reserve wrote a check (or more accurately, pushed a few computers keys) against the nothingness of their non-existent bank account to do so!
To be technically correct, the US Dollar, is nothing more than a zionist-jew-communist DEBT instrument, or Certificate Of Enslavement!


The US Dollar is NOT money, it has NOTHING backing it, it has no intrinsic value of any kind, it does NOT represent wealth in anyway, but it is the largest fraud ever perpetrated on the world in all of human history.
The US Dollar is a fraud, a con, a trick that is used to extract wealth from the real producers, and move it toward the thieves running the system.
Because the US Dollar (again,... when I use this convention, recall there is actually no such thing as a "US Dollar"!) is also the "Reserve Currency" of the world as per the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement, it is also the basis of most international transactions also, although that is now slipping as the Ruble and the Petro-Yuan are beginning to supplant it.
Ok,.. so how does all this relate to the fact that 99% of all financial markets are fraud?
Lets start with the notion of a "Financial Instrument".
A Financial Instrument is NOT the tangible item (the item that you can see, smell or touch), it is merely contractual concept, that binds two more parties in some way. Sometimes there is an underlying asset, most of the time there is only the promise of some other kind of Financial Instrument as the object of concern, such as getting that $25 for your share of stock you just sold. (In this example, you are simply trading one kind of "Financial Instrument" for another kind.)


The Financial Instrument in and of itself has no value, only the promises incorporated into it may have some value, and the ability of the receiving party to enforce it when there is default has some value, but the Financial Instrument in and of itself actually has no value, but is measured as having it.
Moving On,... Well,.. if you take the total value of all "Financial Instruments", such as Stocks, Bonds, Corporate Paper, Futures Contracts, etc, which some place at $100~$200 Trillion or so, plus your derivatives, which again, are loosely placed at $1.5 Quadrillion (that is not a spelling error,... $1.5 Quadrillion = $1,500 TRILLION,.. yes,.. that is an absurd amount to consider for sure...), plus current "unfunded liabilities" which is thought to be around another $500 Trillion or so,... and you add up all those "Financial Instrument" values, you can easily start to see numbers like $2.5, $3, $3.5,... $5 Quadrillion or even more!
Now compare that against the value of all real goods and services, including all raw materials in motion (on cargo ships and so forth), all finished products, the total value of all Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Oil, Gas, Steel, Ships, Cars, homes and all tangible goods connected in some way to the financial markets (like a cargo ship moving oil across the ocean), what you find is that, the value of ALL the base-line, or backing asset materials, is far less then even 1% of the total "worth" of the Financial Markets which are supposedly based on them in one way or another.
So if all the real goods, products and materials is not even 1% of the actual value of the Financial Markets,... what's the other 99+%???
That's right,.... nothing,... it's air, a fraud, a con, an illusion of wealth and material goods, without any actual wealth or material goods to back it.
So when the Rothschild's, the Rockefeller's, The Morgan's, Carnegie's, Warburg's, Brown's, Harrieman's or any of the other "Banker Families" decide to crash the world economy, it is literally a computer keystroke away.
So what does this all have to do with the current market crash?
Well,.. typically, before they are about to crash the system hard, they ALWAYS alert their fellow psychopaths, the henchmen, and their proxies, so that they can withdraw from the system, or better yet, pre-position themselves to profit from it,... which is why I have always stated: "... Market crashes do NOT destroy wealth*,.. they simply move wealth from the hands of the many, to the hands of the few",... and this is done with staggering regularity if you study the real gainers and losers of all historical market events.
*Wealth - Again,.. I use the convention of the term, but when we speak of wealth, they use the dollar denominated assets (fake wealth), to move real wealth towards their control, such as taking over whole companies, buying real estate, luxury cars, gold, etc.
We saw this in the orchestrated 1929 Stock Market crash that then led to the "Great Depression*", which was GREAT,.. if you were one of the Banker families that made BILLIONS from it!

*Great Depression - Another perfect example of "wealth" being transferred from the hands of the many (the working class millions), to the hands of the few (the "elite" families, aka, the "1%ers" , or the "1/10 of the 1%ers", etc).
This "destruction" of the system of course gave the PIC's the latitude to create the conditions for another global war, WWII, in which Wall Street directly funded, and build the aggressor nations like Germany and Japan so that millions upon millions of people could be conned into slaughtering each other for their amusement, and to foster the completion of the next phase of, "Global Enslavement" by the NWO.
So,.. were the recent market signals (Rothschild/Rockeller/Warburg/etc signals) an indication they are about the crash the system,.. "hard"?,.. or was it merely them collecting some of the wealth floating out their in the cyberworld now, as they slowly seek to own the whole planet, and eventually, exterminate most of mankind, and enslave the ones left alive???
The one last possibility I would offer up for consideration is,.... are they about to crash the global financial system so they can once again con, trick, deceive mankind, into slaughtering each other wholesale in another global war?


They have said it themselves in many ways,... "destroy the old, to make way for the new...",.. and that means cultural, political, financial, and physical destruction must occur, so they can institute their vision of global enslavement,... or as they like to call it,.... global enlightenment.
JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny

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